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  1. Yesterday, I posted this topic on the forum: Absolutely everyone has been SO nice to me since I started playing. This community rocks way more than any modern community. Thank you for everything! I'm glad I found this!
  2. I love PSO. I bought a Dreamcast secondhand in 2003 and this was one of the games I HAD to try. I didn't have an online setup so I played single player. I sucked. Couldn't get past Forest 1. Thanks to Covid, I decided to emulate Dreamcast and try again. Got to Caves 3 and can't beat the boss. Then, I decided to see if a community still exists for this game. Found this place. I assume, since it's been 20 years, that there are people absolutely destroying PSO in ways I can't even imagine. Are there still groups playing with beginners? I totally love the atmosphere and
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