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  1. Buy dts 7x1 price pme please 

  2. B> Bizas Member Rank

  3. Biza you are as sensational as this frog.... Very


    1. Biza
    2. lildavid07


      Do you play guitar biza?

  4. buy 15 dts 99pd

    1. Larva


      pa que quieres tanto dinero loco :P xD

    2. Biza


      xdd ocupo para subir unos % pero nadie me vende jeje =s

  5. cool il see mmm yea i forgot about the belras ....... this gona hurt alot jeje we can use any tech? i mean rabarta especially
  6. il suggest ban maxxed tjs butt whatever i got a question the rest of the equip doesnt matter? i mean units armor mag etc...
  7. buy banana canon 11dts  40 pd

  8. stats especial?
  9. meh basic stuff ?? weps frozen shooter for freeze needle for paralysis Milles Matreux great wep for a ranger or PR but those cost alot =D baranz or shot chargue for damage exca o ultima reaper for melee wep epi4 armor units v101 or cb for speed atk il use 3 cents but you can get a v502 and two cent ability they do the work shield basic? Rupika or any other you want to use like de roll
  10. yo Exxelent choice young one youre gona be the most prepared booma on ragol
  11. buy CB  40 dts

    Edited by Biza
  12. Young Booma il offer you some items that may interest you v101 for speed with this youre hits gona be much faster 3 centurion ability with those ones you gona feel how your ability increase drastically robochao mag with this little friend you will not be afraid while fighting youre enemies, this little one gona help you fight =D and do thte dirty work with his pbs!! You may be asking wow how much this cost and the answer its simple young one 35 pds for this wonderful pack
  13. wow thanks Crucial for sharing with us your reward much apreciated and congratuliations to you and Azen!! really like this event =D