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  1. oops the weekend got away from me. @Martikush looks like it's yours! i know we're in different timezones so just DM me about finding a time.
  2. wontrice

    R-78 mall

    @R-78 hm I only have 52 PD, would you do 52 + 1DT for the 10?
  3. wontrice

    R-78 mall

    000 mag Mag [Red] [0/0/0/0] [Empty | Empty | Empty] x?? 6pd How many PPP mags do you have? I an interested in buying. Won't be off work for 7ish hours though.
  4. transaction occurred, thread can be closed.
  5. I leave for work in 2 hours so we should have time to figure somethin out. Let me know when you're ready, I don't mind sending the DTs now. If you can't today then it's no rush.
  6. I'll take it for 23 from you, thank you @R-78, that sounds good. What time is good for you? I can log on for the next few hours, and I'm not in a rush if our schedules don't align.
  7. [redacted - got a different offer]
  8. [redacted - got a different offer]
  9. As title, auctioning this item because everyone keeps giving me vastly different prices and this way y'all can figure out how much you're willing to pay for it. Auction starts 1PD Closes midnight east coast (EST) on the midnight in between Saturday Feb 27 going into Sunday Feb 28.
  10. got an offer for 25DT so if you want to sell, go lower than that. post future offers in this thread so i don't have to play telephone. likely closing tonight or tmo
  11. Purplenum Ult Ep4 Del Rappy - Rianov 303SNR-2 Oran Very Hard Ep1 Booma - Amore Rose
  12. title. b > centurion battle 23DT
  13. oran pioneer spirit ult ep 4: zu - love rappy's beak del rappy - heavenly/tp
  14. oran pioneer spirit ult ep4: yowie - login pazuzu - vivienne (non-event drop) dorphon eclair - h/power (non-event drop) ba boota - great bouquet purplenum pioneer spirit ult ep4: dorphon eclair - h/legs (non-event drop) yowie - butterfly net pazuzu - h/arms (non-event drop) ba boota - amore rose astark - slicer of vengeance (!) still trying to confirm the astark/zu drops. i'll post again if i get one.
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