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  1. the illuminati has really gone down hill since katy perry joined.. but i still love all of you guys and gals!!!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!! :onion106:

    and have a great day my friend^^

  3. Hello Beautiful People! Love & Miss You All <3 Will Hopefully Resume Account Activity Soon After "Vacation"!!!

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      ye I will second howi on that though.. anyways.. wb

    4. KuRtz


      well im straight too but i'd still do stuff..

  4. T>PDs for DTs & Respek

  5. b>mag with 150+ mind

  6. S>IRON FAUST 0/35/0/0 = 50 PD

  7. S> 35Hit Snow Queen w/ 40 AB

  8. S>Luck Mats -- 2 PDs Each -- Have 14

  9. Guildcard: 42167820 Character: (Common Bank) Date/Time: Noticed it missing about a week ago.. Description: I only got a single item ticket from eggs during easter, and it has disappeared from my bank.. i've never even attempted to take screenshots on this game, so im not sure how i can go about proving that i had the ticket, so let me know what i can do to try and salvage the situation.. also, i've never had any problems with the bank or losing items ever before this.. it's only 1 ticket and im not even sure what they're used for but i still WANTED to keep it.. it was in my shared bank.. also, i've never backed up my data, but i now see why that is necessary.. any help is welcome, thanks
  10. Rest In Peace To The Sexiest Wobble There Ever Was
  11. greenill love rappy is butterfly net