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  1. i believe this game is more for nostalgia, plus the market has been pretty leveled out to make fun and shareable at the same time being a hella grind to get 80 hit on your favorite weapons. that being said you could argue that pgf is worth a little less because you still have to get the 80 hit dark weapon,. which might vcost you more dt. but otherwise the schematics in this, is that its only worth what someone will pay. if you dont want to spend that so be it. "try trading." to be honest id keep pgf for any price lower and that what the other players point is. i have also payed top notch for the item and was still satisfied because it made my favorite game play alittle quicker which is great when going for rare drops
  2. feel like a total bum but thanks for the advice just needed a second look some things are like that., thank you and can be closed.
  3. i have here a picture of two different racast and hu cast trying to equip an arrest faust with the proper atp and it wont allow it.
  4. ep4 - dessert-bluefull- non event drop- goran detenator
  5. vol opt, blueful, ultimate, non event drop. gae bolg
  6. i didnt know it could be used on seren e
  7. final pacman


    buy dark meteor doesnt have to be maxed. paying (265 dt 2 spheres. . Tjs hit.) plus 80 hit demon yas 80 hit hunderd souls if needed . Looking for dm or pgf
  8. i have this orange sato who is great for journeys with ra on pso. well range with those exact specifications on the stats. i used it for a long time if it is in your interest the pd value is 35 pd. i even wish i could get more than that. thank you pm if you still want one
  9. i have a rare one with precent and 50 hit, would you like to trade for this, or could you pay a better rate on dt. >?
  10. asterson striker master sword and rianov 5 in room with you now
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