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  1. Gonna be working on a really big mag guide to answer a lot of the questions I get asked.

  2. A little search goes a long way friend. IT. IS. A. FALSE. POSITIVE.
  3. Updated store with more mags!! 


  4. Justice for Rappies!!! 


  5. To add to the point about Jack O' Lanterns, I was opening several Easter Eggs last week and if opening the easter egg would fill your inventory, it quits game. Unsure if related.
  6. I wanted to point out one correction about the 0 DEF RAmar, RAcast, and RAcaseal mags. It might not have been clear from how I worded my post, but you only need to trade feed for the first 24 items, until it becomes a Kalki. After that it is regular feeding. Trade feeding mags over 600 times is not something I would ever do, even I'm not that crazy.
  7. The method here relies heavily on rounding down the odd stats of a mag using trade feeding. It requires trading the mags after every single feed until it evolves into a Kalki, since block switching does NOT round down for 0 DEF mags (for whatever reason). After it becomes a Kalki, feeding can be done as normal. The following feeding plan is for a RAmar mag. To make a RAcast or RAcaseal mag, feed Mitra Antiparalysis to gain the desired DEX level and feed Monomates for the rest of the POW as normal. As a tip, get to 16 POW with Monomates before feeding Antiparalysis, as you will lose half a level of POW otherwise, wasting about 20 minutes of feeding. MAG Trade feed 23 monomates (4/40/4/0) to: DEF: 0.92 POW: 9.20 DEX: 0.92 MIND: 0.00 Trade feed 1 antidote (4/10/40/0) to: DEF: 0.96 POW: 9.30 DEX: 1.32 MIND: 0.00 KALKI Feed 125 antidode (0/5/15/0) to: DEF: 0.96 POW: 15.55 DEX: 20.07 MIND: 0.00 MITRA (using group 2 ranger) Feed 482 monomate (0/3/0/0) to: DEF: 0.96 POW: 30.01 DEX: 20.07 MIND: 0.00 MADHU (using group 1 ranger) Feed 1 dimate (0/11/0/0) to: DEF: 0.96 POW: 30.12 DEX: 20.07 MIND: 0.00 KAMA Dragon scale for TELLUSIS Feed dimates until 200.
  8. I'd like to share an update to the RAmar and RAcaseal max stat ADEPT plans. I have a method for creating mags that results in 0/180/20/0 for RAmar and 0/174/26/0 for RAcaseal (with Estella, Pilla, and Twins). This saves 1 POW mat for each class and allows another mat to be used instead. It is very minor, but every little bit counts.
  9. Come by my shop and buy some mags 



  10. I have had a lot of people start asking about mags recently. I will post everything that I have for sale this weekend.

  11. Hi friend, did you see the colors of the satos? I forgot to see you today after that HH.

    1. Smoochum


      I'll check today after work. I didn't have a look after HH.

  12. I typed it incorrectly. Fixed now, you are correct. I took a screenshot last night when I got it and it was in fact KOD
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