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  1. Yes. Many people would love to start you off with some gear and run you TTFs to level quick. With 5x exp right now, you'll be in ultimate faster than you'd believe. If I hop on at all tonight, I'll definitely carry you and teach you the ropes and other stuff, etc.
  2. [You're not getting away from me-us :onion-head67:] Je attaque Is now!


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY  :onion96::onion97:

    1. PSOAddict


      Oh wow. I didn't even know I set it on here. Thanks lol

  3. I'm down to help and join It's truly not complicated. Wouldn't take more than a few hours to get good
  4. Have you tried choosing the update option? Are you using the PSO Launcher to start your game up? It's downloaded separately from the game itself.
  5. Ep 1 Merlans (Purple guys in ruins) drop spread needle on ultimate. That's a staple item for a ranger. Ep 1 Hildetorr on ultimate (rare appearance of Hildelt) drops Frozen shooter. That's also a staple of a ranger. Ep 2 Baranz on ult drop panzer faust (cast only). Great for AOE after upgrade. Tbh, I think purple is a better ranger ID since you find range weapons almost everywhere, but if you want to look it up and down -------> https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/droptable/drop-tables/&type=1 You can familiarize yourself with some weapons
  6. NOT RECOMMENDED! If you need something, ask what you need in shout-box. The donation item list is overpriced, trading with other players will save you money (and you can get better / more stats from trades rather than 40% in anything but hit when using donation item list stuff.)
  7. I wasn't able to take screenshots because I was flying by everything
  8. Time : 12:14 am GC : 42143828 Slot : 4 Bank : Common I was taking out mags to show to someone and I guess I was going too fast. I pulled two out, then got DC'd on the third. Once I logged back in, that mag (CHAO) wasn't in my hand nor in common bank. I was wondering if I can get this mag recovered v.v
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