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  1. You should no longer need this patch if you have a recent build of Wine, just fyi. They recently merged a fix for League of Legends that fixes the same issue for PSO. May take a while to reach distro repos, but on Ubuntu if you're using their dev release ppa you should be good.
  2. Yes, you can play Ultima Server on Mac and Linux with this code patch. [Google Translate] Sí, usted puede jugar Ultima Server en Mac y Linux con este parche para el código.
  3. Hey everyone, I'm not a player on this server (yet?), but seeing as how the PSOBB community has fragmented a bit I should probably share this with y'all too. I investigated the bursting screen crash on the 1.25.10+ clients that has plagued the game for years and prevented Linux and Mac support. It turns out, there were minor "optimizations" written into the texture loading routine in 1.25 that take advantage of an undocumented "feature" in d3d. League of Legends happens to use this "feature" as well. The "optimization" to texture loading are marginal at best and, naturally, break Wine bec
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