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    Nei + Nei-First + M i u n + M i e u
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    Computer Administration & Security.
    Old Video Games. (Anything From Atari To Playstation 1.)
    Animation. (All Styles & All Genre's.)
    Pets. (I Love My Two Cats!)

    Correct Spelling, Grammar & Punctuation. (I Honestly Feel That It Is A "Lost Art" These Days.)

    Made and born as a product of a mixture of both human and biomonster created by scientists, Nei was a part of that of a singular creation who grew into a being. However, she was also the counterpart of another like herself, and both became outcasts from society. Because of this, that other part left and sought revenge, and Nei was forced to escape. She was then found and taken in by a kindly elderly couple, who raised her as a daughter. However, a bounty was put on Neifirst's head, and she was pursued by a ruthless hunter named Darum. This lead to an incident where the home she was living in was burned and her adopted family was killed, forcing her to wander in the Motavian wilderness, until she eventually reached its capital city, Paseo. Upon there, she was beaten and then left behind by another hunter who wanted to make a profit out of her. She was then meet by fellow hunter Rudolph Steiner and obtained a claw which is said to once been used by Myau, one of the mystical musk cats to ever lived.

    Nei's traveling in the city eventually led her to the scientist who was the one who placed Neifirst on bounty, but was then surprised to learn Nei's true nature. He revealed to have family members owning musk cats as pets, whom some of them she made friends. However, Darum was also at Paeso at the time and soon encountered her, in which he killed the scientist for refusing to exchange Nei and defending her. Upon his death, the scientist gave Nei the vial containing a vital ingredient to the research of Numans, and she sold it to a clone lab employee. Darum encounters Nei once again afterwards and they both engaged in a fight; although she was able to defeat him, she was struck by his powerful blow. As just she was about to be killed, she was rescued in time by a government agent named Rolf. He tells her that his parents were also lost in an incident and invites her to his home. The two then enter a sibling-like relationship, with Nei in thanks of Rolf's hospitality.

    With the realization of no longer being conquered by her fears and a new sense of life, Nei discovered her newfound confidence and hope for her future.

    Months later, after hearing of Rolf's mission of investigating the Biosystems Lab, she pleads with him to let her come with him, saying that she would do anything to help him out; although he was initially reluctant, he eventually agreed. They are later be joined by six others with the same type of purpose (Rudo, Amy, Hugh, Anna, Kain, and Shir). During their travels, the group encounters Neifirst, who reveals Nei's origins being the same as hers; due to the history of her past, she has an immense hatred of man, which allowed her to set up the biomonster and climate control hazard in a way of punishing those who feared her. Nei explains that she only left that part of her because of the horrors inside, but the worst is that being made what she is today and would not make the problem any more worst. Challenged to a fight by the angered Neifirst, Nei lunges to her, but is beaten and fatally wounded. Knowing that she would not live any longer, Nei tells Rolf to never let the scientists make the same error when they created her and wishes him and everybody in Algo happiness and peace. She dies afterwards, leaving Rolf and his friends to avenge her. Nei is later said to be buried in the grassy plains outside Paseo.

    According to scientists, Nei-First was the first result of a product of a mixture of both biomonster and human. However, she was deemed a "failed" experiment and was placed on bounty, in which she was nearly killed. The betrayal soon provoked her to anger and hatred; for her revenge, she raided the Biosystems Lab and the Climate Control, stealing DNA and power from both facilities, therefore gaining control. It was there that she was also able to manipulate the laboratory into producing a massive number of biomonsters and released them on a raid on Motavia for revenge against those who opposed and feared her, thus, setting up the events of Phantasy Star II. By this time, however, another result of the same creation rebelled against the tirade (that being, itself, manifested to be called Nei), and both were completely separated.

    Nei-First would later be discovered by a government agent named Rolf and his companions after their arrival of the climate control. She revealed that both hers' and Nei's origins are the same; they are both the result of the completed experiment, each part of one another, and because of this, both became outcasts from society; she also told that Nei cannot survive without her, as both and their lives are physically and mentally connected. She tries to coerce the latter into saying that her name represents "evil" and live by it, but Nei claims that she left her other part both because of the dangers of revenge and did not want to make any of the problem more worst than it was. Nei-First is angered by this and makes her chose to either fight her or leave immediately. The two numans engage into a duel, where Nei-First manages to gain an upper hand on her opponent and defeat her, killing her in process. However, afterwards, she is, herself, defeated by Rolf and his comrades, leaving both "sisters" dead, and, thus, ending the biomonster hazard. But because Nei-First was no longer alive, the climate control went berserk and exploded, putting it obsolete.

    Miun is an ancient Mieu-type cyborg who once fought alongside Orakio, along with Siren. Heavily damaged from an unknown conflict, she now randomly wanders around the desert of Aridia, kept functional only by her desire to see Orakio one more time. Her memories are damaged, but she clearly recalls Orakio's sword. When one of the third-generation heroes approaches her with the sword in their possession, she believes them to be Orakio himself. Having seen him again, she shuts down, passing on her legendary claw to Mieu.

    Mieu is a combat android designated for close-quarters fighting, overwhelming her opponents with her lightning-fast reflexes and deadly claws. She waited by a lake for 1,000 years in anticipation of "a descendant of Orakio" to command her. Despite being neither Layan nor Orakian, she is capable of using techniques. The full extent of her functions is a mystery. She is a speed-type character.

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      I've been doing fine.  Haven't been up to anything really.  Got back into magic the gathering a bit.  Hasn't been as much fun as pso since you need 2 people to play, and it's  been surprisingly hard to find people.

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      Yes ... Yes it is.  I have a whole library of cards and I would love to play again IRL ... but alas ... no one and I'm too old.  HA HA HA!

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