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  1. I nice thing to switch between windows if you ever have a game that's only full screen is use, (Alt+tab).
  2. Thursday Hurray Round 1...Finish him!

    "People think guys run the world, but really put boobs in his face, girl gets all the power"-Cody
  3. ? Inventory Disappeared

    I was with him and talking on Skype when he dc'ed and came back with "???" Than he dropped my Centurion/Battle because I didnt want it to get lost after rollback, and "???" disappeared he said.
  4. Ultima Christmas Event 2013

    So is Pgf done dropping or is it continued for today? And raised drop rate?
  5. Ultima Christmas Event 2013

    Redria Asterion Belt
  6. New serverus event xd

    So if i wanted my s rank needle to have hell or something what other item would i need? O.o
  7. ? After feeding MARK 3 Dimate...

    Meany butt Kajex </3
  8. Ultima December Event 4th

    I completely agree with this. Also they don't seem to drop as often, and we had HH more often..
  9. Taking a break

    Well as the title says I'm taking a break, the server is changing so much that it's getting chaotic,some for good some for bad, no one is playing and people just sit in the lobby and do nothing and it's just stupid and boring. Have fun everyone and bye for now.
  10. At least he isn't leaving cause HH is gone i know like 3 people who left cause of that...
  11. Ya i noticed a lot of people taking a break...
  12. Taking a break.

  13. I am sorry to see you go:( you were like the person i traded with.. but i would love to be apart of this xD since you have a lot of the best weapons in the game lol and have fun skateboarding!
  14. Alright, well I just happened to noticed that you posted in the trade section about a v101 and was hoping I didn't hop in too late.

  15. NO S-Rank?

    I got the same thing on a acc, and i did finish in time but no picture meant to take one put pressed enter... it said i got "Rank S" below the time.