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  1. There is nothing interesting about the Ten Year Blades.
  2. Zanba isn't so bad, but Sword of Ultima really does need an ATA boost, or let RA use it too, because they could actually use it even with its bad ATA.
  3. I've been thinking about a custom claires deal type quest. I haven't come up with anything specific for trading yet, but there's a lot about this that just isn't a good idea. It doesn't need to be for pds, that's for sure.
  4. Give Newmans more Mats! Newmans have some insane base -> max gaps and both FO require 2 mags to play optimally and Huney ends up with less MST than RAmarl in the end because of her mat limit, and at the same time has 2 less slots for units because she requires an arm unit and Smartlink. I'd like to see Newmans get at least 200 mats. I understand this would cause a lot of mat plans people have already used to become less than optimal, but in the end you won't end up any worse off being able to use more mats.
  5. When you're Ramarl and the FO d/c in the middle of LHB
  6. Remove the special from Rianov 5 and allow players to add one using DT is my main hope. That, or just change the special to something useful if it's actually possible to change the special without affecting the piercing ability.
  7. Was this changed again recently? I haven't noticed it being worse or anything. Just wondering.
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