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  1. hey kronos - its shecoro23, inbox me

  2. with a creative imagination

  3. Hi - when logging on to PSOBB today I noticed that my character "Sheito105" weps were all wiped out. Can someone please help? I'm following the instructions as noted in the post by the GM: 1.) Problem - I logged into PSOBB today and saw that all my items including my weps and units were wiped out. Below are the weps/units/armor that was lost: Lavis Cannon Varista +7 Demolition Comet +20 God Mind God Body God Power God Arm Standstill Shield Rhibhava Mag - Lv 95 2.) Problem occurred today (same day I am posting this) 3.) Guild Card Number - 42014046 4.) Slot #1 (Character Name - She
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