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  1. I like playing various quests too. I do see where you're coming from as well. The way it's structured here is having a few key quests that are hot to hunt any given items during any given event. Then there are the TTF/RT spam for those trying to level and get somewhere. I do personally wish there was something in place that can give exposure to the great many quests that are on this server. (Phantasmal World series is great btw)
  2. Hey all ^^ Made an ID respective table to look at. We do still have a few unspecified items lingering that has yet to be cleared up.
  3. To make the filling in of this chart easier, do be sure to include the Episode in your posts. This isn't an extreme necessity but there are monsters that share episodes that we need a distinction for. Thanks ^^ Be sure to make the distinction for these monsters in particular:
  4. Bump The dropchart is up now. Happy hunts to all ^^
  5. When posting your finds in this thread, be sure to call the following things: 1) The Difficulty 2) The Section ID 3) The Monster 4) The Episode Happy Valentine's everyone ^^
  6. Updated. Fixed a typo under green ring drops.
  7. A box drop Blue Barrier sounds like a regular drop. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong but I'm quite sure it's a box drop.
  8. That is funny. But don't we all want? :3 Fixed
  9. Updated. Had a bit of a lax on this due to Xmas and family. Keep em comin' ^^
  10. Misread one of the contributions and put White Eclair as an event drop. Apologies for the inconvenience. Fixed.
  11. Gonna assume the mines as canadines don't belong in caves ^^
  12. Take the Gee for example. Some IDs are dropping Morolian and others are dropping Amities
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