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    Hey everyone, I'm not a player on this server (yet?), but seeing as how the PSOBB community has fragmented a bit I should probably share this with y'all too. I investigated the bursting screen crash on the 1.25.10+ clients that has plagued the game for years and prevented Linux and Mac support. It turns out, there were minor "optimizations" written into the texture loading routine in 1.25 that take advantage of an undocumented "feature" in d3d. League of Legends happens to use this "feature" as well. The "optimization" to texture loading are marginal at best and, naturally, break Wine because Wine is not designed to implement that undocumented feature. This patch implements a hack that simulates the expected behavior, and while it should work for any game that uses it, this has been specifically designed for PSOBB. Here is the source patch for Wine, plus some brief instructions on how to use it and what exactly it does. Link Mirror https://mega.nz/#!UYcjzKID!875sctIZDtmaZgbTwZT2mdfoV7r7stWkVlaNX_3StWM The game running on Mac El Capitan (not on this server): https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CUjnVSEUAAAmo4M.png:large IME support does not work as far as I can tell (the game detects it, but only types latin input). Controllers work, and the music at the title screen does not get garbled like on Windows 7/8/10. The game, for the most part, works as it did when it came out 11 years ago. Compiling for 64-bit Linux requires gcc-multilib or a virtual machine running 32-bit Linux. This is fairly trivial, just write a Vagrant VM script, I may write a tutorial up sooner or later.
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    Ok. Godrics cloack, samurai armor, and asteron striker should be fixed. im doing to tests to the glide divine. and to other items. in the maentime please check godrics, samurai armor and AS and let me know. thanks.
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    First time ever I got level 200 on pso .___. nothing has changed right ? By the way, sweet timing Larva you just photo bomb me like a pro !
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    I have used both 3 stat PR and PR with Hit. For Rangers I'd recommand 3 stats - it's definitely worth sphering. For HUcast you could use one with hit, but that's up to you. No hit still works especially since you have Freeze Traps. Stats wise, you should go for native/0/machine/dark in my opinion (that's what I'm using). Astark will go down in 1 combo even if not sphered. Maybe Mericus but PR aren't really the first choice of weapon against these anyway. Machine on the other hand has quite a few annoying high HP Monsters (Epsis, Sinows, Baranz).
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    Hey, just wanted to build my set up, was thinking of obv putting hit on, however was also thinking of building up the attribute% given that these mechs are damage class mechs with no special ability. Main use is pure damage and to help with soloing. but just wanted opinions, is this is even worth it? i am going by thinking that if an attribute is at 100% its basically double damage to that class or is that wrong. if true as i am thinking then its should be fairly heavy on the damage front!
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    Hi everyone! I recently started here, been playing for a couple days or so. I've played PSO since I can remember on the Gamecube, and am hoping to meet some new friends and have fun with this game once again! I have an unusually free schedule right now, so i'm pretty much playing at any point in the day (US Central time) past 9 am or so. If anyone wants to level or anything, let me know! I'm usually on my Hucast named Truth.
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    Just updates that the developers of Tapatalk have release to improve the intersection betewen the server and the appSent from my LG-H811 using Tapatalk
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    Yes, you can play Ultima Server on Mac and Linux with this code patch. [Google Translate] Sí, usted puede jugar Ultima Server en Mac y Linux con este parche para el código.
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    Thank you very much! ... I do not use linux or mac but indeed was an interesting read on p2 Hope some people make use of it here.
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    This lobby music isn't the original but it's pretty nice anyway :3 Feel welcome to ultima sir!!
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    I can tell you that the hourly lottery idea would be a great idea. Having been on SCHThack before its collapse it was a real treat to have that thing. This server could use one. I would also vote for the name changing/body type changing options to be given. It really sucks to be able to get the ID but, not the name you want or vice versa. I understand there was some issue in the past with the name changing option and it was subsequently disabled but, I think it is a useful feature that should be brought back. One last thing is I would make the Olga Flow drops be all year around instead of just seasonal. It's annoying as hell to be stuck in the time of year when PGF is allowed to drop but, being stuck with a shitty work schedule. I wish that whomever it is running the server take the last 2 a bit more seriously. The seasonal drops suck for those of us with no set work schedule and have to go when called into work....
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    this is making me want to donate and add %'s to my pr...
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    100% on Psycho Raven vs 0% with hard attacks will do about 220 more damage no matter what lvl shifta, enemy, class, etc. Normal attacks will be around 130 more damage.
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    machine and dark on a pravens is a must for me.
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    I got two pr,,one with hit and one with out hit,,,I'm Ep2 my hucast hardly miss with pr that have hit...so hit is cool if you have two
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    Depends on what class your using your PR on , if it's rangers then maybe like spot says and triple stat but on hunters in currently gonna try and build a pair so I can have some much needed hit for my hucast . I've added dark to mine for this event and it is definatley a noticeable difference : )
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    Don't add hit, do triple atts.
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    The taptalk app can do this if you follow the thread thing to an extent
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    Dark Flow does exist, it is buffed up to 1100 atp and combo unlocked. Max stats are +100 atp mst dfp, +10 ata, +30 evp. Material Limits unchanged. Using some kind of macro or something to mag feed isn't really something that is disallowed specifically, (I just watch netflix while raising mags), but what is definitely disallowed is a hack to disable the timer entirely so you could feed the mag constantly with no waiting aka infinite mag feed.
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    bord at work today and this what i did
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