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  1. I am ultima's best nub 😋 

  2. I know it's not a song more of a set, but hopefuly this is allowed? Plus it's sega so yano
  3. If you don't trimate, you'll diemate. ~ ultimas best nub :)

    1. Kotta


      That's the only detail I dislike androids: They have a limit to how many mates they can use, plus a standard error Dx [AKA the mates dropped by monsters and such], they even have to use monomates :onion-head63:

      Although It's Ironic how such pressure motivates me to use traps effectively :onion120:

    2. RocketTots
  4. We are getting quicker, will do more tomorrow, with zilong inks and <<goth>> Zilong dc'd at start of dragon
  5. Haha I'm not an expert on c mode, but do enioy the challenge, also my friend zilong said he would join us so that's 3 of us
  6. How about me and you run a c mode all the way 😁 I like c mode but no one plays and need someone to play with can play tomorrow uk time!
  7. The server being full is not normal unfortunately, try disable anti virus before you log on, or run as administrator
  8. Hello, I had this problem also! It's because your interserver is blocking the connection to pso, you need to turn off child safe mode with your Internet provider! They sometimes randomly turn it back on that's what happened to me.most cases you can just login to your Internet providers account and change it online, if not just call them to turn it off and then restart your modem Also try disable your antivitus before you log on and run as administrator Also is this Dr Fred? This might be what causing your disconnections also (if it's not you, please ignore this) haha
  9. Nice thank you for the info Jon, yeah I ment I have 502 not 801 my bad, yeah I'm. Currently trying to buy a banana cannon atm, but no one seems to be selling! Didn't think of adepts tbh! Il have to buy 3! And il wait hunt ult reaper at Halloween event for sure, which mag stats would be best? Also if you have the power and mind mats il buy them
  10. Hello all, so just started my mele/fo Need help! What material ratio should I'd o? How much power and how must mind? What's the best mag to use? Currently have 5 180 25 0 (180)power and 5 0 45 150 (150 mind). What's the best 4 slots to add? Think my current is V801 Cent tp Cent power Cent tp But obviously want smart link. Wepaons in bank Rambling may Slicer of frantic Infernol girasole Bringers rifle All hit. So yeah just looking for some help first ever mele/fo note I'm only lvl 35 atm. But willing to buy/trade for new items that will of use for when I can use them
  11. Thank you hawk nice to see famiular names! Will see you in game soon! Had a great few runs today 😁
  12. Long time no see my dude!!! Hope you have been keeping well?! Hopefuly see you in game soon to give me an update on what I've missed 😁
  13. Hey all, long time no see for most, I think ima come back and play some psobb 😁 been playing to much pso2 to the point I am now bored of pso2! It'll never be as good as old school pso! Some may know me some may not, either way come say hi 😁 always to happy to hunt anf help when and where I can! See you guys in lobby! Ign's zelda3, dark link, zerobeat
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