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    Fighting games and PSO, I play basketball and also love to read

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  1. Inbox still full btw

    1. R-78


      I couldn't message you so I told you in shoutbox 40 minutes after your message that I could pay. edit : ok pm sent

      Edited by R-78
  2. This seems fun may get on to do it
  3. How u been whis it's nova :P

    1. abousweid
    2. lildavid07


      No complaints we need to hunt Asteron Striker And STA

  4. Missing stuff

    Yes these are my items period
  5. Missing stuff

    Wait what's happening
  6. EVENT Ragol Fighters

    blue #mystic
  7. Lost Noob HP

    lord I meant slot 4 srry XD
  8. Lost Noob HP

    Removed noob hp from bank inventory was full lost it that sums it up I was about to hunt with howi I don't have any recent pics. Guld Card: 42162185 Character Slot: 3 Time: 3:30 cst
  9. This whole thread is pointless Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk


  12. See you next time Wooble

    Yes, I agree with Cyane 100%, Wobble was a lively character, we would talk on teamspeak and on skype. I had no idea how serious his condition was, the one thing i can respect and look up to is that he didnt let that hender him from having fun nor did he use it as an excuse for a pity party. Everyone in teamspeak knew he was in and out the hospital, but he would downplay it like it was just routine and nothing serious was going on. it was funny cause he wanted me to send him food pics of what I was cooking on skype but... well ima keep it short but you will be missed!
  13. S> DM SET 2k DTS or 10k PDS PM me

  14. Rest In Peace Wobble

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    2. cloor
    3. TripleR


      Is this for real? That is awful, one of the first people I met on here and was extremely nice to me. RIP

    4. griffeni


      this man was a good friend expecially in the teamspeak he always made me laugh and i hope to never forget him RIP wobble and may you find peace my lad