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  1. got that same feeling, to many ego hunters. and as soon as you join a game its. 'This is mine if it drops' . kinda like 'oh hi to you too..' No games ultimate as you said. i make a game, no one joins for ages. I got what i kinda want so far for classes i play. then i have had a few games where absolutely nothing was said the entire run, then everyone disperses after it.. Solo run is boring as Sh*t ...and hunting stuff , i have literally not found anything 'that' rare that anyone wants. accept gallitine which i gave away cause the fella asked for it.
  2. b>luck mats PM me

  3. b>wedding dress

    1. eluvite


      l buy wd med 150 pds

  4. just thought u were being an ass ! jokin yeah u like dc alot
  5. Vxc12


    hi looking for a v502 paying in Pd's
  6. Trade 50 min mats for pow mats

  7. best attribute for AN has native and hit so choice of one more...

    1. ultrajerky


      im gonna make mine dark and native. dark is always a good choice imo

  8. B>ranger mag...no idea on whats best

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. leezy


      I would go for 5/125/70/0 and use 150 power mats,that will max your ata and atp with out using any unit

    3. under9000


      0/170/30/0 or 5/165/30/0 works for maxing racast/ramarl in Saiths plans™

    4. Vxc12
  9. B> Cent battle 100 dts

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