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  1. Triforce Event Drop Chart

    Purple Ultimate Dark Falz - Fire Rod
  2. Ryu's 2nd PGF Event

    I would love to enter
  3. Triforce Event Drop Chart

    Purple Delsaber EP 1 Ult. Sacred Bow
  4. Noob HP

    I'm assuming they've disappeared from your bank. A GM can check your account and return it back to you if the bank ate them
  5. Quick question

    No you can't
  6. Umm

    You're welcome
  7. Umm

    Umm... That's why this post was made **closes topic**
  8. PR vs LK

    Well. L&K 38 combat can't combo, making it inferior
  9. Fo characters

    Which Fo are you?
  10. New Custom Mag MiniEvent

    I'm ready to redeem as well
  11. Coming Soon.. Battle Event!

    I've also thought about this. Since rule 1 and another rule i think are based on what you have in your invo before you start the quest (as well as level) I was thinking of having it where casts can be level 40, and get decent weapons to work with (given from me to supply the battle) and humans be level 30, but they get full use of techs, and their weapons are about as equivalent to what the casts would get (or hunter vs ranger) idk i have so many ideas, i'm having an issue forming the perfect set up of the event, but i do plan on making everything evened out, even if a huney goes again a racast
  12. Power Maser L&K38 Combat Type/Weapons
  13. Coming Soon.. Battle Event!

    Yes, this has been thought through. With Forest battle, and 2 of the battles rules, there will be set levels (for example 30, nothing to extravagant). Also since i know how forces are OP on battle modes, i'll be not permitting forces in a portion of this event, or at least certain battle modes. Would't be fair for a hucast to fight a force If anyone has any more questions or concerns, please post about it, I'll try to clarify as much as i possibly can
  14. Coming Soon.. Battle Event!

    Preview of upcoming battle event! I have decided to host a mini event (with @thelionorion as co-host) to liven the spirits around PSO since people only get on for events. The event will consist of many rounds that include a variety of battle forms, from rule 1-7 to simple battle in the forest. There will also be team fights as well so be sure you think about a good partner to team up with ;D The prizes will not be announced at the moment, I'm still gathering good stuff to give out, but there will be a large prize pool to choose from. There will be 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and runner up tiers to select once their place has been determined. I've been thinking about making a contest for each battle, to give out multiple prizes. It's still in the pre-game phase to determine how to go about this battle event, but I would want it to be epic c: P.S... If you'd like to help fund this event so it can be a epic, send a message on what you'd like to add in the prize pool. All items donated will be put towards the event only (but you hold on to them so you don't think it's being "stolen") Post if you'd like to participate in this upcoming event!
  15. What's a New Player to do?

    90% of the enemies on this game have avoidable attacks, you gotta learn how each enemy attacks and how to properly dodge/hit to avoid damage