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  1. here's a nice chill one.
  2. That 5x experience went faster than the Flash...

  3. that robin's sword is awesome.
  4. Alright you got time right now to get this done?
  5. Looking to buy a Proof of Sonic Team for 10 dt's
  6. awww man... all that wasted time doing PoD thinking that Pinkal got blood sword off shambertin not saint million... ;'(
  7. I have about 35 dt's and a few photon drops available to spend on it.
  8. What if your Donation message received from Larva only contained the message: " Thank you for your donation. ". and that's it?
  9. haha I remember you cy, your the one that recruited me to PRO! xD
  10. Just saying hi as I am returning to ultima to play for a little while again (since I happen to have free time now).
  11. Looking to buy a glide divine v. Someone hit me up!
  12. how much does a Glide Divine V cost and where can i get it?

    1. Fyrewolf5


      Valentine's Event Vol Opt. Very rare currently since there was little point to have one until now. Best to wait until event to farm one, price will be unstable until more supply is available.

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