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  1. Whens room next up please?
  2. why thats absolutely brilliant if am honest, well done you guys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i enjoy this game so much !! keep up the good work seriously!
  3. so my main character is RAmar, and I don't have a clue what to buy for him, I haven't played for a while. But I do have 25dts and 99pds. Can someone help me what to buy? I need guns please, as I already have Mag.
  4. its an absolute joke, so i have lost my 84 char??? is that what your telling me?? i know what i did, i went into the dressing room and after i got into game i was lvl 1, dont tell me i deleted it when i didnt
  5. wow are you serious? are you actually telling me this? why would i delete a 84 lvl FOmarl, please dont tell me this, i may as well quit what an absolute joke !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Guildcard: 42174348 Character Slot:2 , Lady Date/Time: 13/10/2016 - 00:02 AM UK Time Description: went into the dressing room to change my characters dress and went back into game and all of a sudden i was reset to lvl 1
  7. I have.. ultimata reaper.. baranz launcher.. heaven striker and that's pretty much it :/ don't have really anything
  8. So I will most likely donate 100 euros.. can someone tell me some really good stuff to buy ? Please.. as I really don't know what to buy I would like an arrest needle but thats all I know.. what else can I buy? Please ..
  9. @Virec @R-78 guys can you help me with IDS Quest? beat it 3 times and havent received the 2 pds, only got the 1pd at end of quest helppppppppppp
  10. @Virec @R-78 i will play some IDS tomorrow okay? i will be on literally all day n night, its my day off, you both game?
  11. thanks everyone, and how long does it take to do this quest for the 2pds?
  12. can someone tell me how to get the 2pds, in the ep1 normal IDS Quest please?
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