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  1. So a bit of pso History? i mean thats cool those numbers are amazing
  2. what about making zamba for hunewears and hucaseals too? =P love for zamba x.x i know it dont have anything to do with anything =P
  3. B)Samurai armor 

  4. register me i want please =D just some question need 5 weps atleast ?or just only 5 of those wep also we can use especials?
  5. meh feliz cumple viejo  

  6. buy dragon slayer with hit 

    1. TripleR


      I am selling 40 hit sil dragon slayer for 30 pds

    2. Biza


      would you accept 20pd+2 dts?

    3. TripleR


      yes, in a game called pw3 right now

  7. Buy blue stone 

  8. na really i got 6 on my first run lol want 1? jaja or this a joking post? xD
  9. Buy dts 7x1 price pme please 

  10. B> Bizas Member Rank

  11. Biza you are as sensational as this frog.... Very


    1. Biza
    2. lildavid07


      Do you play guitar biza?