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  1. There tends to be a usual concept that advertising and/or promoting this server will help it. It won't and won't ever help it. No matter how many people you bring into this server, the outcome will fall back to the issue it has right now as those new players quit to move onto something else or even defect to another server. No server is perfect but efforts to make a server better is the most constructive way to go. Throwing a ton of new quests and items into the game isn't fixing anything. If the structure of the server is bad, then it will never improve. This isn't 2008 anymore. The amount of decrepit qol that still lingers on Ultima hiding behind all the customs is preposterous. Just look at these threads. Has anyone counted the amount of times a thread has appeared on Ultima forums covering how "the server is dying"? Now I won't go into any details because anything and everything I can say has already been said. My point here are 4 simple things: - HH is a disaster - DTs and WoI are disasters - The QoL needs lot of modern touch ups. - Events need to spice the gameplay and not be the pinnacle of progression. Customs are amazing and fun when kept in check. Ultima power crept the game to the moon though when the game is already easy. All these broken customs should have been relegated to another drop chart in some Post-Ultimate Difficulty. This way, new players aren't gatekept from advancing. Some customs that can help advance into this higher Difficulty could be distributed throughout the Ultimate Mode drop chart year round. Of course, this would shift the meta to a new dimension but that already happened with the release of Blue Burst. This is likely all just going to be words to the wind but it has to be reiterated. No matter what you do or say; if the QoL is bad, then everything else is bad. If you want to read an in-depth take on my thoughts on this server, click here:
  2. This post is so pure. I'm glad that you're able to enjoy yourself and that we were able to make that much of an impact on you.
  3. Not on topic but I really wanted to reply to this. On the concept level, I couldn't ask for something more incentive based than this. This kind of plan work in-line with the game's native flow. Only thing I'd fear is having back-seaters wait until the unlocks are smashed before logging in. So maybe the rewards should be entitled to those who play the game. The game is literally a grindfest. Why not make it more interesting by paying off the grinds players do with whatever free time they may get. I'd love it so much.
  4. My likes about Ultima: Different angle of play, quests I cannot find elsewhere, different meta strategies. My dislikes about Ultima: Feels outdated, never being fine-tuned where flaws are made, not welcoming to newer players. Solution:
  5. DS4 is taking priority over PSOBB. I never ever used DS4 when I used a PS4. I either just plugged it in or went BT.
  6. I use Sanwa 16-Button gamepad as controller and also map a few things to Joy2Key. Since I main as a FO, I'll be sharing what my setup looks like on paper. I do also have a separate setup for cast but I'll just show what I do with FO since they're my main. All binds I have on Dpad are set with 15 button press times per second through Joy2Key for Force. On the side, I also use Tofuman's Palette Manager Tool which allows me to use up to 4 different hotbars at a time. With it, you can use both the base hotbar along with a control hotbar that will be accessed at the same time that you swap your palette. However, when you reach 100 PB, it cancels out the entire control bar. So what I do is I map the hotbar shortcut that is on Tofuman's Palette Manager Tool to my Joy2Key (The shortcut is Scroll Lock + <The hotbar number which is 1 through 4>). This enables you to basically jump hotbars and not require the need to hold down the CTRL button to use anything in conjunction with it. Thus, I keep 100PB and never grief a Photon Blast. I use 3 hotbars on FO with the first 2 being my main focuses while the 3rd one is used for Grants, Megid and Ryuker only. I use this playstyle since I can perform everything on gamepad and never have to touch the keyboard. Gaming on Keyboard is rigorous for me as I have terrible wrists. When the shortcut enabled is Scroll Lock + 1, this is what my hotbar and controller setup look like: When the shortcut enabled is Scroll Lock + 2, this is what my hotbar and controller setup looks like: When the shortcut enabled is Scroll Lock + 3, this is what my hotbar and controller setup looks like: Visual sample of swapping to hotbar #1: So with how I have this setup, I... - Hold L1 + Right/Up on right stick for Hotbar #1 - Hold L1 + Down/Left on right stick for Hotbar #2 - Hold L1 + Left Dpad for Hotbar #3 - When doing the combinations, I do not have to hold any buttons to use anything on the hotbar I swapped to. All button holding is to swap bars only. Thanks for reading!
  7. I like playing various quests too. I do see where you're coming from as well. The way it's structured here is having a few key quests that are hot to hunt any given items during any given event. Then there are the TTF/RT spam for those trying to level and get somewhere. I do personally wish there was something in place that can give exposure to the great many quests that are on this server. (Phantasmal World series is great btw)
  8. Hey all ^^ Made an ID respective table to look at. We do still have a few unspecified items lingering that has yet to be cleared up.
  9. To make the filling in of this chart easier, do be sure to include the Episode in your posts. This isn't an extreme necessity but there are monsters that share episodes that we need a distinction for. Thanks ^^ Be sure to make the distinction for these monsters in particular:
  10. Bump The dropchart is up now. Happy hunts to all ^^
  11. When posting your finds in this thread, be sure to call the following things: 1) The Difficulty 2) The Section ID 3) The Monster 4) The Episode Happy Valentine's everyone ^^
  12. Updated. Fixed a typo under green ring drops.
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