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  1. Oh come on. You guys still delete my status updates like I'm a criminal when I haven't said anything wrong. I'm not offending anyone, so why take offense? I'm not threatening, just stating my thoughts, am I not allowed to? Of course, I guess one who takes offense for nothing shows some kind of fear or even guilt? in a way. All I said is that justice prevails. Always been wanting to say that XD I let you be, so act mature and let me be as well <3 that's all.

    1. serverus


      who is delting ur status? names

  2. Nobody knows...

  3. I'm taking my leave. Goodbye Ultima.

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    2. Violie


      So before you go try make me look like a bad person, dig in your own shit. You're the one harrassing me since months. Both you and her.

    3. jonesy88


      :(. I am sorry. Will pour one out for you...
    4. Violie


      Well, goodbye Illuminati. Thank you for the great times and for showing me the meaning of being in a team n_n

  4. 4 days 1 hour 8 minutes 20 seconds

  5. It is not over. It has only just begun.

    1. Violie


      And it's still only at the beginning, mwahahaha

    2. Hykaro


      Yeah 30y im loosin my hair -.-

  6. I'm sure there's an easy solution to this but I'm a noob when it comes to this stuff. After patching this morning, it now gives me an error each time I try to start the game. It doesn't get past the launcher. What can I do?
  7. Female: Mia, Shino, Cosma Male: Nero, Neo, Nevio, Rico Personally I really like the combo of Cosma & Rico
  8. I knew you would come back. Do you remember me? Danyo?
  9. So lately I'm having severe issues getting on the game. I don't play often so I can't tell when exactly this started happening, but I first noticed two days ago. First of all, I can get past the launcher just fine, but sometimes it freezes in the news screen - the little circle on the top right will just keep spinning, but the window on the bottom won't show up. All I can do is kill and reopen the client. Or sometimes it lets me past the news screen, but it freezes while loading the character screen. Again, all I can do then is kill and reopen. Again other times it lets me get past the character screen, and either it just keeps loading forever or it actually comes up with a message saying either the server is full or offline. The most recent message even said there was no ship. Sometimes I can log on, usually after several attempts, without changing anything. I've checked my system for infections (idk, it came to mind) and tried running PSO with my antivirus deactivated. Now as a noob with technical stuff I've run out of solutions. What else is there I should check for? Oh yeah and another thing; I'm unable to run two clients since... ever. One of the clients will freeze after a few minutes. Talking about freeze, it actually happens alot even with just one client. Usually randomly or when people switch their weapons, but not always. It just completely freezes, leaving me with no other option but to kill the client with the task manager. Doesn't even come up with an error message. Any idea why?
  10. How dare you leave like that?! You didn't even mention me. Ah well, wish you all the best Danyo. You're always welcome to re-add me on Skype if you want.
  11. Yes only the Heart of Angel is gone.
  12. So last night I asked my friend to hold a room (it was locked) for me so I can pass some items from my main account to another and vise versa. Among crap and good items was an Angel Wing mag cell. After I was done trading and finally ready to play, I noticed the mag cell wasn't in my inventory. It wasn't in my bank or common bank either. I checked all chars I had logged for the trade and it wasn't in their inventories/banks either. I don't think my friend took it. If he meant to rip me off he would have taken my cent/battle or my 190 mind mag xD Anyway... I had 2 Angel Wing cells in total so don't get confused when checking my inventories, the other one is still in my secondary account's common bank. Just the one I had dropped vanished somehow. I remember dropping it on my hunewearl but not picking it up, it wasn't among the items on the ground when I logged my other account. As far as I can tell the mag cell is the only thing missing. Not sure it helps, but this screenshot I took the other day (not right before I dropped it) shows I had the mag cell in my main account's common bank: GC#42097947 (main account) Characters in slot 2 and 3 were involved in the trade GC#42098254 (2nd account) Character in slot 3 was involved in the trade At this point I should probably mention neither my friend nor I got dced during the trade, and not sure there's still that 50-items-on-ground-limit like there was on gc version, but just to make sure I didn't drop that many items. So not exactly sure what happened, but can I please have it back somehow?
  13. So, either I am just blind and didn't see it, or it really has never been mentioned before. Why are we able to look like Heathcliff, Momoka, Sonic etc... ...but not like another class? I hope I'm not embarrassing myself for this question... As I have to admit I have no idea about anything. It was just an idea that keeps crossing my mind lately. Fonewm are so ugly! But their boost on RA techs is great. Still, not enough to convince me to make one. Of course, making myself look like Sonic sounds like an option. I'm just wondering. If we can look like NPCs, can't we look like another class? Don't tell me that would be confusing... I run with lots of Sonics, Tails, Momokas and I don't know their class. Having a Fonewm with the looks of a Racast is no more confusing than that. Technically it's possible, right? But then again, would you still be able to customize your character?
  14. Great idea, sadly Ventrilo doesn't work well for me. My mic is fine, the settings are correct (according to various guides, youtube vids etc) but when I speak, you can barely hear me. My words get cut off and you hear lots of background noise (even when it's quiet in my room). Any idea what I can do about it?
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