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  1. Maybe that? I rly dont know.... Otherweise i could Check prices... 194Bamboo Spear [0/0/40/0|20] 197 Great Bouquet [30/0/35/0|30] 173 Ruby Bullet [35/0/0/50|0 154 Phonon Maser [0/40/0/25|0]
  2. Good question.... Wanna make a offer?
  3. 118 gun Spread Needle [0/0/0/0|30] 8DTS i would take it for 36 pd
  4. some stuff added, some stuff sold. check in.
  5. @Clappy has won! 35x NYC for 40Dts! congrats.
  6. Just look at the deal of C01D1. Im Happy with 40 Dts. But it wouldnt be impressive if someone pay more....
  7. if they just want to change mag things or add hit till 80% im with you. But if you use it to add till 85%h its more then worth, because its the only way.
  8. Hello guys, its time for a auction. I dont know how much NYC are worth, so i make a auction for 35x New Year Cards. Auction will end on Friday 29th of January, 2021 at 0:01 am CET. Only Dt´s are accepted. Im going to start this out at 1 DT Countdown
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