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  1. I definitely run out of rooms, lol. It is slow, but beats getting killed. I think I'm improving. The main thing is that I've lowered expectations for myself. I realize that I have a ton of collecting and upgrading to do before I'll really be useful. Some of the stuff I've been told to work on is: Sonic Team Armor Red Ring Spread Needle with good hit, then Arrest Needle Centurion/Battle Grind to level 200 I saw a mag that had 195 POW. Gotta figure that out. I also saw a spread weapon that a lot of lvl 200s use with purple photon shots. Think I should find that one too. Mobious helped me upgrade my armor a lot, so I'm using an Electro Frame and Standstill Shield now instead of the Holiness Armor and Genpei. He also showed me how to farm Add Slots, which is super useful. Good guy. I think the biggest change I've made as a result of making this post is that I'm more confident about joining games with other players. Like you guys said, people are really nice about helping, and I've definitely learned a lot.
  2. Since posting last, I've met some really great people in game who have been kind enough to donate a few items to me and, more importantly, spend some time answering some more of my ignorant questions. I never appreciated how in-depth this game truly is. I finally feel as if I have some of the tools needed to progress effectively, and I don't just mean the guns. The external resources and game add-ons will definitely improve my playing experience. So thank you all, again, for your comments. Special thanks to Kushito who really helped me out today. My in-game name is topwing too. See you all soon!
  3. You guys are legends. Thank you so much for the advice and resources. Can't tell you how helpful it is. The amount of information that exists about this game is overwhelming, so it's incredibly useful to have some guidance from experienced players. I'll definitely spend some time reading up on those links and trying to hunt for the right gear. My RAcast's name is topwing. Hope to see you guys in game!
  4. Hi all, First of all, thanks for taking the time to read this. I play solo 99% of the time, largely because I don't know what I'm doing and feel bad asking for advice while people are trying to do stuff in game. I'm level 181 (RAcast) but still consider myself very much a noob. I feel super underpowered. I have done almost all of my leveling by soloing TTF on very hard, because ultimate still wrecks me, and I just don't know why I'm still so bad. So here's what I'm working with: Spread Needle +40 Rianov 303SNR-2 +25 Gush Laser +25 Holiness Armor Genpei - God/Power - God/Power - Heavenly/Battle - Heavenly/Arms Kama (12/160/28/0) I've also used over 100 power materials, so my stats are: ATP: 1623 (1433 base) DFP: 720 (467) MST: 0 ATA: 269 (229) EVP: 865 (576) LCK: 10 (10) Am I wrong for thinking I'm underpowered? Is there something I should be doing differently? There's so much I don't know about this game. Any advice is welcome. Thanks a lot, TW
  5. Hello all. I've been playing for a couple of weeks now and I'm really enjoying it. I used to play PSO on Gamecube and was part of a really nice PSO community back then (Ragol Gazette). The drop rates on Ultima are much different than I remember from back then, but it definitely makes the grinds more enjoyable! Clearly there are some other cool differences too, so I have a lot to learn. I'm hoping to make some connections here so I can offload some of my duplicate rare drops on people who will find them useful. It hurts my soul selling red boxes for 10 Meseta. Thanks to everyone who puts the work in to keep this game up. See you all around.
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