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  1. Change blocks in the lobby and try again.
  2. There tends to be a usual concept that advertising and/or promoting this server will help it. It won't and won't ever help it. No matter how many people you bring into this server, the outcome will fall back to the issue it has right now as those new players quit to move onto something else or even defect to another server. No server is perfect but efforts to make a server better is the most constructive way to go. Throwing a ton of new quests and items into the game isn't fixing anything. If the structure of the server is bad, then it will never improve. This isn't 2008 anymore. The amount of decrepit qol that still lingers on Ultima hiding behind all the customs is preposterous. Just look at these threads. Has anyone counted the amount of times a thread has appeared on Ultima forums covering how "the server is dying"? Now I won't go into any details because anything and everything I can say has already been said. My point here are 4 simple things: - HH is a disaster - DTs and WoI are disasters - The QoL needs lot of modern touch ups. - Events need to spice the gameplay and not be the pinnacle of progression. Customs are amazing and fun when kept in check. Ultima power crept the game to the moon though when the game is already easy. All these broken customs should have been relegated to another drop chart in some Post-Ultimate Difficulty. This way, new players aren't gatekept from advancing. Some customs that can help advance into this higher Difficulty could be distributed throughout the Ultimate Mode drop chart year round. Of course, this would shift the meta to a new dimension but that already happened with the release of Blue Burst. This is likely all just going to be words to the wind but it has to be reiterated. No matter what you do or say; if the QoL is bad, then everything else is bad. If you want to read an in-depth take on my thoughts on this server, click here:
  3. Amaranthine

    R-78 mall

    I'm available now at any time.
  4. Amaranthine

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    I want this ❤️
  5. Well hey! Small world. I'm glad I managed to find someone here that shares the fondness of this franchise. My first experience with a ROM hack was when I saw my brother using his old no-service phone as a game tool. He imported hacks into it and I later built him a little handheld contraption that he could hold it in and also support his controller (A Wii-mote). When I randomly decided to watch what hew was playing, it was a SMW level that I've never seen before. When he told me that it was a ROM hack of SMW, my mind exploded. While I never actually got into the dev side of any hacks, I certainly took the role of playing many of them. Maybe one day I'll look into it, but until then I just stick to what I have. The game I was referencing in my post is actually what you could call a Super Mario Maker on PC. It was released by Hello Fangaming in 2010 and is stylized in the SMB3 design. Hello Fangaming hardly ever responds to his audience and his websites are extremely low profiled. His website for Game Master had actually been shut down in 2015. So I'm basically taking the initiative to try and preserve what may end up going under the same fate as Game Master (Websites revolving around two other Mario Maker style games). They are made on the Hello SMB3 engine, but you put the level together with the tools provided in game. TL;DR, I'm on a little quest to form a community of those who enjoy Mario to inspire some creativity to make courses/worlds for each other to try!
  6. Hey, everyone.As a major classic Mario lover, I've mainly spent my time growing up around Nintendo. Playing various Super Mario games was a great bonding experience I had with my brothers and I still play some of the older classics along with ROM Hacks that I may find from time to time.One of the main art styles I loved the most growing up was without a doubt, the SMB3 style with a panel to panel level design. So I've decided to share something with you guys that I came across nearly 10 years ago called Super Mario Bros: Game Master.What is it?SMB: Game Master is a fanmade non-profit game that functions like a Super Mario Maker on PC for SMB3. It's really quite old and hasn't had a single update since the date of launch so the quirks and physics in it won't ever be seeing revisions. During the first year of its launch, a website was made where players of this game could upload and share their levels (and worlds). After 5 years of running, the site was unfortunately shut down.I play this game to this day off and on a bit regularly. Ever since the website for submissions was shut down in 2015, I've mostly been making courses and worlds for myself, knowing that others won't see them or play them. It wasn't until very recently that I had found out that there were two different Mario Builders that succeeded Game Master.So! The purpose of this thread was to share some of my work with anyone who may be interested. If you'd like to try some of my courses on this old fangame, come join the Discord and give them a try or make creations for me (and others) to try out. I know I'm not the only Mario nerd out here ^^https://discord.gg/BkSZTCEjjE <------ My SMB: Game Master Discord
  7. He isn't accepting any currency from Ultima. He isn't accepting any trades from Ultima. He isn't accepting splits from Ultima. He isn't accepting anything from Ultima until further notice. Just posting here to give anyone else that may want to post here a heads up.
  8. Amaranthine


    This has been attempted numerous times without any success. It's extremely rare that anyone here would bother moving over to Ephi to farm gear to give in order to obtain gear here. Also, you might already know this, but TJS/SJS cannot have 3 % on it like most weapons. Ultima spoils the people with this perk but Ephi will not do that. So unless you want one with hit as a beatstick...idk
  9. This post is so pure. I'm glad that you're able to enjoy yourself and that we were able to make that much of an impact on you.
  10. Even if it were possible, adding original expansions to this game would flatline the server without the rights from SEGA.
  11. Not on topic but I really wanted to reply to this. On the concept level, I couldn't ask for something more incentive based than this. This kind of plan work in-line with the game's native flow. Only thing I'd fear is having back-seaters wait until the unlocks are smashed before logging in. So maybe the rewards should be entitled to those who play the game. The game is literally a grindfest. Why not make it more interesting by paying off the grinds players do with whatever free time they may get. I'd love it so much.
  12. My likes about Ultima: Different angle of play, quests I cannot find elsewhere, different meta strategies. My dislikes about Ultima: Feels outdated, never being fine-tuned where flaws are made, not welcoming to newer players. Solution:
  13. DS4 is taking priority over PSOBB. I never ever used DS4 when I used a PS4. I either just plugged it in or went BT.
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