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  1. ultimate - ep4 - blueful - dorphan - alis resolve ultimate ep2 - skyly - epsilon - centurion/battle
  2. awesome lets do it "pumped"
  3. on one of my accounts finalpacman every time i click an item i dc and the item disappears dont know what to do. reaching out to the gm's /developers to hopefully fix this i lost 3 items but its fine i dont care. let me know what we can do to fix this
  4. ep 2 - baranz - oran = photon booster
  5. my quick question is what are secret tickets used for i have had them stocked up for a while now and wondering if there is any use. i have item ticket to and i know that one is for momokas shop . are they both used for that. i am curious, i look forward to hearing back from you
  6. Dolmdarl -blueful -glide divine v.00
  7. is the cent/battle still available

  8. pm offers are good. i agree with the check excuse me mine is currently being sold
  9. i have it available but its not cheap let me know your price range. its s better unit and drops like WD.
  10. final pacman


    i got genapei thats weird for last swan to be recorded i think that is ep2
  11. final pacman


    there seems to be a mistake with grenil delsaber episode 1 it says its droping for genapi and last swan
  12. this is a really nice page to reference ill add alittle bit now and expand with edit later: ttomorrow morning they have unique tekked screen with a unique animation design, the skins are modified on these versions. this also adds to special being natural or unreduced with proper equip cast dont use demons. and humans dont use hell. i am going to explain a couple for now. Asteron striker increased stats to HS, can still Heaven punish with mag equip/ New skin and different color anime. Blood tornado unique skin and un reduced when used by humar ramar. fire rod unreduced flaming special, enhanced animation unique texture. (ultima exculsive i believe) eggblaster increased zerk cyan skin . Kiss of death unique tek and ultima exclusive
  13. hey ricardof14 i have two limiters for sale the 20 luck material 


  14. i can do the same schedule ill be on char chames or jack
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