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  1. chrisNL

    Trade list

    Here's my sale list 🙂 See something you like? Feel free to leave an offer (cba putting up prices, so don't ask me what i'd ask for something haha). pd/dt and items are all welcome.
  2. 5 girasoles 5 runs ep 4 ulti shambertin filled it in already
  3. put in 'phantasy star online blue burst' as a prompt on; https://www.craiyon.com/ enjoy~
  4. Do you still have that crush bullet for sale? edit* word
  5. Hey don't think i've got that anymore. Might update my tradelist soon.
  6. chrisNL

    B> P raven

    bought, close please
  7. chrisNL

    B> P raven

    stats don't really matter. pm me
  8. Still got those psycho raven? pm me
  9. chrisNL


    hey everyone, i am playing on ship 2 so hmu if you are there. we have a discord so feel free to join; https://discord.gg/StBrKP il add you fam
  10. chrisNL


    aightt hmu whenever, i might start my own team tho!
  11. chrisNL


    hi eveyone, so pso2 will be released next week (yay). what ship are we gonna play at, and is anyone down to start a team? hmu ~cheers
  12. yoyo ik kan die blue barrier wel gebruiken
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