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  1. Am I the only one who doesn't really get what is going on here? Also @Auli'i I just noticed your gear and I have to say that is the most impressive gear I've seen posted on this server. Big Ups
  2. I just wanted to make a post to point out that I found this Valentines event to be the most enjoyable one that I've taken part in since joining this server. So thanks to all of you who worked on it to give us a good time, but now time to get to the point of my post. I'd really like to see events not just be boss runs every time, it's not so bad every once in a while but this move away from doing the same three quests in every event (TTF, RT, POD), and since I think most of the people here agree with me on this we should really be letting them know I am not entirely against drops from bosses, especially certain ones that really deserve to drop from a boss. Even after having found everything I wanted this event I tried to go out and get everything using just my main ID, and even just doing that I found enjoyable. Having this available from on every ID but from different places, and done in such a way was a very cool aspect of this event because it pushes you to play all the different areas. It's actually really taken me back to a feeling more like when I just started here and wandered around killing trying to see what my ID can get. Really I only have one issue with this event, that it heavily favored episode one, which isn't even a problem as it is probably my least played episode, so it made me do quests that I don't do very often which in reality is a good thing. I'd really like to see episode 2 and 4 treated in the same way in the future. This really kicked ass, I had been looking forward to this event anyway because I hadn't been able to take part in it last year, however, Easter(although the morfos hunt last year was fun) I was not excited for, or Triforce(Gal, RT, TTF, ew), but I now find myself very excited to see what these have in store.
  3. I am not saying an Ultima TTF style RT should be a thing, but honestly to have a all boss run for ep2 that didn't suck would be really good. All areas, then the option to split 3 ways to open the big CCA door before gal. What is possible in a quest like that for ep2 is far from what was actually done. Take for example ma2v2 where you split up then meet back together for the opening of the CCA door, except make it so clearing each stage and pressing the buttons is what gets it open. I'd really like to see a quest like that.
  4. I would suggest a run similar to ep2 ma4c, except switch seabed and tower and add bosses, so CCA>Gal> Tower> seabed> Olga. Tower should be set up to have less use of railings as cover and seabed needs lots of hallway fighting(del biter+morphos combo in a hallway is especially nasty)
  5. Malicious Uprising 1 (No PB) 0:07 remaining RRR - Hucaseal This was only second try, could probably do better but TA here is really for rangers, has a lot of those very broken up rooms Malicious Uprising 2 (No PB) 1:31 remaining RRR - Hucaseal Not much into this one either, only a few tries. Definately a really fun quest to solo though Malicious Uprising 3 (No PB) 0:04 remaining RRR - Hucaseal Try and beat me by 5 minutes on this one Sylph worked really hard to get this time, definitely my best achievement here so far4 Some runs with Mudkipz: Malicious Uprising 1 (No PB) 6:07 remaining RRR Hucaseal - BinAflak Ramar Malicious Uprising 2 (No PB) 6:06 remaining RRR Hucaseal - BinAflak Ramar Malicious Uprising 3 (No PB) 3:08 remaining BinAflak Ramar - RRR Hucaseal Malicious Uprising 4 (No PB) 6:17 remaining BinAflak Ramar - RRR Hucaseal Malicious Uprising 5 (No PB) 4:36 remaining BinAflak Ramar - RRR Hucaseal More solo ones: New Mop-Up 2 (No PB) 0:09 remaining RRR - Hucaseal Mop-Up 4 (No PB) 2:09 remaining RRR - Hucaseal Max Attack 2(yahoo! cup not v2) - (No PB) Solo 14:29 remaining RRR - Hucaseal Towards the Future (No PB) Solo - 16:19 remaining RRR - Humar Towards the Future (PB) Solo - 15:11 remaining RRR - Hucaseal Towards the Future (No PB) Solo - 14:26 RRR - Hucaseal No mistake here the no pb run was better than the pb run, I don't even a notice between 20 sd and macho blades, might be bigger numbers but doesn't change the amount of attacks. Towards the Future (No PB) Solo - 12:50 RRR - Hucaseal Towards the Future (No PB) Solo - 14:06 RRR - Hucast Max Attack 2 Version 2 (No PB) Duo - 27:50(remaining) RRR - Hucaseal Guts - Humar Max Attack 2 Version 2 (No PB) Solo - 21:16(remaining) RRR - Hucaseal Raid on Control Tower (PB) Team - 38:59(remaining) -Saith - Fonewearl Pegasus - Ramar KhalDrogo - Racast RRR - Hucaseal
  6. Success!! I am so happy to finally have what I was after, now I get to enjoy throwing roses at things all day! Special thanks to @Fyrewolf5 for showing me his secret spot for finding all the best roses
  7. @Trigunman You should just consider yourself lucky to get the rose in the first place, I have been farming normal merlans since this event started with no drop, it's just not fair
  8. This is just ridiculous, I've been trying to get this to drop since the start of the event with no luck. All my friends(lie) keep getting them, yet NONE drop for me, I work(more lies) 4 days a week and I just do not have time for this, I can't even get on for happy hours because my schedule in real life conflicts with important things like hunting this item. At this point I would even be happy if a blank one dropped for me. My Hucaseal has been working so hard to get one of these with no luck, and she's just so upset, all she wanted was a rose to use, to cheer her up and take her mind of the fact that she had no valentine. I just think this rate really needs to be spread around, there is not enough love being spread here, this is a serious post and a serious problem! LOOK HOW SAD SHE IS!!! When her heart finally breaks, I will blame you all GMs, and a cursed shall be placed on you using my Canadian Maple magic(this is a real thing, look it up), and you will know my Hucaseals pain, look at that poor thing!
  9. I've been running this quest since it was released, confuse traps are a problem yes, that's actually not specific to this quest and you run a crash risk anywhere if there are too many mobs. As far as freeze traps and dm special, I mean I have seen dm special spammed in corners without issues here on many times over the past month, freeze traps I've never seen a problem. It's not really mentioned but I also think being center or deep in a corner durring the start of the final two spawns with also crash you. This seems to be some effect of the poison because I've been crashed here without using camera, as well as saith too. Even if you are using your confuse traps on the waves where it is sensible to use them it seems to not cause problems (I always use confused traps on the all merlan spawn, but this is the only time), freeze traps I have 0 issues anywhere in the game but I wouldn't be suprized if banana cannon special caused issues. DF special shouldn't even be used here unless your mag was set off, especially given that wild poison in those last waves. Also PB, specifically dolphin, is definately going to crash if you hit a loaded room, this is easy to do in max S ep2, and PTS as well
  10. Harmony Of Despair 1 - 4 Player (PB) - 31:06 RRR - Hucast Kamina - Hucast Oni - Fonewm Fuego - Racast Oni dc'd about 2/3rd the way through
  11. I like this idea but for reasons I think 90 would be a better number
  12. Not going to answer those questions but I will voice my opinion even though no one wants to hear it. 1. All the events are pretty sweet and we are lucky to have them, but I think they way this one has been implemented is a really nice switch from how the rest of them have been. 2. I think it would be really good to have an event to add specials to amore roses, since a lot of us are finding great statted ones, might not be op but still lots of cool stuff could be done. Maybe some manner of also souping up some of the other easy drops from this event? Just throwing these out there? Mag event? or specials on any weapon event? Using amore roses to add them?
  13. Exploding sinows