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  1. Basically your damage will count and not mine, your 100 damage will cancel my 1500 damage. The best thing you can do as a new player is only freeze/sieze with your frozen shooter or arrest needle, and dont shoot extra if they are already frozen etc, or just use zalure
  2. This causes DMC, please dont use weak attacks when grouped with other players
  3. Any chance we can get like 5x exp or something to boost the amount of actives a day or two before the event starts?
  4. Can confirm with verified Records and Screenshots including a Time stamped and signed blood/urine/stool sample and completed iCaptcha authentication P.S Send whale nudes
  5. My inventory had a zal launcher in it but i moved it to my racast, along with psycho ravens and arrest needle because i felt they were used better on him, atleast the arrest needle for sure, also my goal was to make the best all around ( no banking ) inventory loadout so i keep the UR with me I just use hell shot in these situations, but i see where a launcher might be more optimal then a asteron
  6. This is for building a guide to the IDEAL Arsenal per character with minimum inventory space used Some weapons have very specific hidden talents (Gizonde boost with power glove or w/e) and some are better when used on certain character types ( non-cast are better with demons & cast get a 35% seize boost but reduced effect of demons ) and Rambling May shoots 6bullets instead of 3 when used on Fomarl etc etc etc, I would like people to post what they believe are the very best weapons to carry at all times without needing to visit the bank to swap out gear for Specific characters. I will post my very basic Ramar and some questions i have of my own for an example of what to post Dark meteor Dark meteor Frozen shooter type shot demons type shot hell Ultima reaper yasminkov9000 demons yasminkov9000 charge i feel very rarely i could be more efficient using a single target hell weapon, obvious choice would be asteron striker or hell lecog or yasminov7000 hell, but can anyone give convincing reasons to use outlaw star or maybe Rianov-5?? Second question, Since most things you would target with hell "especially single target" like bugs at the beach are Very susceptible to hell, can you use Rianov-5 for its special even though it NOT Unreduced Hell?? Can i justify keeping it in my inventory for more then just De Rol ?
  7. Booster uses for outdated weapons (Same as 100souls for excalibur) which i believe would be the easiest to add into game seeing as the color just needs changed like how aseron striker is just heaven striker in red - sealed j sword - Orotiagito - chain sawd - twin psycho gun - demolition comet or meteor cudgel Etc
  8. This all depends on your weapon selection, i prefer charge yas 90% of the time , 3x the range of praven
  9. with rangers you can usually use a 3stat pr, i have one. used on racast
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