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  1. Welcome. You should enjoy it here. This is the greatest server I've ever played pso on.
  2. @The Merchant i saw in chat that it would be included there.
  3. i did great during the christmas event, so it's my fav. i've only been coming to this server for less than a year. so far i think it's gotten even better since then. you guys do an awesome job and i thank you. sometimes i cuss the game, but that's just due to not being lucky. so thanks again.
  4. I'm not sure i ever got to play with you or not. but it's always sad to see a good bye. maybe it's just for a short time. i wish you the best of luck.
  5. Hi.

    Hi ya.
  6. hi and welcome
  7. someone please tell me to shut up. that way at least i know someone see what i type on this web site. nvm i won't look back again. thanks.
  8. cy is demanding 100 people online, to turn on HH. so please get on. we all love HH
  9. Hi and welcome. we don't bite is a lie! they told me they had cookies. the dark side has no cookies. Reality the game is still great, but it's the people that make it a home.
  10. i would like to be able to hold more guild cards. i seem to have more friends than slots. sorry don't know if this has come up before. ty
  11. need 11 people to come online to get hh
  12. CreamPie Getting 200
  13. Welcome