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Henry Fernandes

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  1. S/T> Iron Faust 100/00/100/00|80. 

    Looking for DTS and type/sh shot hell.

  2. S/T> Iron Faust 100/00/100/00|80. pm me.

  3. - Id Cards Selection. - This may be something silly to ask, but I would like to see possible change Red Ring colors and preserve the RR stats (something like Halloween costumes). Not having to add skins for it.
  4. S/T> Iron Faust 100/00/100/00|80, pm me.

  5. S/T> Iron Faust 100/00/100/00|80 pm me. 

    Edited by Henry Fernandes
    Nakas already sold
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    2. Wilton Ventura

      Wilton Ventura

      hi i want this nakas


      are you on line?

    3. Henry Fernandes

      Henry Fernandes

      Yes. Room Mayaka, pass nakas

    4. Wilton Ventura

      Wilton Ventura

      you acept in pds?

  6. S/T>Iron Faust 100/00/100/00|80

  7. still, one comment with "the event days have been cut short for 11th january" would be good... Not everyone check the same post everyday tbh
  8. No. Yesterday, Soly shut it down bcz he said that apparently they edited the oficial post with "Event will last till January 11.2017", without removing the "P.GenFlow date: TBD - PGF is dropping now through January 11. Other drops continue through January 20th." part. No announcement, for us They should stop editing the post just adding stuff without removing others. This thread is a mess.
  9. S/T> Iron Faust 100/00/100/00|80. Lookin for: Type/shot hell and dts.

    1. Ricardo Gomes

      Ricardo Gomes

      com 75 dt fazes a typ/shot com hell 80 hit, essa if vale bem mais que isso

  10. oh boy
  11. S/T> Iron Faust 100/00/100/00|80 for Type/Shot Hell 80h + dts