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  1. how to delete account

    Alt + F4
  2. bye

  3. how do i get pds?

    Do IDS in ep 1, there's a hidden pd in that quest, as well as pds at the end of the quest. If you're level 100, you can do another quest for better pds, WOI. All you'd really need to do is stay alive. Other than that, they drop like 1/300 from all enemies i think.
  4. Retiring from the game Special mini event giveaway

    I'm sorry you're leaving D: I will participate though

    gib pls
  6. event DAR failure lol

    That's when you switch to Shared drops and hunt.
  7. Goodbye

    D: I'll miss you Lemon </3
  8. Armor Devoured

    Subzero just logged off for the night, but I am available. I apologize. I usually turn to drop trading when the trade window fails. I'll remember to reload blocks, remake room, anything. Losing items just sucks
  9. Armor Devoured

    GC(s) : Me - 42143828 (Slot 4) Subzero - 42189529 (Slot 1) Time - 9pm~ today Issue - Subzero and I were making a trade (Virus Armor: Lafu. for 50 pds) and through the trade window, it said failed when we attempted to trade. So we tried to drop trade (RIP) to get the trade over with, then suddenly Subzero DC's. He logs back in and has the armor and pds. He tries to trade me the pds, then suddenly the pds go missing from his hand. This is around the time the server had the "Remake your room" desync error thing. We both relog and remake the room. Now Subzero has the 50 pds still, but neither of us have the Virus armor. Me: Virus armor <-> 50 pds :Subzero Desync, disconnect, remake room Me: Virus armor <-> 50 pds :Subzero Subzero traded me anyways for the armor that has disappeared. Me: 50 pds <-> Virus armor :Subzero If a GM can bring this armor back into existence, put it on Subzeros account :x
  10. 2017 OlgaFlow PowerUP!

    The downside is that all weak players who want to farm olga can't because he's just too powerful. The event should give everyone a fair chance to get PGF. Yeah, some high leveled players can clear him in less than a minute, but weaker players still deserve a chance to kill olga.
  11. Hope you get on today!

  12. Halloween Drops 2017

    I'll be the one to make the post this year Since we know all/most the monsters it drops from, post the ID you found on Claimed by GM, all IDs drop the same event stuff. Still worth having the post to see what enemy drops Ultima Reaper - Episode 1 Indra Belra (Ult) Whitill Skyly Purplenum Viridia is confirmed Belra Arm AKA Doesn't get Ultima Reaper Chromatic Orb - Episode 2 Epsilon Ultimate ALL OF THEM? Yellowboze Whitill Skyly Greenill Oran Very Hard Skyly Banana Cannon - Episode 4 Dorphon Eclaire (Ult) ALL OF THEM? Greenill Bluefull Vampire Cloak - Episode 1 Dark Bringer (VH) ALL OF THEM? Girasole - Episode 4 Shambertin (Ult) ALL OF THEM? Redria Oran Halo Rappy Soul - Episode 2 Rappy Eggs (Normal-Ult)
  13. SoF Give away

    7 and 199
  14. Dear Kezia..

    RIP. You play on destiny server too? Idk I don't see myself switching over/starting fresh
  15. Dear Kezia..

    Dear @thelionorion , I can speak for all of the players who knew you that this is sad times that you'll be leaving Ultima. You were always fun to play with and I'd always get a giddy feeling whenever you randomly join my rooms. I know you've been off Ultima for a while before the server showed up, but I don't want you to abandon us without at least coming back to say hello and catch up and what not. You surprised me on how well you've improved on Ultima and how well equipped you got as well. It might not impact many others about you leaving Ultima, but I take it as a big deal. I've always enjoyed getting into conversations whenever we did, and made jokes about a variety of things and people. I may not have got to know you on a personal level, but I feel we had this connection on PSO that allowed us to enjoy each others company (well, i enjoyed you being around). It gets me just a little bit teary eyed knowing that this won't be your PSO server anymore. I might not have expressed myself to enjoy having you as a friend and a hunting partner on here, but I will truly miss having you around. I vaguely remember joining your room to help you level when you were a low level and giving you a couple of items I had to help you get better, then it seemed I kept helping you level up and learn about Ultima along the way. It was great times. I really enjoyed helping you become a better player and watching your surpass me. Freya told me (even though she wasn't supposed to.. don't get upset) about how you looked up to me as a role model of sorts to eventually get up to my level, like a goal to be as powerful and as knowledgeable. When she told me, I got teary eyed and felt so inspired on becoming the best role model to you. I can safely say that you indeed got to your goal, and surpassed it. You became a better player than me, and I felt proud to have somewhat inspired you to reach your goal. Now it seems you have goals to reach in another server and will be leaving us, but I understand. You have issues here with unnamed people, problems that won't go away. The only thing I ask is that you come to visit Ultima every once and a while, and to strive to be the best, well-equipped, most powerful, and most knowledgeable person on your new server. Be a role model for someone else to try and reach your goal. Make PSO more than just a game to play. I've probably said all that I needed to say, but I'm putting this post up so the players who enjoyed having you around can have their say, goodbyes, and show you that some of us will never truly forget a very formidable player, Kezia. I love you and I will truly miss you being around Ultima. - Sincerely, Crease