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  1. not sure why that quote was here when I posted but I'm allow it I am down to smash that CCC record if anyone is down
  2. So, in complete ignorance of all rules I nominate myself, shortly I will be hiring a Russian hacker squad to help me win Trump style I also vote for me I also will decline when actually asked to be a GM
  3. Wow you just got me so excited for like 30 seconds - _ -
  4. Hahaha it was not on test server. I actually mean the run ryukin and i did when we tested to see if he liked the event.
  5. I could submit our screenshot of the test run. Would that count
  6. May as well throw this in here in detail: Hunewearl No stat unit with Adept or Centurion/arms hybrid plan: This is what I actually use: 115 power materials 35 luck materials 0/117/83/0 mag with adept gives: atp: 1308 (1747 with 20 shifta) mst(with red ring): 915 ata: 209 luck: 100 Some stats are lost using this and you could have 5 extra power materials but I am not convinced this is better. I would prefer to keep my 100 luck regardless of which setup I use. This is pretty much my go to for ep1, since v502 is not so needed here. 0/77/123/0 mag no stat units gives: atp: 1219 (1634 with 20 shifta) mst(with red ring): 905 ata: 209 luck: 100 This is also possible if you really think that extra 19 atp and 12 mst is worth it. 0/136/53/11 mag gives: atp: 1337 (1798 with 20 shifta) mst(with red ring): 927 ata: 209 luck: 100 But given that 19 atp is not much, and also how much mst you are going to waste because of slow tech speed, or specials you aren't going to be able to use because you aren't using v502. I kind of think adept wins out because you can cast more techs, and generally your best aspect here is support since you are already playing with a sub-optimal unit setup. Here is a small damage comparison to give you an idea of what you lose by going to a lower atp. The formatting doesn't really carry over very well and I don't think it is worth my time to fix it, from left to right it is min normal, max normal, min hard, max hard, min special, max special, you get the idea. 20 shifta: 1219: Enemy Name Location DFP Min N Max N Min H Max H Min S Max S Pal Rappy Forest 625 202 206 381 389 670 683 1308: Enemy Name Location DFP Min N Max N Min H Max H Min S Max S Pal Rappy Forest 625 224 228 423 430 743 756 1337: Enemy Name Location DFP Min N Max N Min H Max H Min S Max S Pal Rappy Forest 625 231 235 436 444 766 780 81 shifta: 1219: Enemy Name Location DFP Min N Max N Min H Max H Min S Max S Pal Rappy Forest 625 376 382 710 721 1248 1268 1308: Enemy Name Location DFP Min N Max N Min H Max H Min S Max S Pal Rappy Forest 625 411 416 776 786 1364 1381 1337: Enemy Name Location DFP Min N Max N Min H Max H Min S Max S Pal Rappy Forest 625 422 428 797 808 1401 1420 This is based using a saber but basically it shows the scaling differences topping out at around 160 more damage at max atp on charge/zerk/spirit weapons, when using a 4-way pb chain. Obviously with some of the more powerful weapons this is going to save you no attacks except maybe a small amount on bosses, but that is worth something. I just don't think it is worth it compared to the time lost on unit swapping, or slower techs, or not being able to use specials which can be extremely useful.
  7. I think there are good and bad things about both, i am not sure the 25% in reduction adds up to much more spirit though, I am equally interested in the bonus to resists. I am finding I enjoy this class much more losing over 100 max atp, not using a stat unit, and having both v801 and v502. I mean you can make most of that up with a sues coat anyway of you choose to use one. I just think optimising your ability to control mobs is way more important than the gained damage. Not to mention hell in ep2 and arrest in ep4 being extremely important. I think cent/arms or adept plan is great if you plan on only playing episode 1. Truth is if this were any other tech using class would we even consider using a stat unit to max at 200? Hunewearl should just get her stats fixed.
  8. Well, 2 things, first I recommend just not using fullscreen, there is a second option called vrtual fullscreen that is much more stable(alt-tabbing in full screen will shut your game off), also go to UAC options and slide this bar down to not dim stuff if a prompt comes up as this will also shut your game down. 1240*600 might just not match your aspect ratio or whatever, there are a few special ones in there and this could be the problem. Also not sure if you care about this or not but I am pretty sure you can't take screenshots using 1366*768, that's my native resolution but I actually play at the one just lower than that, 1280*720.
  9. I think this can happen if you have a resolution set up for the game that is larger than what you screen can do. So for starters I'd recommend checking that out
  10. lol you've heard about corner gas?
  11. Guildcard# 42167748 Character slot 1: RRR Hucaseal Happened around 9:45 Atlantic time Was taking items from bank and got a dc message, came back and my 0/0/100/100/69 dark flow is now missing, and I am officially f*cked. Please help, I can dig around and post screenshots if really needed but I have like 2000-3000 I'd have to look through, I think you gm's know I have this, and I have some videos up where it clearly shows I am using a set.
  12. Link to my youtube page, only 4 videos so far but should be adding many more after I get the full version of program https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh0rpaNtSvGyZEFadny-5Pg
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