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  1. Link to my youtube page, only 4 videos so far but should be adding many more after I get the full version of program
  2. Amen, I think something is planned though
  3. You forgot step 9: Have Griff do the work, take all credit
  4. No, that run was really clean, except that one epsilon that repeated killed 3 of us in the last room
  5. Raid on Control Tower (No PB) Team - 39:31 (remaining) Suspect - Ramarl RRR - Hucaseal Lemon - Fomarl Mephiles - Racast Later that day.... Raid on Control Tower (No PB) Team - 39:54 (remaining) Suspect - Ramarl Nighti - Racast RRR - Hucaseal Mudkipz - Fomarl Malicious Uprising 2 (No PB) Solo - 2:48 remaining RRR - Hucaseal Will have a video of the first ten minutes up later, sucks, I really botched the last wave of the last room, ran out of traps forgot I picked up a scape earlier lol Malicious Uprising 3 (No PB) Solo - 1:18 remaining RRR - Hucaseal Only 10 minutes of video unfortunately Malicious Uprising 4 (No PB) Solo - 1:43 remaining RRR - Hucaseal
  6. Raid on Control Tower (No PB) Duo - 28:31 remaining Mudkipz - Fomarl RRR - Hucaseal
  7. Raid on Control Tower (No PB) Duo - 29:59 remaining Mystiic - Fomarl Evil RRR - Racast
  8. People don't worry about Sylph and Fyrewolf being on a team, I've run this and it is really knowable as well as having good guides and videos on how it can be done. Sylph is right about this all coming down to the chemistry between two people. To further what Ryukin has posted here, because I don't think maps are enough I want to throw up a few things. First of all, a guide to classes, because if you go into this without putting thought into that your chances are severely limited. Your simple techs are going to be the most effective here, who is best with simple techs? Fonewearl, I would not recommend using something other than this. For ranger? Unless you are looking to play this by RNG and find a dim rifle with hit then this is just a bad plan. Hunter? Hucast, simply the best at doing what you need a hunter to do here, I would say Hucaseal but we are talking TA for a PGF, and you aren't getting points for being sexy(shame shame). This is a guide to this quest: This will tell you what you can skip and hopefully keep you from taking non-optimal paths This is a video of some 2 people running it:
  9. I mean, I could be wrong, but judging by what I see on the feeding table it should actually be easier than making dex/pow 0 def mags haha not only does antipara give more to dex before level 10 it reduced def after level 10.
  10. Well this has ended with two submissions... not going to bother posting since everyone fits in one pm lol, I will post the placing order of battle mode after it is over
  11. So, generally it seems this is falling apart for most teams. I am going to cut this short at just one round, prizes will be changed, sorry, you will not get an STA this easily, but there are still very nice items up for grabs. Continue on with this round, all rules, quest, and scoring are staying the same. For prizes, I will be giving a prize to each member of the top three teams. It does not end there, the top two teams will go on to compete head to head in a rule 6 battle mode tournament, on Sunday May 7(that's this sunday) at 3pm Atlantic time. If you don't show up there will be no prize. Prize list for Battle Tourney: Inferno Girasole [100 0 0 100 80] Jizai [0 100 100 0 55] Crimson Sword [0 90 0 90 40] Wedding Dress [Def: 66 Evp:26] Yasminkov 9000m (Demons) [0 0 0 0 30] Ultima Engine Heaven Striker [0 0 0 35 35] Gael Gill Mag [5 145 50 0] Psycho Wand Samba Maracas [0 0 0 0 0] Tsukimiri J-Saber I'm decided on the team based prizes but I will make it worth you time I know that is more prizes than players that could possibly end up in the battle tournament, but I wanted to give people things to choose from
  12. @yanvbraz I was actually wrong about eggblaster mk2. It is not a handgun period, it is a rifle with handgun range, hence the slower projectile and weird feeling targeting. It can't be taken as a serious hunter weapon, maybe for humar? Rifle animation is not great for trap shooting. I've also mentioned heaven striker before although maybe only privately to saith. Pretty much perfect for hucaseals Not really sure if the photon modifier would fly but would be nice if yunchang was added to an event Also I still prefer hell j-cutter. I use s-ranks to make scrolling through weapons 's easier haha kod definitely better though
  13. Well I am aware that fire resist is more the domain of shields, however the high fire resist armors is really for a certain purpose, epsilon rafoie. I mean this is a very scary attack, and because of desync and other things it is really disruptive to game play to have someone constantly dying from it's rafoie. I understand it can be avoided, and that efr can be dialed in to take your hp down in such a way as to set off mag invincibility if your mag is capable of that. Neither of these work very well in a group, to the extent that high efr armors have been added in, to my understanding, for this exact purpose.