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  1. I can do 100 Power Mats.
  2. Thanks Ra I haven't played in awhile so i'm Very unsure. Will lower.
  3. I Believe 30 PD's? Not 100% sure been about a year since I played last.
  4. Iron Faust +18 0/0/50/100 Offer Sword of Ultima 50 Hit (Charge Special) Offer Glide Divine 40 Pd's Mille Marteaux +12 20/0/0/20 25 20 Pd's? Nug2000-Bazooka +32 35 hit (Charge Special) 30 Pd's Kroe's Sweater 40 Pd's Lieutenant Mantle 10 Pd's? Lot of mag cells just ask Various lvl 15 disks Wants Red Ring Dark Meteor/Dark Flow 50/0/0/50 50 or 0/50/0/50 50
  5. Stats 0/0/50/100 Looking for Ramar/Ramarl Gear RR Units ex: Cent/Power Power Mags
  6. The games I would like to get are Arma 3 Dayz The Forest Left 4 Dead 2. That is all.
  7. Yas 7k Has 10 hit. (Don't see much difference in higher hit unless 60+ IMO) Nug 2000 Charge is 35 hit.
  8. What about for pc games? Like they gift it? Using steam.
  9. Well the money is to buy other pc games If you have steam you can gift games if the total adds up.
  10. Since I don't play except during Christmas Event, rarely even at that. I'd like to sell my items but not for DTS, But for Steam Games. If you can do that pm me or post here. ALMOST ALL ITEMS HAVE HIT JUST ASK! Arrest raygun 45 hit Demons vulcan 30 hit Lk38 Lavis cannon Frozen shooter x2 Yas 3k Yas7k hell Nug 2000 charge MM x2 Lieutenant mantle Aura Field Highest I have seen on the server ever Blue Odoshi Violet Nimaudo Kroes x6 Wedding dress RR v101 v502 Heavenly luck Cent/battle Asteron belt Arrest Disk Gush Laser Gush Vulcan LK14 combat (i liked for my FO) Master Raven x4 All 0's idk worth Dual bird all 0 Morning glort Demolition comet Flamberge 35 hit Glide divine Sword of Ultima +50 (Charge) 50 hit Hylian Shield Devil/tech x2 God/tech Many lvl 15 disk some 20 Mono di tri grinders up the ying yang Various materials not many of them Misc items MANY mag cells
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