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    Apollo - HuCast Sniper - RaCast

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    Anywhere or nowhere, I care not which
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    Um.... Doctor Who, PSO, the shout box >.>, anime, other games, more games, a few additional games, reading, camping (not sniper style camping! the kind that involves being outside, with that bright yellow thing they call the sun) and more....

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  1. Get back on Apollo!

  2. ive been gone so long xD i have so little drive to play now....

    1. Apollo


      awww, godric misses me xD

    2. Zeph


      I'm back now! It's time to wreck havoc!

  3. OH! MY! GOD! Everytime i log in i've lost 1 reputation! for posts that i made like 8 months ago!!! HATERS! DX

    1. Mantis Aqua

      Mantis Aqua

      Solution : never log out again :D [2]


    2. PeppaKat


      look up u see the u seem

  4. Lol Zach i havent gotten any shout outs lately....
  5. Well we look forward to your eventual return to normalcy
  6. Okay, so I'm still not playing much cuz im incredibly busy.... sucks doesnt it? DX

  7. mmm.... i do get a few trolls about that....
  8. If thats a team invite, YOULL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE! I'm freelance! thats who i am!
  9. I've returned! again.... HOPEFULLY! This time it'll be my last need to return and ill just become a regular again. I'm not going to install it until like next monday, namely because this weekend is going to involve me working myself to death >_< But I cant wait to get back into this chaos, and kill more boomas in my endless quest of TTF
  10. at least Larva says goodbye.... unlike the rest of my friends DX
  11. Sorry it took me so long to finally get around to this. My computer is functionally dead and or dying >_< IDK if it can be fixed, and will spend quite some time trying to figure it out. You will not see or hear much from me if this is true. I will try my hardest to get back on Ultima. I still have a red ring to find, and 2 debts to collect -.- I WANT MY PD RAVSO!! Good luck to everyone, and I enjoyed my stay. And remember, It's always my damn Shoutbox
  12. Away until further notice

    1. subbie


      What ever happened to you? XD

    2. Apollo


      Sorry guys, my desktops dead, so i can only ever get online from my parents laptop :/ i miss ultima DX

  13. For some reason the switch axes mechanics elude me. My brother can use them alright enough though

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