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  1. Im ready to redeem got the badges BIza,Moiy sanchez will redeem the mag for me im a bit busy to log in this week he gona give me the mag when il back
  2. Feliz cumple we :V happy birthday xD

  3. Happy Birthday!

  4. gona be away for a whilee need to do something with my life haha , see you  later guys just for a while 1 or 2 months =D

    1. TripleR


      goodluck man :)

    2. Night


      what about your sjs auction? :) but good luck for RL and take care!

    3. mrchibbs


      I hope everything goes well! see you soon.

  5. Sell TJs 100 0 100 0 50   for dts or trade for some cbs

    Edited by Biza
    1. Tro


      How many dts?

  6. B zamba with hit and mag feeder need some mags xD 

  7. Hi, you free to sell that V101?

    1. Biza


      sure im on game atm party biza pass 145 

  8. well i played alot of mmos before my first mmo was RO and then i meet the pso,i heard about it but never played it before i joined ultima on christmas from 2008-2009 me and a friend started here but he leaves the first week, i meet alot of people some old great friends Henry the leader Of Red Ribbon Army and a dearest friend of mine, Jxlio leader of The magios,we created a team Named RedRibbonArmy il miss alot those days we helped each other daily hunting or lvlin.... well the list its big and i dont think il could put each of their profiles il never end =D.but them know who they are and that il miss them including ,Nahuel,Korwyn,Mario,llanx,Drago,camilo,Darkfalz,carlos.... i was banned before for being idiot and helped some assholes to do something that never supossed to happen...old stuff, but larva forgive me and well i returned i lost some stuff but well il love ultima and always want to be here and meet more poeple, thanks to health problems i cant do much atm but im still here wanting to play more and more =D i also meet Mio hes the best friend i could meet here too i was surprised that he become a GM but i knew that he did alot to deserve that title =D. Why are you playing PSO now? Nostalgia? nostalgia yes miss old friends too =D and cause thanks to my health i can do much i dont have work atm so il live my days playing pso and some cell games Do you likMMOe it more than contemporary s? DO you play with friends? well il play with other people and il enjoy that alot. this was the first mmo with awsd system and i loved it others mmo actual are shit the same thing over and over Has anyone been playing continuously since the Dreamcast or GameCube days? no il never played it before 2008 Have you made lasting friendships/relationships through PSO? inded il did and i know they dont play anymore but when they return i will be there atleast to si Hi my friend its good to see ya its been a while =D How has PSO impacted your life in the most meaningful way? in too many ways i should say that not be here if it were not for the PSO and the friend that il meet =P What's your weirdest PSO memory? well theres alot of them to remember one i think it would be hard i remember the hunts with Mio on epi 4 ,my first heaven punisher hunting i was hunting for a month until it dropped with my friend Henry and Nahuel some fun moments
  9. zamba need more atp and ata also (please let it hunewearl use it u.u please please) xD Srank swords i think LIGHTINIG ( the doublesaber cant remember the name )
  10. how to avoid ep4 boss spiners bro know?? want to know xD
  11. if the dragon goeas underground try to not move and stay close to the wall xD if you move much it gona aim for you =D or simple try it with other poeple that can support you
  12. well my fav class its hunter cause i just tove to break some skulls with my sword at hand =D but with the time and my health gone bad i can barely play hunter so changed to fo cause its just spam techs more easy no pain in my hands that why i can still play this game i love so much the less class i use its ranger cause the same thing as hu and thaat il prefer direct combat deal damage and endure it its my way to play =D.
  13. whats up with the banner ? it started?
  14. sometimes but we still love you xD