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  1. Rainov 4 snr / ultimate - ep1 , Melqueek
  2. You mam. are the goddess of trolls, i havnt telepiped somone back to pioneer in a long long time, ty so much. p.s i know what im doing today XD
  3. i meant it as an educational/sarcastic attempt at being helpful
  4. Number 1, use jellen on every boss especially olga Number 2, use striker mag and asteron striker on a Cast, to do 0 damage and dmc everything Number 3, use /npc 6 (flowen skin) as fomarl or fonewearl Number 4, spam constant dmg techs as a force ( see number 2 for reference) Number 5, If you see a hunter with low health, make sure to heal them Number 6, Run out in front of everyone, especially if you dont know the area, and hit every button you see Number 7, Be unnecessarily aggressive and whine every chance you get (#Razfeldt4thchancefreedom) Number 8
  5. Soly said 83 PGF dropped this year, i was lucky enough to get 2 of them
  6. opening presents with 30/30 inventory slots used will do that, had a hard reminder the other day if you go over 30 you will dc
  7. Snow queen pierces, if it wasn't combo locked it would cause severe probs. Glitchy/lagging freezing and could be overpowered, seeing as how it would cost maybe 50pds for a weapon that would be superior to many 3x it's value and rareness
  8. Passive aggressiveness is my favorite weapon, also there's heart of poumn which I like for its looks not usefullness
  9. It's almost that time everyone, make sure you leave out a couple freshly baked monomates and a glass of monofluid for Olga Claus / Santa flowen. Don't forget to go carroling and sing burning ranger as loudly and abnoxiously as possible If you were bad this year expect a bunch of coal ' tablets' in your stocking Merry xmas, best of luck to everyone
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