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  1.  Happy b day buddy!

  2. Whenever! I'll be on in 1min.
  3. I'll take a Fire Rod, Boomerang, and Sacred Bow didn't get a lot of time to farm during the event
  4. I'll take the PBC :-) I can be on anytime tomorrow.
  5. I'll sell one :-) you can PM me offer and I'll be on all day
  6. SyntaxSam


    Charge Vulcan 0/0/40/0/35 Hit I would like this please!
  7. Price check on: MASTER RAVEN [30/0/0/15|0] [Untekked] Psycho Black Crystal Proof of Sonic Team
  8. SyntaxSam

    S> ADEPT

    Hi! I'd like to buy that from you. I can PM you to figure out a time
  9. I'll buy Cent/Battle + Last Swan :-)
  10. I'll take 4 V801s, I can PM you to set up times
  11. I'd like the 99pds :-)
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