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  1. Every quest that drops items can drop event items, if it is the right ID, episode, difficulty and has the monsters.
  2. Ultimate - EP1 - Bluefull - Delsaber - Sacred Bow Ultimate - EP2 - Bluefull - Gi Gue - Power Glove Ultimate - EP2 - Bluefull - Gibbles - Non-event drop Ultimate - EP2 - Yellowboze - Gi Gue - Non-event drop
  3. Ultimate - EP1 - Bluefull - Dark Gunner (or the other gunner) - Boomerang
  4. For me, I need to have DS4 running before I run the launcher. If your controller isn't on and connected before PSOBB is open, it will never recognize it.
  5. Hey folks, come check out my upcoming mag sale with DISCOUNTS!! 


  6. @Saber +7 Changing the rules mid event is really scummy. I get that you feel like you didn't get what you wanted, but you know what happens on eBay when the highest bid is $0.99? The bidder gets the item for $0.99. Sometimes things don't work out the way you want. Don't be cheap about it. Hiding behind the excuse of "keeping your items as a set" is BS and you know it. The winners should get something. You lost all my respect with this event. GL with the rest of your life.
  7. Can we add some class-specific items for HUmar, FOmar, and possibly a couple others. I know I've got some ideas and so does @Harvest. Combo unlocked Laconium Axe with some buffs for HUmar made by combining with an event drop (idk, like "Laconium Alloy" or something from EP4) Big ol hefty beat stick from upgraded Club of Laconium for FOmar (better than Excal in some way) using the same "Laconium Alloy" so that it's not just for one item. Combo unlocked L&K38 Combat for RAcaseal (let the rangers outdps the hunters) - idk ask Harvest. It would be nice to have a few more EP1 and EP4 hunts in general (ty for crimson assassin SS), and have year-round olga drop too.
  8. So uhhhh, wanna do some runs tonight? xoxoxox
  9. Purplenum - EP1 - Crimson Assassin - Ultimate - Serene Swan
  10. Purplenum - EP1 - Booma - Very Hard - Zanbacon
  11. Oran - EP4 - Dorphon - Ultimate - Non-event item
  12. Purplenum - EP1 - Gobooma - Hard - Zanbacon
  13. And Lame from Dorphon, can't forget that.
  14. I have seen one confirmed drop in my Skyly room and not any others. Seems not many people hunting Saint Million
  15. Skyly - EP1 - Crimson Assassin - Ultimate - Serene Swan
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