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  1. It's exactly about "the price Saith wants it at". He declared the item its sold at 100dt price. What's a LIE. Comments like that make players sell/try to buy items more cheaper then what they go for. No one here is saying STA shouldn't cost 100dts or 370dts (actually, theres is someone too much worried about that price, lol). The problem is he came and said "this goes for X"... If he had said "Well this shouldn't be X price, bcz of this and that" I wouldn't have minded all, but what he said about what STA is sold for, isn't true.
  2. the answer we already know. They aren't sold at that price. Its the price Saith wants it, not what it really is. As usual.
  3. Snakeeyes (?) got a Master Sword from Olga on my room. ID Purple
  4. hello,

    can sell for pds?

    for 35pd?

  5. S/T> Iron Faust 100/00/100/00|80. ; N00b/HP set ; Wedding Dress min.

    Wants: DTS, type/me mech charge/demons.

    1. MulciberOrbis


      how much for iron faust?

    2. Henry Fernandes

      Henry Fernandes

      100dts or type/me mech Demons or Charge +dts

  6. I want to redeem, 7 silver badges in 5 mins
  7. So basically... You want a mech which already is expensive (Type ME/Mech) to be even more expensive, without yasminkov charge on the market? Sorry, but thats what it seems to me. If yasminkov charge is waaaaaay cheaper to get/make, everybody has better chances to get a nice one than those expensive Type ME/Mech... So, why would we do that? You know what will happen to TMEME without charge yas9k here. You could say "We would make the game experience hard, just like it's for hunters", but again (when it comes to DTs) only a minimum amount of people would afford those mechs. Of course we could use other specials, but some people really enjoy a charge mech around here. I'm all up to make a nice charge mech more cheaper for hunters, but why for everyone seems easier to take away things from other classes?
  8. The problem with this community isn't the "allow other people to express their opinion", it really is "You can express your opinion, BUT if your opinion is different from mine, all your thoughts are wrong."
  9. They're allowed, but aren't people allowed to disagreed too? lol
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