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  1. Ahh turtle nub ^.^, long time no see :) hope all is well!? Hopefully see you in gamesoon :)


    -ultimas best nub

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    2. Link1990


      Glad to hear it, yes I am very well thank you.


      Haha that's good to know :D


      If you dont reseta you made mistakea!

    3. R-78


      Past month I've pretty much ever logged only to play CTU, so might not see me often lobbying

    4. Link1990


      Ahh I see I see, that's a shame :L il dm you on dc 

  2. It didn't take long to become bankrupt 😅 but I'm back again now for the grind and to do more give aways in the near future 💪
  3. Nub ! Come to ship 1 or hunt on Ultima with me !

  4. Winner il give u 5pds tomorrow, if u want to add a game then please do, il pay for the next winner of your game also Screen shot a small image of the game not full image to make it harder/more fun
  5. Still available to guessing, I'm. Going bed now so if anyone gets it correct il give you the 5pds tomorrow, in any case if anyone wants to carry on the game by adding there own screen shots they are more welcome!
  6. Winner damn even got console correct haha! Next one up
  7. Iron shiek wins Sorry crank iron sheik won, but yes you are correct! Next one is up Next one up!
  8. Haha thank you duja, I won that after about 20x attempts xD Next one
  9. Haha yeah that was the best part playing Co op stealing the health and energy in the super markets haha! I'm in lobby
  10. Apparently I've gone over adding likes to posts today D:, but if you know which I think you do may aswel take it, as I don't think others will know xD
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