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  1. Hi looking to buy these items please pm me your prices. C/B Max RR Wizard/Resist Zalure handgun/Rifle any name with spec Slicer of vengence any stats Ricos Parasol Excal Set or any excals with hit preferably high
  2. multimode 4p pb ma1c shoutgu(huct) franky(huct) starlord(huct) nullify(huct)
  3. B> c/b, pm me offering dts

  4. Multimode Solo Ma1C noPB 5'49 remaining Nullify Huct
  5. B> ricos parasol

  6. S>Post

    1. Virec


      I offer 15 DTS , 20 Dts if you can hold until this Friday

  7. S>99pds for 15dts

  8. B> gifoie merge..

  9. cleaned out of most of the good stuff, some things remain ^^
  10. B> power mats x64

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