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  1. Looking for sato mag for another friend who's just joined message me or comment below pay in pds
  2. Bump still looking 😧
  3. Download the game here https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/downloads/ Then just click install and your done password to start downloading is "ultima"
  4. Withill hilde blu frozen shooter ultimate
  5. @Lordwin got them bow thanks though Close please
  6. Wish I knew about the calculator 10 years ago xD
  7. Thank you both for the advice I will bear it in mind! Will definitely invest in telsisus mag! And didn't think hucast males could wear wedding dress? Or am I thinking of a different armour? Only maxed atp and ata :L and @Kotta I am max level lol. Gave my maxed tjs to iron sheik for his collection and haven't really played properly for few years so just getting back to it really but thank you for all advice! And haha DF is to rich for my blood unless this year I get a pgf
  8. Looking for some advice on my hucast build what would be best to swap out to increase power any recommendations welcome armour mag weapons barrier slots Mag agastya 5 172 23 0 red ring 30 30 30 5 5 samurai armour 4 slot Slots: cent arms Cent battle Cent power Cent power Weps: Psycoravens +80 0 0 50 35 45 hit Slicer of fanatic +30 35 0 30 0 40hit Serene swan +80 0 0 0 40 0hit Bombchu
  9. Will pay in pds thank youuu
  10. Serene swan il.take let me sell me some stuff
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