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  1. is it true psu is back

  2. Thanks haha. it was actually a no pb run up until olga 2nd form then one of us accidentally pb'd. And they might but im just here for some pgf runs then back to nostalrius / ephinea. Not that this server isnt great. And ty sylph
  3. Respective Tomorrow / Multimode-2p / PB makaveli (RAmar), KILL (RAmar) 17:41
  4. Nostalrius being hit by 6 ddos attacks after first day :( rip

    1. Jeffk1023


      rip lmao i watched my lil bro start freaking out when it went down hahaha

  5. Hype for the Nostalrius/Elysium WoW launch! Anyone here plan on joining?

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    2. ultrajerky


      Ahh im just playing on the official servers lel

    3. makaveli


      I havent played on the official servers for a few reasons, but everyone i've met that plays retail says it blows compared to vanilla. Everything from the PvP (not even sure if retail has world pvp?), leveling (became ridiculously easy), and instances (what about exploring and walking to them as a party instead of using a dungeon finder or w/e its called) is all sub par from what i've read/ been told.

    4. ultrajerky


      yeah its all true xD there is world pvp though.

  6. happy birthday ryukin!

    1. ryukin


      thanks buddy : )

  7. Good point.. forgot about the Kondy spawns haha. I do realize seabeds can be done fairly fast with multiple people, however finding a group that is willing/familiar with the maps is a bit difficult. I suppose Olga would be the best route if 2+ people were hunting STA, but as for solo hunting id say it would be the worst route to take when compared to falz or shamby. I do realize we are lucky as it is to be able to even hunt STA anywhere else besides PoD, so I'm grateful for that. just giving a little feedback on the olga rate incase it could help in anyway for the future.
  8. Thanks for releasing an official drop table! I knew Red Olga was one of the ids haha. The rates seemed fairly reasonable this year, so good job on whoever set those. My only complaint (and a small one at that) would be that I wish Olga had a better rate compared to Shamby considering how much longer it takes to get to him.
  9. S> AS 0/0/0/40/20Hit [15dts]  /  Arrest Needle 0/0/30/35/30Hit [30dts]

  10. S> AS 0/0/0/40/20Hit [15dts]  /  Arrest Needle 0/0/30/35/30Hit [30dts]  /  Noob/HP [15pd]  /  V101 [6pd]

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    2. makaveli


      sorry dude need the 15

    3. Moiy Sanchez

      Moiy Sanchez

      hoi makk i take the noob hp

    4. makaveli


      ok i will send you a pm when i get on in about an hour ^^

  11. S> Noob/HP x1 [20pd] // V101 [6pd] // AS 40D 20H [15dts]

  12. Cool, if you can do blue ill try my luck with viridia (since it shouldnt be too hard to get ADR if no event item) next time Im on during HH.
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