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  1. @Zabby what is up. Howdy man!

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    2. nnorton44


      Ahoy sailors 

    3. Zabby


      Hi Hawk @Hawkhow you doing?

    4. Hawk


      I'm doing good man living the American Dream @Zabby

  2. what is up everyone, i am new here and i would like to say hi to everybody

    i hope we can get along and play some pso and have some fun, right guys? haha im going to have a blast 

  3. love this game, i play it literally everyday! but it's been lacking something... is there a discord server by any chance?

  4. i just realized the sun is on fire that's extremely dangerous, we need to find a way to put it out

    1. Zabby


      i'll bring a bottle of dasani water to put it out. i'll save everyone

    2. mudkipzjm
    3. Kotta


      I have a friend who pulls up Super Novas at the sun whenever he's mad at the world. He's always carrying a longass katana and has half wing and a halo and loves to Impale anyone who get In the way :onion-head63:


  5. ok cool but has anybody wished big toe bobby a happy birthday
  6. man wouldn't it suck to be @Usagi-chan right now am i right guys haha

    1. Kotta


      Especially for you, who Is ranked "pregnant" :onion-head65:

    2. EDEN



  7. man wouldn't it suck to be @Saber +7 right now am i right guys haha

    1. Kotta


      Why :onion-head49:

      [The poll? >.>]

  8. Happy birthday everybody happy birthday, i hope everyone is having a good day today so make sure that nobody messes up your day guys alright feliz cumpleaños

    make sure to celebrate your birthday today guys alright cool!

    1. RocketTots


      hey thnaks u two

  9. im a simp


  10. Today is National Like Emewm's Stuff Day! We need to show love to his forehead!

  11. Huge fans of Amouranth and Pokimane here! I've donated a lot of money to both of them these past couple months. I know people call it simping, but i've kinda learned to accept it. Who are your favorite streamers?
  12. i am a simp.

    1. Kotta


      No you're not.

      You're just a dancing man with a green background, waiting to be edited for video material purposes :D

  13. Haha ya man this community is absolutely fantabulous! Yess!!!!! haha
  14. @RIPBenny thank you so much for reviving elmo freestyle it's very unfair when moderators abuse their power to delete art, not naming names but i really dont like sour fruit
  15. I personally agree with Norton. Modifying the veteran system and how it works currently isn't the most problematic thing right now. However, dwelling deeper into cases such as people not obeying the Terms of Service (for example, having multiple accounts, etc.) seems like something that the administrators should put more effort in. This is only but an opinion, but I think that focusing on things that the people are more concerned would be a more effective and helpful way to preserve ultima and keep a great community.
  16. my new iPhone X, where i can play fortnite
  17. I must say that what both RIPBenny and Zabby said are not only extremely valid, but should be considered throughout the day, as it very distinctively represents and contrasts how people had responded, whether physically, verbally, and even emotionally only a couple years ago, as to how people respond now. This situation is definitely something that people can find that they relate to, whether they were born in the 80's, 90's, or even early 2000's. No matter what, there is something all of us have in common. With that being said, we must coalesce and, not forget the differences we have within one another, but accept and even embrace them. I must say, with no doubt, that we have not guaranteed that we sufficed each other's expectations with regards to accepting our differences. The true geniuses are the ones who genuinely know that the world is not perceived the same in everyone's mind. I simply cannot stress this ideal and have a large consensus listen to me, so it is not just my job, but yours as well to spread this around. This could be as small as comparing school rules back then to school rules in a modernized society. But it could also be as big as comparing the works of leaders such as President George Washington to newer, more recent presidents like Barack Hussein Obama and Donald John Trump. There are billions of people on this world. However, if you think about it, you realize that, as different as you and I are, we have at least one thing in common. We do what we believe is correct in our morals that were shaped genetically, shaped by how we were raised, and shaped by the people we meet all over the place. Thanks, RIPBenny and Zabby, for your beautifully poetic and thought provoking post. <3.
  18. Mine has to be the original Men In Black. I had watched them all with @Emewn and @Trigunman back then when we used to live with each other for a bit lordie lord i remember those days. Emewm and Trigunman I miss when yall came over! Don't be afraid to shoot me a text or two!

    1. mudkipzjm


      profoundly beautiful

  20. elmo freestyle

  21. yeyy

    Be Honest

    I want to say I love my friend @McLaughlin86 because he is cool
  22. yeyy

    Be Honest

    To (probably my best friends) @Emewn and @Trigunman. These two have been there through thick and thin, let me start off with that. I LOVE these two to death. We all have a friendship trio like no other, and I cannot express that in words. We laugh, we play around, we tease each other a lot, but let's be real for a minute. To start off, Emewm has given me information so woke that I have actually forgotten how to sleep. He teaches me that you can become anything if you set your mind to it. For example, he has been convincing himself for years that he is African American. Though it may be untrue, he has somehow convinced himself that he is actually black, so I must give him respect for thinking he has become who he strives to be. And as for Trigunman, I must also give this man so much respect. Since he is 84 years old, the experiences and knowledge he has gathered over the years has made me think he is the wisest person in the community. His name is also "Trigunman", which is the name of an anime character, and his profile picture is an anime person, so he is only able to give factual information. All in all, we three make a squad like no other. We will continue to grow our friendship until the day we die!
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