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  1. opening presents with 30/30 inventory slots used will do that, had a hard reminder the other day if you go over 30 you will dc
  2. Snow queen pierces, if it wasn't combo locked it would cause severe probs. Glitchy/lagging freezing and could be overpowered, seeing as how it would cost maybe 50pds for a weapon that would be superior to many 3x it's value and rareness
  3. Passive aggressiveness is my favorite weapon, also there's heart of poumn which I like for its looks not usefullness
  4. It's almost that time everyone, make sure you leave out a couple freshly baked monomates and a glass of monofluid for Olga Claus / Santa flowen. Don't forget to go carroling and sing burning ranger as loudly and abnoxiously as possible If you were bad this year expect a bunch of coal ' tablets' in your stocking Merry xmas, best of luck to everyone
  5. If you had some pds or dts up theyre I'd have to bring Ole nessy boy out of retirement for some good old fashioned baseball batting / stompage
  6. CannaBeast


    If this event stays around for longer then two days I'm certain the market will take a huge hit, plus I called out from work to participate in the event today knowing it would be a 2day affair
  7. CannaBeast


    Question, will we be able to move stats when we add hit? like when redeeming dts for hit?
  8. CannaBeast


    Welcome to Ultima , most of us are friendly so any question you could have ask away, game play tips , what to use , game mechanics etc
  9. power level, farm needed basic gear like redring etc, troll shoutbox, and sell girlscout cookies
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