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  1. All my life, I've been around dts. I grew up around it...lived by it. My mother would sell her body for dts just to feed our heroin addiction, which I inherited from her since she kept using while I was in the womb. It's a nasty business, lemme tell ya. Holding a brutha up in the street just to get a few dts off of him. Taking lives for it...mafia type shit, you know? My girlfriend came at me with a knife when I told her I was done with all of it. But it was worth it. It'll tear you apart. Families, friends, communities. It even took my best friend Lemon away from me in the end...so now I say it's time. It is time to put a stop to dts once and for all. For the good of us all. We can overcome this plague that has killed so many of my brothers and sisters, and corrupted our way of life! I am hereby starting the boycott dts movement. Please give us your support as we put a stop to what has caused so much strife for our people. Thank you, and may Ephinea bless your precious souls.
  2. I remember years ago when I was addicted to heroin and going through some bad withdrawals. I was begging for change on the street just to get enough for my next high. Everyone turned the other way and walked past, but it was Lemon who stopped and have me all the money he had. Ill never forget that day. Of course, it turned out to be monopoly money he gave me, but luckily my dealer was too fried to notice...such a kind soul.
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