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  1. PGF

    Começa no dia 24 e vai até que dia?
  2. PGF

    Quando vai está disponível para drop o PGF?
  3. Patch Portugues em progresso

    É um grande avanço para nós brasileiros. Espero que o projeto seja concluído. Tenho certeza que vai atrair para o server mais brs e outros que falam português. Obrigado pelo bom trabalho que está realizando!
  4. Disappeared from my bank 22 pds

    The 24 pds gone and the mags back to the bank. If I deliver the mags you give me back the 24 pds? Do not think just open another topic to sell something that I had already sold. Os 24 pds sumiram e os mags voltaram para o banco. Se eu entregar os mags voce me devolve os 24 pds? Não acho justo abrir outro topico para vender uma coisa que eu ja tinha vendido.
  5. Disappeared from my bank 22 pds

    I replaced two mags for 24 pds. Look at the topic: http://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php/topic/20793-s-mags/ Do not you think it's fair to sell something and then undo. Troquei dois mags por 24 pds. Olhe o topico: http://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php/topic/20793-s-mags/ Não acho justo voce vender uma coisa e depois desfazer.
  6. Until yesterday I had 51 pds. When I look at my bank so night had 27. Some GM can repay 24 pds (value correcting) I missed?
  7. BUG: Can not buy Blue-Black stone in gallon shop.

    Problem solved. Ty Soly.
  8. Whenever finalize the purchase of the error.
  9. Team list does not appear.

    It's been three weeks that I am with this problem. Not returned normal until now.
  10. Team list does not appear.

    I'm not getting over the list of my team. This is also happening to people who are members.
  11. Hello everyone~ (≧ω≦)

    Welcome to the server. Hope you like it here.
  12. Ultima Summer event - 2014

    personnel is being very difficult to drop centurion battle? Just saw a person drop the item.
  13. Ultima Summer event - 2014

    Kajex what is the drop rate of each weapon? Cent/battle: FAlz Purple 1/102 falz white 1/102 epsilon skyly 1/102 KONDRIU ORAN 1/16 girtabuble yellow 1/73 Psycho Black Crystal Morfo Redria 1/73 morfos Blue 1/73 morfos yellow 1/73 Blood Sword Saint million Pink 1/9 Saint million purple 1/9 Trap/search Garanz Viridia 7/32 Garanz greenhill 7/32
  14. Bug Baranz Launcher - some gm help me.

    soly pressed accidentally, thanks for removing the -rep. I was trying to remove and nothing.