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  1. 65 hit AN. Dts, lmk when you’re on. Cancel that, i found a AN on a old account 😕
  2. 85 hit AS for me. The 9ata gap between humar and hucast really does make a difference for some weapons. E.g when squatting mosquitoes at the beach humar can consistently kill flys with second shot on an AS while hucast is rare and often better to N N S. Also it’s an all class weapon(?) and will have the same ata as yas7000v.
  3. Sold for 370 350-375 Dts has always been my price and it’s still enough for me. You can offer items to cut it down but i’m not looking for much. Main wants are TenYearBlade/SwordOfUltima and NewYearCards
  4. BullsDeep


    Sorry to keep posting this but i will be saving a nice bit of dts adding % from this trade. All replies i get are for 45+ hit so i’m guessing some people are thinking “mine is 0hit it’s not worth offering” I am going to add enemy attribute x3 to CC so if your CB/CC has 0 hit but enemy attribute % please let me know. Edit - I thought Crush cannon was an event drop but been told you make it with bbs and crush bullet. That's why i’ve only received hit offers🥴
  5. Hold on to those luck mats for me mate. And good luck with that baranz launcher 👀
  6. BullsDeep


    @final pacman I could tell you a price but you ain’t gonna like it. Will cost me 30dts to add 40hit + 10dts to change special. I’m ok thanks i’ll wait.
  7. BullsDeep


    Bump + changed title. Let us delete topics, i hate hogging up the trade window lol
  8. BullsDeep


    Ten year blade or Sword of ultima Tell me the stats and i’ll get back to you. Offering dts
  9. 3 pm’s offering 45+ hitters. Two explaining to me that i’ll need hit lol appreciate it guys but i’m not interested in the gush special i’m trying to make a knock off DM for my hunters.
  10. Looking for high % so i can add to it, Preferably 0hit example of what i’m looking for 50/0/0/50/0 minimum. will pay good dts if u have anything close to 100/0/100/100/0.
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