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  1. Give away all my dts to whoever needs it.

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    2. Misombre


      Christmas ? I don't know what that is. But I'll be sure to be happy and have a great life, please follow the lead :Ð

    3. CannaBeast


      why misombre? are you not coming back ? :(

    4. Misombre


      @CannaBeast Oh I'll be back to make one or two last events in which I'll give all my stuff away. I am now on another server so it's not a "I quit pso", just move on something new.

  2. I assume that I am misecrombre ? Ð: If so, I can tell you that I didn't left for economy reasons. Ultima is a great server and I still like it / play once in a while. It's just that I am a bit tired of pso in general, and I have seen it all here on Ultima. So I have almost no interest left here (except when a cool new weapon is made ^^" I just like to collect). Also, this all "event drop only" does not fit at all with my lifestyle. And I strongly suspect that it is the case for a lot of people, since well... we have life don't we ? If one big change were to happen here on Ultima, it would be to put all interesting items all year around. I mean, you can still put all those "Magazine" and other toys for event. But even so, I'd let them drop with insane % (since that would barely made them more useful anyway). Of course it would fixed economy on the long term, but who care about that, it would just cut a lot of pressure on the players and make the game more enjoyable overall. Events to me should be about ambiance, a global festy vibe, perhaps some better drop rate on some particular items, or mixing up drop in the table, or something a bit original ! It is sad to say, but adding new items which are barely balanced / useful is not something original to do. It is a complicated process that become even harder when the server grows and get even more new items.
  3. Ouuhh some new collectibles to add to my dusty bank, nice =)
  4. Please don't vote for Dark Falz, he was my deer friend a long time ago, but he very soon discovered that I was no good for him, so we had to break up. We'll probably meat again in another room Ð:
  5. @anthonyplays Well you did pretty good yourself considering that you used a ranger in ep4 =) cannot beat a force at this I guess This is the end of the WoL 4 event. So winners are Kamlang and Anthonyplays! Good job guys =Ð
  6. @Shiga321 There is like... 20 minutes left
  7. @Ragol99 @rashan0121 @Shoutgu Today's the last day for the event. You can still submit until midnight, which is for me in 12 hours from now =)
  8. @Ragol99 Yes this does meet the requirement, please go ahead =)
  9. Participate and you might win some really good prizes!


  10. First submission from anthonyplays ! So as I previously said, in two weeks from now the event ends. So event ends on the 30th of October, make sure to send me your video before the due time :Ð
  11. @rashan0121 Yes you can. I don't have a date right now since nobody submitted yet. The event will end two weeks after first submission.
  12. Have fun in the real world ! You'll still dream of PSO once in a while anyway hehe, this game just sticks to you like some old gobelin goo; cannot get rid of it.
  13. B > Raikiri 85+ hit, pay well

  14. Hello @Asheron and welcome on Ultima ! There is no restriction concerning broadcasting video on youtube or elsewhere, as far as I know. People here use youtube and twitch for streaming on a regular basis, so go ahead. You can use this topic for your quick questions >
  15. Some updates : After discussing the matter, you only need 2 Limiters instead of 3. When I say no healing until the camera gets weird, I mean : no mono/di/trimates, no star atomiser, no resta (even Solferino). Natural regeneration, gush special and healing ring are authorized. Also, you'll know when "the camera gets weird", you can't miss it ^^ run the quest and you'll see. To make things fair, if someone post a better time on the last day of the event, participants will get an extra 24 hours to respond and do better. I can now lend 2 Limiters to anyone wishing to participate. Please try to be responsible and give them back when you can, so that I can lend them to other people that could need it.
  16. B > Limiters (3 or more)

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    2. Misombre
    3. JADE


      Cool...I am in a room jade password misombre.

    4. Misombre


      Thanks you for the Limiters =) I still need 2 - 4 Limiters so, sellers, feel free to contact me <3

  17. @Shoutgu I intend to lend the Limiters to people willing to do this run (I will tell you guys when it's possible, for now I don't have them yet) Also I was thinking, instead of 3 Limiters, it might be more interesting to have 1 Godric's Ability + 1 Limiter. (well more than "interesting", I mean easier to get, and you'd also have 2 free slots instead of only 1)
  18. I totally rewrote and revamp the event, so that it's clearer (hopefully), details on first post : How to play the lottery ? Solo the quest War of Limit 4 in Ultimate and record your run. Participants will be evaluated on time. So best time get first place. Restrictions : all participants must use 3 Limiters (show your stuff before starting the run). Sonic Team Armor and dark weapons are not allowed. No heal allowed until the camera gets weird (but you can use Gush weapons and the healing ring). The player with the fastest run will get 2 rewards, and up to 8 other players will get 1 reward depending on their place in the ranking.
  19. Actually Kajex said that all of the new items are available on all IDs, then Larva corrected him and said 'Not really. Not "all" are on all ID's.'. So I guess every ID has some of the new content, but not all of it.
  20. @ryukin You should probably add a "No Sylph" rule. I'd not bet on Shoutgu if the two of them would fight =) I hope you guys have a good internet connection too, because battle is a real bitch on that point, brace yourself for some serious desync ^.^ PS : I personally rather the warp rule battle, I find R6 relatively boring (I mean, doing it once or twice is fine, but then a bit of change is nice)
  21. I feel like you need to hit the next key really fast, it's a total change of rhythm. I don't think there is another type of weapon where I actually fail to launch the second attack ^^ Not even talking about the third one O= But it's really a fast weapon, if it were not for the very short range (once you finish your combo, you're likely to get hit by the monster right away), it'd be really good with some practice on the combo matter.
  22. noob/hp is gone Stop the crying It was a terrible unit anyway Power Glove are damn hard to use O= or I am just a terrible timer
  23. No they don't. Heart containers are basically HP units (130 HP) better than Centurion/HP (125 HP)
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