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  1. Wow, this took no time at all. Congratz! (Where's the video :eyes:) But yeah, the issue has been addressed and I've spoken to Soly. It may not be immediate, but a fix will be on the way. Also, the changelog was updated
  2. Okay so this is definitely Server Side with this confirmation. Staff that can handle drops should be able to fix this. As I said, I cannot do anything with drops through quest creation when it comes to what an enemy drops from the raw tables. The reason this is happening I believe to be tied to the server not recognizing the monster dropping the items. Epsilon is a Sinow Zoa outside of Tower as they both share the same ID. Del Lily outside of Tower is a Poison Lily which then the server thinks can have the rare variant which is masked by the Del Lily enemy. ^ As seen here. Sinow Zoa drops Secure Feet. Sinow Zoa share Epsilon ID so in Tower, they become Epsilon and still drop what is thought to be a Zoa. Same goes for the Del Lily.
  3. My guess is that this is something server side. I cannot influence what monsters drop and should default to their respective tables. Mil Lily is a Temple enemy in ep2 and none of the Towers use either Temple slot to overwrite with the tower maps. They're Mountain, Seaside and Seaside Night maps which get overwritten for Tower. Del Lillies do share their skin ID with other Lillies though. Something beyond my doing is probably at play here. My question would be if this is occurring in other tower quests? If so, then something may have been poked recently. So yeah! Can't really help you here.
  4. Okay! Apologies for the content inconvenience. A severe issue was mistakenly slipped into the end product of version 1.0. The quest has been updated to 1.1 and the issue has been resolved. (PSO is interesting though and it cropped the version number. Nothing too significant)
  5. Interesting/Unironic side note before getting into this: I learned/noticed yesterday night (10th November, 2022) that Shiida's Capital of the Unreturned quest narratively takes place in the same general region that this one does. The southern regions of Gal Da Val simply are prone to dangerous anomalies I guess, idk. Anyways...Moving on: The Gloom Spire Quest Details: A party of three (3) were assigned to exterminate monsters that were swarming Gal Da Val Island's southern region. The Lab had suspected that if the rate of monster infestation were to continue growing, they could become a problem to other parties assigned to investigate other targeted zones of the island. Along with this party of three, the Lab had sent a specialized Cast with them to assist with the extermination assignment. The mission was projected to be cleared within the hour; and the party was projected to return within that same hour or the following hour at the very most. However, there was no word or communication between the dispatched party over the span of several hours. Not a single member of that party returned the Lab either which rose concerns. Natasha Milarose directed several teams to band up and form a rescue search operation. The southern regions of Gal Da Val were vastly scanned on foot, by carriers and by radar. Hours go by and no reported findings made their way back to the Lab to the frustration and dismay of The Directrice. More time passes and one search team that traveled down to the deep south came upon a discovery that was reported immediately on sight. A tall ominous tower that was seemingly swallowed by the wilderness within a deep forest dense dip was reported. The origins of this tower are unknown and remained unsettlingly so. With this new information, Natasha posted up an urgent search mission where only experienced and equipped personnel could take the job. A crew member of the search team making this discovery planted a teleporter signal in the mouth of this tower before search teams made their way back to the Lab by the day's end. Will you take the job and help search for the missing party? Quest Mechanics: This quest will vary in length depending on the difficulty chosen: Normal Mode = You have access to only 1 Tower before quest completion. Hard Mode = You have access to only 1 Tower before quest completion (Just like Normal Mode Difficulty). Very Hard Mode = You have access to 2 Towers before quest completion. Ultimate Mode = You have access to the entire quest. --> You get +50,000 Meseta for each party member you find (Ultimate Mode Only). Meseta Rewards: Normal = 8,000 Hard = 15,000 Very Hard = 40,000 Ultimate = 200,000 (Base Rate) ------------------------------------- Creator: Amaranthine (Esther) Quest Version Number = 1.1 - This quest has a timer at a prompted start without a quest fail condition. Added Meseta Rewards for Ultimate Mode, on the other hand, "do" have fail conditions in regards to the timer (Which counts up). - This quest has a prompted console style initiation. However, only one (1) player needs to engage the console to start the quest for the party regardless of what map they are in (Even during bursting animation screens). When a player is occupying the console, no other player can access it unless the engaging player declines the quest initiation. This means that you DO NOT need to all gather to start the quest run like traditional console initiated quests. Anywho! That should be everything I need to say about this. Will edit the page should versions update due to things such as potential bug fixes.
  6. That was an incredible run video. One of the most entertaining and engrossing things I've seen with this game in a very long time. Loved it.
  7. Uhhhh, so a 100h Cvulc. Right, so this gets a lot more complicated since there are a lot more variables to work with. The first of which being that you're looking for a common so you're off the range of Pattern 5 and need to be in certain areas. Secondly, you need to be hard focusing enemies that have weapon set drops. Thirdly, you are looking at a likely mixed assortment of enemies with varying DAR. If we were to assume you were running a quest with no boosts that had nothing but Claws in it...lol. So Claws have a 30% DAR. If you were running on Purplenum, you'd get the best Mech wep rate at 13%. Then you need to have it drop with hit% which is a hairline short under 5% within three rolls which totals out to 14.2625% in Ep1 which is where you'd find Claws anyway. Three rolls for Hit% chance cuz three different % areas are available to weapons (0/0/50/50|50 for example). Assuming you land the slot for hit, you still need it to hit 90% untekk which is only available in Pattern 4 which is appicable in any section of Ruins as 1, 2 and 3 are all home to Pattern 4. 90% in the Hit% slot is a 1/10000 roll. 100h is impossible to drop as 90h is the cap. Which means the item HAS to drop as an untekked item to tekk it to 100%. The Untekk chance on weapons is best in Ruins 2 and 3 at 30% unless this server has the 82% jank. THEN there are 40 Special Attacks. You need the weapon to hit the Charge Special. With all that in mind, let's look at ALL the munbers to go through: 30% DAR on Claws to drop something provided they don't drop a tool which all enemies can. If not a tool (Mate, Fluid, etc), they have weapons as set drops. 13% for Mechgun drop on Purplenum. 14.2625% for the weapon to have Hit% on it. 0.0001% for the Hit% to be 90%. 30% for the weapon to be Untekked. 0.025% for the weapon to be a Charge Special specifically. So now that we have all the numbers, let us plug all that garbage above into a multiplication string! After turning everything into proper decimal form with some rounding, we then take the answer to which we multiply by 100 to get our actual percentage. Getting a 90h Charge Vulcan from a Claw on Purplenum in Ruins 2 or 3 is roughly 0.00000053% or 1/1,886,792.45 when properly reduced. You had better not mistekk that Vulcan! EDIT: The rate is probably higher since Claws can also drop tools and not just weps. I dunno what that rate between tools and set drops are tho so I can't add it into the rate.
  8. Adding another little bit to this to let you guys know how to actually calculate how a rare item drops from an enemy (Excluding PDs as those are rare rolls on tools and not an RDR check). First you need to know what the DAR of an enemy is. Let's use a Sorcerer from Ep2 in Spaceship as an example. Let's pretend there's a drop from them and the drop rate for that rare item from said enemy is 1/1137. Here is how you calculate it and it's very easy to do. Assuming there is no drop boosts, you need to form a cross multiplication formula followed by a divider. Ep2 Sorcerers have a DAR (Drop Anything Rate) of 25%. You take 25% and you stick it over 100 to get 25/100. You then take the rate you see on the drop table and stick it into the denominator (Bottom value) of the second fraction which would be X/1137. X in the fraction is the RDR (Rare Drop Rate) of the enemy. So you end up with: 25/100 & X/1137. Multiply 25 (Numerator) by 1137 (Denominator) and then divide by 100. Thus, you learn that a rare drop that is 1/1137 from an Ep2 Sorcerer yields a 1/4 DAR and a 1/284.25 RDR. It just happens that the rate you see on the drop table is the math of those values in calculation. This concludes the PSO lesson. Good day.
  9. Uh, so there are two rolls per enemy. The first roll encounters DAR. Which as already stated, is the rate at which a monster drops anything for you. However, the other side of that is RDR (Rare Drop Rate). Should a monster pass the DAR and fail RDR, you'll just get whatever drops. If you pass both DAR and RDR, you get whatever rare item that enemy gives. The drop table rates are not what you get given an enemy drops something. The rate you see on that table is the calculation of DAR x RDR. Noting which enemies have higher DAR rates for given hunts can help you as opposed to similar rates on another enemy that may appear the same but has a terrible DAR and sucks to hunt from without boosts.
  10. Change blocks in the lobby and try again.
  11. There tends to be a usual concept that advertising and/or promoting this server will help it. It won't and won't ever help it. No matter how many people you bring into this server, the outcome will fall back to the issue it has right now as those new players quit to move onto something else or even defect to another server. No server is perfect but efforts to make a server better is the most constructive way to go. Throwing a ton of new quests and items into the game isn't fixing anything. If the structure of the server is bad, then it will never improve. This isn't 2008 anymore. The amount of decrepit qol that still lingers on Ultima hiding behind all the customs is preposterous. Just look at these threads. Has anyone counted the amount of times a thread has appeared on Ultima forums covering how "the server is dying"? Now I won't go into any details because anything and everything I can say has already been said. My point here are 4 simple things: - HH is a disaster - DTs and WoI are disasters - The QoL needs lot of modern touch ups. - Events need to spice the gameplay and not be the pinnacle of progression. Customs are amazing and fun when kept in check. Ultima power crept the game to the moon though when the game is already easy. All these broken customs should have been relegated to another drop chart in some Post-Ultimate Difficulty. This way, new players aren't gatekept from advancing. Some customs that can help advance into this higher Difficulty could be distributed throughout the Ultimate Mode drop chart year round. Of course, this would shift the meta to a new dimension but that already happened with the release of Blue Burst. This is likely all just going to be words to the wind but it has to be reiterated. No matter what you do or say; if the QoL is bad, then everything else is bad. If you want to read an in-depth take on my thoughts on this server, click here:
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  14. Well hey! Small world. I'm glad I managed to find someone here that shares the fondness of this franchise. My first experience with a ROM hack was when I saw my brother using his old no-service phone as a game tool. He imported hacks into it and I later built him a little handheld contraption that he could hold it in and also support his controller (A Wii-mote). When I randomly decided to watch what hew was playing, it was a SMW level that I've never seen before. When he told me that it was a ROM hack of SMW, my mind exploded. While I never actually got into the dev side of any hacks, I certainly took the role of playing many of them. Maybe one day I'll look into it, but until then I just stick to what I have. The game I was referencing in my post is actually what you could call a Super Mario Maker on PC. It was released by Hello Fangaming in 2010 and is stylized in the SMB3 design. Hello Fangaming hardly ever responds to his audience and his websites are extremely low profiled. His website for Game Master had actually been shut down in 2015. So I'm basically taking the initiative to try and preserve what may end up going under the same fate as Game Master (Websites revolving around two other Mario Maker style games). They are made on the Hello SMB3 engine, but you put the level together with the tools provided in game. TL;DR, I'm on a little quest to form a community of those who enjoy Mario to inspire some creativity to make courses/worlds for each other to try!
  15. Hey, everyone.As a major classic Mario lover, I've mainly spent my time growing up around Nintendo. Playing various Super Mario games was a great bonding experience I had with my brothers and I still play some of the older classics along with ROM Hacks that I may find from time to time.One of the main art styles I loved the most growing up was without a doubt, the SMB3 style with a panel to panel level design. So I've decided to share something with you guys that I came across nearly 10 years ago called Super Mario Bros: Game Master.What is it?SMB: Game Master is a fanmade non-profit game that functions like a Super Mario Maker on PC for SMB3. It's really quite old and hasn't had a single update since the date of launch so the quirks and physics in it won't ever be seeing revisions. During the first year of its launch, a website was made where players of this game could upload and share their levels (and worlds). After 5 years of running, the site was unfortunately shut down.I play this game to this day off and on a bit regularly. Ever since the website for submissions was shut down in 2015, I've mostly been making courses and worlds for myself, knowing that others won't see them or play them. It wasn't until very recently that I had found out that there were two different Mario Builders that succeeded Game Master.So! The purpose of this thread was to share some of my work with anyone who may be interested. If you'd like to try some of my courses on this old fangame, come join the Discord and give them a try or make creations for me (and others) to try out. I know I'm not the only Mario nerd out here ^^https://discord.gg/BkSZTCEjjE <------ My SMB: Game Master Discord
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