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  1. Last Swan - Delsaber Ep1 - Viridia ultimate.
  2. A mag that prevents the user from being healed by team mates(for DF special of course) here's what happens when your on low health A. Teammate takes a hit and heals themself. B. Teammate knows what you're doing plays for 1minute sees someone on low health and panic heals them. C. Quite new to the game and has know clue. These three reasons combined means you never get to use DF special except for bosses for like 20seconds. I love doing a run without getting hit for as long as possible, hate the idea of “everyone be careful not to heal that guy” Not everyone has high gear, is playing on a level 200 or is even good at the game and can afford to take a big hit run out of my range and heal. Obviously not going to use the mag on roct woi etc and honestly df’s a beast without the special but it's there and i would like to use it.
  3. I use to have same problems. U gotta change it to 32 bit in options remove window mode and try couple resolutions till it works.
  4. Whenever I equip hundred soul this was happening, srank double sabre with diff wep handles and the double saber attack animation.
  5. Learn how to trap shoot. grab a pistol assign your ice traps on the button number 3.. tap 3 then shoot as quick as possible. Hold CTRL and press END button at the top right of most keyboards to change weps fast, u can change buttons in options menu.
  6. Yeh was my stuff. I dont have pic of any of it but the lame was 35 machine 30 dark
  7. Prob been said on every page on this topic but bring back crack mode
  8. This explains what happened to me then. All my stuff was gone and when i got back on i had a bunch of random junk from my bank
  9. lol soly. yh jus send me name ill add on tuesday
  10. Getting a Xbox one in a few days, I know most of you are PC gaymers but if anyone's on Xbox One post your gamer tag or inbox me and ill add you when mine arrives. Ill be playing Fifa 15 and Battlefield 4 on day one and pre ordering Halo master chief and GTA V. I don't care what language you speak just add me!
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