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  1. You're back now?

    1. Xceptional


      Yeah man, miss the PSO action

  2. Happy bday enjoy your day :D 

  3. I will make a party called drdingus
  4. When next are you online ?
  5. Photos working fine for me. Maybe you could try an image converting app ?
  6. Last time I checked the uninstall.exe is broken
  7. There should be use option available if you select it. If not I can take a look at it.
  8. Tellusis has a better chance to proc invince than other mags? No To get Tellusis, you have to use the Dragon Scale mag cell on a Kama mag, correct? Yes So I could get a DT custom Kama mag with 75 pow & 125 dex, then use a Dragon Scale on it to involve into Tellusis? Yes
  9. Most likely syncing issues on hosts end. Try going there while you are the host.
  10. Any pm's with DT's you used to add stats to it ?
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