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  1. awesome thank you ultima. to save me from the night terror of scares. all in a days work i can game relax and have trick or treats. this hallows eve. i think that background with demonic ogla is super bad to the bone >
  2. there was a occurrence of red ring today at his monumental tomb stone. he was there and i thought it was becuase i died in last stage when your on the heavens ring finding is angel form and i didnt know if i droped and have no sound. so i went back and look what i found. never have seen this before. ? comments>? and have a great summer event hunting.
  3. Something I did last hour after doing a water color . I made a heart Valentine gram for good wishes towards there love and there life of drops. Good luck. Everyone. Peace Love And Happiness
  4. 7 years every christmas for this. i have finally achieved
  5. id like to correct that gol dragon ep2 ultimate whitill does not drop ultima engine just got an asuka from it
  6. S>arrestneedle 25/0/35/45 for 53pd


    I buy

    1. final pacman

      final pacman

      can meet with you now if your still online

    2. final pacman

      final pacman

      in room called pd shop james leader

    3. nnorton44
  7. ultimate - ep4 - blueful - dorphan - alis resolve ultimate ep2 - skyly - epsilon - centurion/battle
  8. awesome lets do it "pumped"
  9. on one of my accounts finalpacman every time i click an item i dc and the item disappears dont know what to do. reaching out to the gm's /developers to hopefully fix this i lost 3 items but its fine i dont care. let me know what we can do to fix this
  10. ep 2 - baranz - oran = photon booster
  11. my quick question is what are secret tickets used for i have had them stocked up for a while now and wondering if there is any use. i have item ticket to and i know that one is for momokas shop . are they both used for that. i am curious, i look forward to hearing back from you
  12. is the cent/battle still available

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