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  1. There is an item called Hylian shield (summer event item) which boosts Ra damage better than any merge can, second best would be Three Seals (not that hard of a hunt). Pgf can make Dark bridge which makes Psycho bridge making Ra damage stronger too. Glide Divine v.00 makes Foie, Zonde, and Barta really powerful Demon Mechgun (preferred unreduced) on a max ATA fo is great too. (just some ideas on items or uses to make fo more useful, i'm not into using ATP fo... yet)
  2. There are player made events, you can make your own and it's allowed i'm sure, here look here and post it here when you want to, i'll be joining that event ;P
  3. my fonewearl can equip the banana cannon Shin
  4. then go back and look at what he put.. it was there since the fyrewolf put up the post, had he changed it, you'd see that the post was edited Edit And it was edited about an hour later, but i saw that the first time i opened the post
  5. i believe it was stated right here
  6. cy gets engaged? Or cy has a baby? :x
  7. I believe 6 people have already solved it already
  8. S>Sorcerer's Cane and Virus Shield: Vol Opt. B>Magical Piece and Gizonde Merge or Amplifier 

  9. I see it now Sign me up!
  10. B: Limiter or Adept

  11. Selling Yasminkov 7000v 10 hit with Hell 40 pds, and Yasminkov 9000m 10 hit with charge 40 pds

  12. Trading my 10 dts for 66pds

  13. Selling Yasminkov 7000v 10 hit with hell 40 pds, and S-rank Hell needle 70 pds, PM me

  14. Selling Yasminkov 7000v 10 hit with Hell and a Hell Needle, PM me.

  15. Selling Yasminkov 7000v 10 hit and S-Rank Hell Needle, PM me with offer, looking for pds mostly