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  1. the illuminati has really gone down hill since katy perry joined.. but i still love all of you guys and gals!!!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!! :onion106:

    and have a great day my friend^^

  3. Hello Beautiful People! Love & Miss You All <3 Will Hopefully Resume Account Activity Soon After "Vacation"!!!

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    2. Cyane




    3. MrHucast


      ye I will second howi on that though.. anyways.. wb

    4. KuRtz


      well im straight too but i'd still do stuff..

  4. T>PDs for DTs & Respek

  5. b>mag with 150+ mind

  6. S>IRON FAUST 0/35/0/0 = 50 PD

  7. S> 35Hit Snow Queen w/ 40 AB

  8. S>Luck Mats -- 2 PDs Each -- Have 14

  9. Thanks for all your support :D

    This is so badass Nei!!! hahahahah cg!!! WOOF!!
  10. Guildcard: 42167820 Character: (Common Bank) Date/Time: Noticed it missing about a week ago.. Description: I only got a single item ticket from eggs during easter, and it has disappeared from my bank.. i've never even attempted to take screenshots on this game, so im not sure how i can go about proving that i had the ticket, so let me know what i can do to try and salvage the situation.. also, i've never had any problems with the bank or losing items ever before this.. it's only 1 ticket and im not even sure what they're used for but i still WANTED to keep it.. it was in my shared bank.. also, i've never backed up my data, but i now see why that is necessary.. any help is welcome, thanks
  11. See you next time Wooble

    Rest In Peace To The Sexiest Wobble There Ever Was
  12. Confirmed Valentines Drops - 2016

    greenill love rappy is butterfly net