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  1. Come back bro!

    Por favor volte!

    Edited by Noob Saibot
  2. Snakeeyes (?) got a Master Sword from Olga on my room. ID Purple
  3. hello,

    can sell for pds?

    for 35pd?

  4. S/T> Iron Faust 100/00/100/00|80. ; N00b/HP set ; Wedding Dress min.

    Wants: DTS, type/me mech charge/demons.

    1. MulciberOrbis


      how much for iron faust?

    2. Henry Fernandes

      Henry Fernandes

      100dts or type/me mech Demons or Charge +dts

  5. I want to redeem, 7 silver badges in 5 mins
  6. I want to redeem bronze badges
  7. Ele acabou de dizer que esse guild card não existe. O número é realmente este? Pq o serv ainda não tem guild cards que excedem #43 (talvez #44)... Acho que esse #46162140 tá errado msm.
  8. S/T> Iron Faust 100/00/100/00|80. 

    Looking for DTS and type/sh shot hell.

  9. S/T> Iron Faust 100/00/100/00|80. pm me.

  10. - Id Cards Selection. - This may be something silly to ask, but I would like to see possible change Red Ring colors and preserve the RR stats (something like Halloween costumes). Not having to add skins for it.
  11. S/T> Iron Faust 100/00/100/00|80, pm me.

  12. S/T> Iron Faust 100/00/100/00|80 pm me. 

    Edited by Henry Fernandes
    Nakas already sold
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    2. Wilton Ventura

      Wilton Ventura

      hi i want this nakas


      are you on line?

    3. Henry Fernandes

      Henry Fernandes

      Yes. Room Mayaka, pass nakas

    4. Wilton Ventura

      Wilton Ventura

      you acept in pds?

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