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  1. @Kajex @Soly How about a mini event to give Hucaseal a gun that is useful...
  2. Raid On Control Tower - 2 Player (PB) - 15:56 remaining Joker - Fonewm RRR - Hucaseal
  3. I think the best thing to do would just have been to not post the rate, I don't even understand why people want to know them, as long as you know where to look that should be all that matters. I got really lucky this event, but hunting sta, which was only 1/226 I put in literally as much time as I could bear to, and still only got it the day before the event ended, and even at that point I was so worn out from it that I didn't even find it that satisfying, or worth it to do in the first place. I mean the rate is really hard, and I think it's kind of sad to see girasole banners constantly flying by all through happy hour, because most people don't even want to don't want to put in the effort for something they deem so unlikely to get. I mean on one hand you can tell them to suck it up, I try to tell people you may as well still go for it because you only need to get lucky on 1 run, could always just say you are going to put it down to 1/110 and not actually do it haha at least people would feel like hunting it again
  4. Can you get through an entire run without getting hit? If not, you are also a moron welcome to the club, we have some fun times here
  5. Yeah and I could flip a coin 10 times and get heads 10 times but it's unlikely. There are always going to be extremes of luck where there were people who got it in very few runs or people who did way more runs than should be needed for the rate, but we are talking probability here and I think everyone understands that. Actually the way I look at it is that you shouldn't count on getting it BEFORE you've done say 10 runs if it were 1/10 drop. You could always get lucky and get it on run 1, but could be run 20, hell, could possibly NEVER happen no matter how many times you ran it, probability is a bitch like that. Hell, I don't tell people to not bother, I still say they should do it, I just think back to this one guy who I laughed at when he asked me to help him get a cent battle when there were seriously minutes left in the summer event. It dropped off the first epsilon we killed, which made me laugh even more at the wonderful luck
  6. @chriscal something like 170 hours? if you can make well timed runs at it. And actually I would say hunting a pgf is much less (high end) gear dependent if you are hunting it in seabed. Seabed is slow at first to learn the maps but once you get the hang of them it's easy enough. Even better if you unlock 8-3 govt quest. Okay so question for @Soly, was the rate changed or was this the rate all along? If it was does that really seem fair? I did alright this event but what kind of frustrates me here is that I can literally give as much time as I feel like it towards this game, not working for the next few months, no school, I have to feed myself and take after my dog and that's really it. My point is changing the rate at this point is really unfair to anyone who doesn't really have that kind of time to spend, especially given the holidays and whatnot it is totally believable. I just find it really sucks to see friends of mine trying to juggle hunting pgf and also having to still live a regular persons life, especially when they still haven't got one up until now. Ultima Server: We welcome the rich or unemployed! (this is just a joke haha sorry had to do it )
  7. I mean it may have been harder in the past but was it also not on the donation list as well? This is kind of important to note, because at least back then you could trade stuff for DTs to get a pgf, so if you missed it in the event it wasn't like, oh hey go get bent for the next year unless you plan on dropping 300-500 dollars or farming up that much dts worth of things to sell to others. Either one is pretty painful... But it's also really hard for some people to put in the time to get an item with a rate like that. I mean it's do-able but not garunteed. That is to say, if you play this like a full time job you will most likely get one, if you are one of those unfortunate poor souls who have to work or a living or have a life outside of here. Your chances of getting it are pretty piss poor, although you should still try incase you get lucky.
  8. I have maintained for a while now that you really don't see many happy hours at what I consider to be the best times they could be done. Which I think is based off several factors having more to do with than just when gm's themselves are online. I mean they do sometimes come online just to start happy hours. First of all, and what I think to be the most important, I think they are often placed when the total numbers of players on the server is higher, this tends to be fairly late in the day as I think the majority of players here are in the US, and are often up late as well. I know this also because GMs have talked about it before, wanting to do happy hour but waiting until we have more people online before they start one. That is what will cause a trend like what you see there. Then as well, I mean we have not just a few, but MANY players in a range that is from 6 hours ahead of me, to 4 hours behind me. That is a really big range, factor into that the differences in peoples schedules and it is going to be extremely difficult to please everyone, well, impossible really. That said, I do think some earlier ones should be thrown even if they are at times when the total amount of people playing on the server is less. I think we would still get a lot of complaints but I just think of people I know in europe staying up until 5-6am local time to catch happy hour, and that being really one of the only ways they get it. No it isn't going to satisfy everyone, but there are enough european players on here to justify it.
  9. Hahahahaha I achieved what I set out to do
  10. Oh please, those sensor bars are way too large xP

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      This forum is used by children lemon! think of the children!

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  11. I seen glides going for 40 pretty often, I think starting at 35 cut out a lot of pointless upbidding to where we all knew it would go. It's also hard to give someone shit for an auction unless they are ending it saying they didn't get enough... which didn't happen here
  12. Well actually, as you would already know haha pm'ing is how I go about it. I guess the point I really want to press in here is that it's hard to make rules for something that really depends on context. How big a problem is this in the first place? honestly. I have half a mind to go and harass the people constantly bumping the same god damn sell or buy comments and topics on a several times per day basis, but it's a forum so it's like whatever. Just what they are doing actually makes it more difficult to use because it hides more recent threads for anyone who isn't checking the forums as often. Someone bringing up stuff about a price in your post isn't that bad if you just ignore them, that is say, it's not going to stop someone from selling you stuff.
  13. What you guys are trying to stop is kind of hard to make rules for... if some new person makes a thread offering too much then isn't it nice to be able to tell them? I am all for gm's warning people about shitposting on others threads when it is needed. I just think having serious set rules for this could be a bit of a drawback. Especially seeing as this is almost exclusive to dark weapons and STA
  14. I think if it were to be serious then things such as god/equip should not be allowed, besides so far in using it I've found my characters no more effective than they already were the weapons they can use without god of equip. I think this is a good idea though, and it's not like those quests mentioned are the only quests you can TA. There is a whole slew of them, including a lot of very interesting and fun ones. Just no one does max attacks and the mop-up quests because we are all always hunting. That's all well and good too, there were many nice times put up by people hunting in the last event, but it would be cool to see people doing some of the other great quests here. Count me in, although I am still more interested in TA on the regular server, I just love how this could get others that aren't set up to do it into it, it's defiantely a good thing and I hope it stays up and running