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  1. Is this allowed or pds only? @serverus
  2. You could reset to van and then implement an anguish system like Ephinea. I think something like that would make more sense here than it does there
  3. Could we get an option to turn green names off for the individual games when they are active?
  4. B< 50+ hit Hell handgun and Arrest handgun

  5. Yes they could due away with woi reward or 1ps=5hit would kinda be the only other option. Along with a cap at 50., even with the pd inflated market. I feel ps for 5 hit would be some really serious grinding lol
  6. I had a few ideas that would improve the server several have been suggested in the past by me and others but I feel like bringing them back up lol 1. The ability to add hit to gear using pds and ps through gallons shop. Even if it was only up to 50hit on an item would be really nice. maybe 1ps =10hit and 50pds=5hit. cap it at 50 so there is still a need for hit events which cap at 70 and donating to cap at 80. 2. I feel that s rank weapons should be given some kind of buff to make them a little more useful than they currently are. Due to the increased stats in monsters and some cu
  7. S< typeme mechs 80hit demon and typeme mechs 80hit charge 55dts each

  8. Here are the Ultima items and what event they fall under
  9. And to add to his list a way to add hit % with photon drops though gallons shop or some other source .😁 thanks
  10. Maybe it’s made with either the arrest or frozen booster
  11. Maybe put a cap of 60hit on it or something that way you would still need to dts if you wanted it max
  12. Honestly I think things would be better without dts but I’d be down for a 99pd for 5 to 10 hit rate so dts are still usefull also in the process gallon could be altered so hes less painful to talk to Xd
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