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  1. Hundred Souls + Soul Booster = Excalibur Psycho Bridge + Proof of Sonic Team = Dark Bridge that can be back again possible? that is good question: somebody has fault Excalibur to Hundred Soul later they do not want to go back and now you have an idea to thank you that would be nice
  2. Oh that's a good idea I like it like I would like to "Like" that's nice special add I ask you if there's a special example Gush can they Demon Core the Gush away on Demon?
  3. looks very nice looks Hunters & Force likes Rifle if so annoying the flowers you're right that was really peferkt Rilfe that's great for the first time Rifle.
  4. i would like to suggest my idea how is that? DB's Saber (3077) + DB's Saber (3064) = ??? (Double Saber) ATP: 550-605 ATA: 35 Grinder: +40 Targets: 3 Special: None --> "that's very difficult to drop" ??? (Kantan) = ATP: 800-850 ATA: 60 Grinder: +50 Special: Ice Cut (Blizzard) --> Distance: 85.0 Note: Pierce (Targets: 3) (Dtsiance: 20.0) Class: HU Momoka's Mittens (Fist) = ATP: 1300-1350 ATA: 80 Grinder: +35 Special Arrest (Targets: 3) (Distance: 20.0) Class: All PLANTAIN HUGE FAN + Chromtic Orbs or Soul Booster = Korok Leafs (Partisane) ATP: 500-550 ATA: 60 Grinder: +100 Special: Aura Wind (Equip: ATP 650) Class: HU & FO Agito (1977) + Soul booster = ??? (Kantan) ATP: 500-600 ATA: 60 Grinder: +250 Special: Arrest Targets: 3 Class: HU & FO Kasami Bracer + Soul Booster = Samurai Bracer : DFP: 120 (+45) EVP: 154 (+26) ATP: +150 ATP EFR: 30 ETH: 30 EIC: 20 EDK: 20 ELT: 10 (Note: Raises ATA for Hunters and Forces using ranged attacks) --> (not sure) Class: All Gold Princess (Armor): [380-390 DFP] [300-355 EVP] [EFR: 35 ETH: 35 EIC: 35 EDK: 35 ELT: 35] [+125 ATP] [Tech Booster: 100% Shifta & Deband] Class: Female DF Field + PGF = Dark ??? (Armor) DFP: 380 EVP: 380 [EFR:50 ETH:50 EIC:50 EDK: 50 ELT:50] Note: Our Dark Flow & Dark meteor 20% ATP up, Dark Bridge/Psycho Bridge Tech booster + 20% up and half cost TP Class: All with friendly greetings from Salem11
  5. First 100% Hit prize on The Tentacular Truth the monsters drop at Dolmolm
  6. Greenill ep2 Sorcerer drop Swan
  7. I have an idea of the Inferno Girasole on 3. Girasole on special: "cyclone cuts" aoe 30% hp loss only Hunter do you think that's good sound? this is my opinion --> (because the Girasole is already same special on Inferno Girasole)
  8. yes this problem with antivirus possible I had ever happened Soly told me to first Antivirus Quit then install until done then open is running well? if so then restart automatically antivirus on then "Program C:" where you install the PSOBB Ultima then open it then runs normal PSOBB show no errors
  9. I am back :) 

  10. oh really? lol my greenill i got 2x Bringer arms from yesterday :/
  11. where did you see the item? I also want because I very often blind the item
  12. Good luck, I can not make it sorry
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