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  1. i'm in, tho i dont have anyone to play with yet (hinthint)
  2. Holiday Battle Tournament

    im joining (:
  3. What up?!

    hey man! im always down to play with other people or help them whatever, hit me up if you need anything cheers
  4. Hey Chris I'm online in Lobby name is crimzon

  5. il join aswell if this is thill a thing (:
  6. B> last survivor any stats 1-2 maybe 3 pd's?

    1. Misombre


      You can have mine for free =)

    2. chrisNL


      great, pm me when you are online :)

  7. Ultima's Fashion Event

    can i shop the pic to place my character in p2 for showing gear there?
  8. B> CR with hit

    B> parts of baranz/launcher

    B> spread needle 50+ hit

    pm me please

    1. shunthanos


      Might have a parts of baranaz. I'll check.


  9. Hey everyone

    hi and welcome, if you are intrested to join a team, you can always join team REGICIDE! feel free to ask any guild leader to invite you or pm me so we can meet up in game. ( tho im about to go ofline for tonight)
  10. EVENT Ragol Fighters

    did cyan not add her twitch link?! https://www.twitch.tv/cyaneei/profile
  11. Greetings. Alex aboard.

    eh i dont mind using the chatbox, im not so fond of skype or anything haha
  12. Greetings. Alex aboard.

    hi and welcome! if you need anything at all just ask me (or anyone really hahah) we are all very happy to help.
  13. EVENT Ragol Fighters

    red ranger standing-by
  14. Mini Event - The 5 items (ENDED)

    *Bugspray *Bearspray *a saber *3 monomates *My best buddy cyan