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  1. I like this idea but for reasons I think 90 would be a better number
  2. Not going to answer those questions but I will voice my opinion even though no one wants to hear it. 1. All the events are pretty sweet and we are lucky to have them, but I think they way this one has been implemented is a really nice switch from how the rest of them have been. 2. I think it would be really good to have an event to add specials to amore roses, since a lot of us are finding great statted ones, might not be op but still lots of cool stuff could be done. Maybe some manner of also souping up some of the other easy drops from this event? Just throwing these out there? Mag event? or specials on any weapon event? Using amore roses to add them?
  3. Exploding sinows
  4. Raid on Control Tower - 2 Player (no PB) - 23:51 (remaining) BinAflak - Ramar Abigail - Fonewearl Malicious Uprising #4 - Solo (No PB) - 0:33 (remaining) RRR - Hucaseal This is actually an older time but I figure it places so may as well put it up: Respective Tomorrow - 2 Player (PB) - 16:47 Domeki - Ramar RRR - Hucaseal
  5. they must think you are a chump, such low guesses
  6. Clearly the best one
  7. mg+ is for all forces here, also, there are no specifically donation only items here. Although some are so expensive it's nearly the only way to get them without waiting for event to roll around. Lucky a lot of great force items are dropping in the upcoming event. From summer event on(july) there is a lot of really great force weapons to be had. Well, specifically in episode 2 ultimate, techs are nearly useless, they are wonderful and ep4, and really only passable in ep1, and even then mines and ruins will be pretty tough if that is the only trick up your sleeve. However you can also bring friends and play support and be effective that way, so it really is not NEEDED to play melee force, and it is much more difficult to gear for. Foney may have the lowest atp but has the highest ata which is a pretty big deal since all forces are fairly low to begin with. Honestly if you are just starting playing melee force will probably be a long way off just because once you hit ultimate almost everything has hit, and many of the great melee force weapons are server customs. Also mercurious rod was not suggested, also grants boost, but can be made year rough or bought for 20-25 pds rather than 500 dollars haha
  8. Actually, magical piece is missing for nuking Also the different elemental armors gives boosts to their respective techs, however the usefulness of these is highly dependant on what you are doing. Also cure/confuse, cure/freeze, cure/para, cure/shock, trap search, for units. Hell typegu could also be hell suppressed, or even just a high hit hell raygun (I would really suggest nothing less than 50 hit) Inferno girasole really outclasses vivienne for double saber damage, although is much more expensive being an event item and all, but vivienne is a great weapon that can be gotten cheap with good stats, regardless one would be kept with high hit for tp steal later on, although a typeds with geist would be much better in the end, as 100souls and inferno girasole outmatch it as a damage weapon. If you are playing fomarl I think arrest raygun would be better than holy ray because fomarl rifle animation is so bad these are mentioned but glide divine and tyrells are definately still wanted in a melee setup, basically as a force you would always carry these. Mastersword has more atp than Ultima reaper and the special is also fairly useful, although personally I still prefer UR because it can hit more targets I think hell or geist typeme/mechguns could be useful, but this is also getting into some really situational stuff Chameleon Scythe seems to be by far the best TP stealing item in the game, with 0 hit mine outdoes vivienne and mahu's Gal Wind can be used to trigger mag invincibility by reducing your health quickly, which is pretty handy in some situations if you have the time to use it beforehand. A typeha/rod with demons would also be very effective on mobs, or possibly a high hit stealth sword, either of these are going to need high hit to really shine, even on frozen enemies Hell, demons, blizzard, arrest, geist slicer s-rank is good for everyone except foney, because unfortunately she doesn't have the atp to use them
  9. I regretting knowing that Auroboro ass hat who wrote this post.... I don't regret much really, I've had a great time here, that said, I do regret being pissed at Sabrina and Holbe over something that looked bad but was actually 0 wrong doing on their part. I regret chewing a few people out over the months who just pissed me off at bad times. I also regret Howitzer and Night leaving, I mean, I know it's not something I did, I just shouldn't have let them, game still doesn't really feel the same for me anymore even if I am still enjoying it. Edit: I may as well throw this in for lolz since it is some pretty high end "stupid and donates too much money" shit. Maybe a few months into playing I made a blank yas 7k 100 dark and 60 hit with spirit special expecting it to kick ass You may all now point and laugh at me
  10. You know, I do like your idea, but it's kind of got me thinking about how much more interesting these events would be if TTF, RT, and POD(although this would also remove shambertin drops), were removed, and maybe adjust the rates from the end of episode bosses to reflect this to reflect this(mostly for ep1 and 4 and 8-3 is still just as fast as RT). It would at least lead to a more diverse range of quests being played durring events and honestly would be pretty cool. @Kajex, a command exists to exit regular rooms now? if it different from the normal /lobby? because that doesn't work when I go to try it. Would be sweet though
  11. 1. Gal I can understand although there are still effective ways of killing him as hunter without DF, or even any event items. Barba Ray has a lot of good options people just never use. 2. I don't think this is possible, or even that needed, as some point your speed will mess with your ability to stun things like cent/battle does 3. I don't know enough to say anything about this 4. Charge raygun is prettymuch just as good and to be honest I don't find the stats I have on supressed gun other than hit really do much. I do wish ramarl could use Lindcray though, would be pretty cool I think it would be pretty cool if Master Sword and Hylian shield could be used by all classes(if for nothing other than fun, since it won't do much for a cast)
  12. 24 hours left! current high bid is 16 dts! See auction:


  13. 5x outside of event is, as I said, not as needed, and arguably best to have in event, to give people the chance to level a character for an id they might need, I should have just kept my mouth shut about that, and honestly, it was kind of self serving as I have a few characters to level . However, green names is a problem, you can say as much as you like about how much we've had, that doesn't change that it is still durring events. You say it makes it hard for people to hunt for non-event things because green names is on, WELL, people tend to not hunt rare monster drops when there are event items that are most likely not coming around for another year if an event is running, I am not saying your point is not valid, but I feel like you aren't taking everything into consideration. As far as overcrowding with things to do, I mean you know how I was at the start of last event, and the option to take a break is there for everyone. Humar, Hucast, Racast, Ramar with 415 atp mechguns with +80 grind, nice joke. Long range AOE demons and hell from typesh/shot, nice joke. Rifle range hell/charge/demons on yasminkov 9000, nice joke. 800-1200 atp SPIRIT rifle, nice joke. What I suggest is still not as powerful as those, but they also wouldn't be massively draining hp as you use them, maybe zerk on a last swan is overkill, but I'm not underselling anything. Dual birds are not that great, last swan is basically a stun lock weapon if you have no SD, and rambling may is less effective than dual birds. Even Rage de Glace which is a great weapon, was denied to two classes who could make really good use of it. I've got a lot of time into Hucaseal, I know where they are lacking, sure, I can kill stuff in 2 combos with dual birds, with 100 stats... they drop blank, that's a big middle finger to anyone who wants to play that class. I don't understand how you don't see it being the #2 for areas that should be looked at improving(with number 1 being SOMETHING to fix the ugly Hunewearl unit setup). I mean you have a long time playing this game, what holes do you see for other classes that are worse these this ones, because every other class I play(except Hunewearl who is not so much weapon based as being locked in with 4 units) seems to be fairly air tight. Also I am definately not against the idea of having specific slicers added, it does allow them to be made to fit better into a niche rather than just one blanket thing that is OK for many specials. I was just throwing out an idea that would cover a lot of bases, also, foney can't use s-ranks which I found really disapointing as an arrest or geist s-rank would be nice. I suppose lowering atp required for s-rank slicers is also an option? although I think fomar would still be lacking the ata to make really good use of them. As far as how good they CAN be, hucaseal shouldn't even have the option of new slicers just for specials. I've been using s-rank slicers with that class a lot and there is no issues there, they clean up with them, but they have wonderful ata. Also, I don't feel I am being that far off topic, it may not be from the poll but I've been talking to Kajex about these as well, this is a forum, if we aren't discussing ideas then we aren't making full use of it. I'm not trying to give the staff trouble here, if I didn't like this server I wouldn't put in the kind of time that I put into it, and I full well understand there is a lot of work being done, and I understand if things can't be done right away, but I don't like that you just try to reject what I am saying without a good reason: "While I do want to do something for racaseal still" "Racaseal has the highest ata of any class with yasminkov series of weapons, which is clearly the strongest mechgun already(as well as the best other ranged weapon types)" You are basically saying that you still feel this needs improvement, although racaseal has access to ALL the same weapons you just listed for hucaseal, plus more with guld milla and yasminkovs etc., how is this a more pressing issue? Why, would you include one and not the other, I mean I see both as a problem, with it being worse for hucaseal than racaseal, mainly because an increased atp doesn't stack up as well as extremely effective ranged weapons like frozen shooter and yasminkovs. Could you please explain to me how you see it as a problem for one but not the other. With regards to adding a new mag, I've been saying for a long time that all those spare mags sitting in the pmt should really have something cool done with them, if for nothing else than just the sake of diversity. I'd really like to see less tellusis haha those ugly ass wind chimes. Edit: Dude please Bloody Art are WAY too cool looking to go unloved, someone should make that a thing, I remember how badly I wanted chromatic orb to work on them hahaha
  14. @Eugene, i don't think anyone is really complaining about this being helpful for new people, but this is our first mini event in like, 5-6 months? there were like 3-4 mini events in the few months before that. As far as mini-events go, and I think I brought this up to larva as well but we all know what he is like. Users interested in doing mini-events should be able to get help from staff regarding what is a good time to begin event(as in, is a server event going to start while this is running, and making sure people don't start happy hours durring when they are trying to run event, since these things make events events a real bitch to do) That's not to start on how horrid the timing of 5x and green names have been as of late, ONLY during events, which is the worst possible time to do them, 5x is not really as needed but there should at least be green names outside of server events. Hunting materials without them is nearly impossible and pointless if you have a goal of profit, unless you want to start seeing mats going 2-3:1 pd then that should really change, not to mention it being a GREAT way for new people to get ahead quickly that is being totally denied to them. The first time I ever made a decent amount of pds on this server was hunting power/mind/hp materials, and I know it's been the same for many people here. As far as events go I think adding drops for items that are unobtainable with stats is really a great idea, also throwing in claires deal items maybe from rare monsters. Also regardless of how many gm's think it isn't needed, I highly recommend you go play using a last swan, dual birds, and charge vulcan/yasminkov with max stats on the test server as hucaseal or racaseal, solo, then tell me they don't need something at least a bit better. I tested master raven, and even locked it blows them all out of the water, especially with a cent/battle, I am not saying they need some psycho raven strong gun(because it's atp should be cut in half anyway if it's going to have such high grind). I have put in a lot of thought into this, and originally I had said that making last swan have a good special makes it too powerful, however, I then played on rangers using charge/demon yasminkov, which are not only brokenly strong but also rifle range on the highest ata classes in the game. I would recommend making a berzerk last swan-type weapon with slightly more atp(maybe 150?) and 40-50 ata. Hucaseal and Racaseal only, because with 20 shifta deband, and jellen zalure I think it would be far too strong on huney and ramarl, with them also having better options without this item. Another thing that is not currently in the game that I think would be extremely versatile would be a special-less slicer weapon. Yes I know s-ranks work very well for this, and when playing as a Hucaseal, hell yeah, I love them. Huney/Humar/Hucast and literally every force, are not nearly as impressive because they lack the ata needed to effectively use the weapon, and no relying solely on special normal glitching is really not effective use. We even have a really great looking model that is currently used for Slicer of Assassin, that would be great to base a new slicer from, I mean that thing looks sick. Gush, geist, arrest, hell, arrest, blizzard, there are just so many specials that work great on slicers, and it's not like I am suggesting something that is game breaking here, all it really does is give forces and hunters an option similar to what the typesh/shot can do for a ranger. I actually prioritize this above a better gun for Hu/Racaseal, I mean the utility here is just insane.