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  1. Cent/Battle - Ultimate - Ep2 - Olga Flow - Viridia
  2. Stellar Shard - Shambertin - Ep4 - Ultimate - Oran
  3. Stellar Shard - Redria - Kondrieu - EP4 - Ultimate
  4. Amore Rose - Redria - Merlan - Ep1 - Ultimate Dress Plate - Redria - Delsaber - Ep1 - Ultimate Lindcray - Redria - Dark Bringer - Ep1 - Ultimate Great Bouquet - Redria - Ob Lilly - Ep1 - Ultimate Angel Harp - Redria - Melqueek - Ep1 - Utlimate Heavenly/TP - Oran - Gran Sorcerer - Ep1 - Ultimate Genpei - Oran - Delsaber - Ep1 - Ultimate
  5. by type in /bank you get access to a shared bank. every of your 4 characters have access to that. use it again to get to the character bank again
  6. you should spam Towards the future (ttf) with your friends till you reach level 100. Then Central Control Area (cca) is the fastest way to level 200 by defeating Gol Gryphon over and over again. Meseta will come when you spam ttf. Sometimes GMs are making Meseta Rooms too. There are plenty quests for getting good equipment (like Raid on Control Tower [roct]) but it will take some time till you are strong enough to beat them. Try to hunt some good items once you are able to play ultimate by using the drop chart which you can find on top of this page. For example Red Ring is a must have item which you can get from Dark Falz at ttf by hosting as whitill ID. At the section Server Development on this forum there are plenty Quests listed with usefull informations. If you want to know anything else feel free to ask here, at the chatbox or at serverside. Hope i could help you!
  7. Girasole - Gran Sorcerer - Ult - Oran
  8. Soul Eater - Del Rappy - Very Hard - Whitill
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