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  1. Yooo

  2. Hit Me With A Hit Event... Event!

    Hit event FTW !
  3. Empty your inbox smh lol and ill be on later i g2g ill do some solos for u later

  4. 9th Anniversary Event Drops UNOFFICIAL

    Naka Card Ult Purple Falz
  5. hi PinkiePie? I'm interested in want your Tyrell's Parasole 

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    2. Slimecybo


      hi PinkiePie? Im in room Slimecybo BLOCK 1

      hi PinkiePie? Im in room Slimecybo name Zadock BLOCK 1

    3. Slimecybo


      hi PinkiePie? delete post please

    4. PinkiePie
  6. Night Kiree!



    ! <3


  7. Challenge Mode

    Yep ☝🏼
  8. So say there's a mini event where you can "turn in a weapons" (to GM of course) to redeem points.I think we could implement some sort of point scale generated from weapons. Depending on the weapon, points may vary due to rareness , supply of weapon, Stats etc. With those gathered points can be used to add stats to weapons or even purchase other items with those points. There could be list of items that could be purchased and of course some items that should just be strictly excluded from the list to keep Ultima's weapon market natural. Example: Player has a Dragon Slayer and it could be worth lets say 1000 points. With those 1000 points is a list of items he may purchase in return. Say player wants to purchase "Double saber" from the list (lets just say it cost 200 points) he could purchase that. And of course he have 800 points left to buy whatever he/she wants. (just a crappy quick example) Event Name could be something Ultima's Black Market or Scavenger Hunt or Ultimas Trade off or something idunno just a thought.
  9. Hi I buy glide plz

  10. New Custom Mag MiniEvent

    Claiming Mag claiming silver badge mag
  11. Hello from PinkiePie ^_^

    Hello ultima just want to say hello, and im new to the forums not to the game