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  1. Purplenum Ult Ep4 Del Rappy - Rianov 303SNR-2 Oran Very Hard Ep1 Booma - Amore Rose
  2. oran pioneer spirit ult ep 4: zu - love rappy's beak del rappy - heavenly/tp
  3. oran pioneer spirit ult ep4: yowie - login pazuzu - vivienne (non-event drop) dorphon eclair - h/power (non-event drop) ba boota - great bouquet purplenum pioneer spirit ult ep4: dorphon eclair - h/legs (non-event drop) yowie - butterfly net pazuzu - h/arms (non-event drop) ba boota - amore rose astark - slicer of vengeance (!) still trying to confirm the astark/zu drops. i'll post again if i get one.
  4. So Halo Soul and Halo Rappy Soul are two names for the same item? This is unclear.
  5. I'm having trouble looking up what Halo Rappy Soul does and I don't want to use mine to find out. Is this a different item from the Halo Soul? Or is it a mag item that makes your mag look like a Halo Rappy (and if so what is it's stats)? Ty!
  6. i don't think i can lock posts but this is solved thank you! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just registered acc : -------------------------------------------------- Guildcard: 42213745 -------------------------------------------------- and the email address should have been [redacted]. would y'all be able to fix the email address so I can get a validation email? or should i just ditch this and make a diff acc? thanks!
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