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  1. You can log and then disconnect a third character, and still get prizes in a two person party, now, that being said I also think it should be fixed lol
  2. Well, I believe I do explain how this works fairly well however I didn't actually put in specific dates for each round and whatnot, but I will do that now to help people out. Round 1 April 27 to May 7 -MA1v2 Episode 1- Round 2 May 11 to May 21 -Challenge mode Stage 2 Epsiode 2- Round 3 May 25 to June 4 -MA3v1 Episode 4- If you feel you can not participate you may take part in event as long as you can and maybe find someone to take your spot if you have to go, or message me and I will find someone for you. Worst comes to work I will take peoples places myself (I've felt this may be needed anyway for people that just go awol)
  3. You may need to ask for some help in translation as I am not really able to clarify any better, sorry
  4. Prize list has been finalized I suggest you all check it out. Also I want to mention that anyone who needs to drop out, at any point during the event you may transfer your spot, as well as any points you do not have to another player who is not already registered in the event. If you can't find anyone pm me, and if you are interested in taking someones place if a spot possibly opens up it may be a good idea to make a post here saying you are interested in this.
  5. Cal's Clock Challenge (PB) Team - 00:07 remaining Lemon - Fomarl Evil RRR - Racast Roboflop - Racast Night - Ramar I think this is going to be a competitive quest
  6. A new bug appears in Ultima, After the community talking about this new bug that has been seen @Soly begins looking for the origin of the bug, @Kajex has the bug and is hiding it from Soly to entertain himself. Everyone starts trying to help Soly find the bug. @Fyrewolf5, complains that the bug is not as big a deal as everyone is making it out to be and they should stop looking for it, many people agree with Fyrewolf, and the community becomes divided into dueling factions. @Protoss bans Fyrewolf to entertain himself, chaos insues, and no one can find @Larva to solve it all. End: @Larva hatched into the bug
  7. I mean it is yes but I actually had someone drop out a few hours ago so I do still have room for you haha
  8. -The Quests!- Now that everyone is registered I will release the quests that will be played in this event as well as the way scoring will work. I would like to point out that using a 4-way PB prior to starting the quest is absolutely allowed and HIGHLY recommended! I have posted maps and suggest that if you have time you maybe do a few runs of these quests with others who are in the event. Round 1: Episode 1 - Max Attack 1 version 2 (Forest>Caves>Mines) Scoring: 1000 points will be given to each player from which points will be deducted based on time. There will be a 10 minute grace period after which 50 points for every minute will be removed. The team with the fastest time will also get a 100 point bonus for each player! This quest is finished when ALL monsters have been cleared, so splitting up to complete will be necessary here. Map: http://dreamcast-talk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5102 Round 2: Episode 2 - Challenge mode 2C2 (VR Spaceship) Scoring: 1000 points will be given to each player from which points will be deducted based on time. However for this quest the grace period will be 45 minutes, with the same style of deductions used in round one. Map: http://www.pso-world.com/sections.php?op=viewarticle&artid=1960 Round 3: Epsiode 4 - Max Attack 3 version 2 (All areas of EP4 are possible) Scoring: The process for scoring will be the same as round 1 however max kills is not required. A 200 point bonus will be given to the team who has the highest kill count. A 50 point bonus will be given to the team with the fastest time. Special rules: You must get at least 400 kills. Also, you CAN NOT DIE, this actually ends the quest, so great care will be needed here Map: http://www.pso-world.com/sections.php?op=viewarticle&artid=2401 -Start date is Thursday April 27-
  9. That's one classy looking Hucaseal!
  10. Yes, and maybe sooner if registration is done before then
  11. I think people are too obsessed with having stuff at 80 hit in the first place when it's really not needed, wanting to be able to land hards and specials on first attacks when it's often a bad idea anyway. Not to mention that a lot of people aren't interested in learning to do special-normal and special-normal-special combo glitching. I've thought a lot about the mechanics changes in this game, and I think really the biggest hurdle is not actually the high dfp and evp. I think the biggest and most impacting change is really the monster speed. This increases the chances of your attacks being manually evaded ,so if your timing is off a lot you might just think you need more hit on your weapon. People just need to learn game mechanics better. People can say all they want about hit and all that being an issue but that is just a crutch, some real problems here? using divine punishment as a cast, it brings shame to our community(and yur families) and people generally not knowing the strengths of their classes. Not knowing about dmc, not knowing how to be a tech casting force in a place where forces don't do much damage. Also way too many times I've seen people jumping into ultimate when they really aren't ready, personally when I started on this server I didn't feel comfortable in ultimate until around mid-120s. As far as nerfing everything to make monsters stronger? I mean, maybe if you made your own new server? personally that's the kind of stuff I quit games over, and I would permanently lose all trust in this server to not fuck with how the game plays. Now I love the idea of you breaking the hp limits in your new server because I think to have the option to buff some bosses to make them truly difficult for events but I think doing a complete change of this server, what like 9 years in? is crazy, this server has been really successful, and I am not saying this is what WOULD happen but it turning into ghost town COULD happen pretty quickly. Not to mention a lot of this could be fixed with quest developement, which we have some really cool people working on lately.
  12. That's fine, I am actually hoping newer people also join as a chance to learn more about the game and playing as a team
  13. S-ranks, maybe not atp but more ata would be nice, especially considering the buffed mobs on this server Claws, I mean, have you ever seriously used a claw? you could make like a 1600 atp zerk claw and it still not be broken, still just a claw, but none are even close to that, neis claw is pretty cool but huney only, would be cool if all females could use it or something, would be neat on a foney. Also kind of getting into foolish stuff here, similar to claw really, but something else that is not used but happens to have a really cool model, hammers
  14. you may want to restrict classes further than that since no cast is going to compete with a huney or humar in the rule battles. I could help you test this if you want