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  1. Kiyuge i miss you buddy :c

    1. Kiyuge


      Aww X'] I miss ya too. How have you been?

    2. Godric


      Good :) What have you been up too?

  2. Happy Birthday :D

  3. Being a stealthy Ninja takes skill >.>

    1. King Ra

      King Ra

      I was born stealthy :P

  4. Happy Birthday.

  5. Tired..... Zzz

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    2. Kiyuge


      I wish to, but school teacher's just don't know the meaning of NO Homework.

    3. serverus


      maybe u need tell u techars come on i need a rset of u bishes XD

    4. Kiyuge
  6. Woot It's good to be back =] Now I have to figure out how to re-install this game without it causing me problems .-.

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    2. Kiyuge


      yay, I think I finally fixed it. Now I just have to wait for the server to be up.... it says patch error it may be under maintenance when i try to log in :I

    3. serverus


      lol do u fanilly got it or nou?

    4. Kiyuge


      D: I try to log in but it won't let me in the game, it just keeps saying:

      (No903) Patch server connection failed. The server may be under maintenance. Please check the current news updates on the official site.

      and then it sends me back to the title page :[

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