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  1. Just wanted to make sure people dont label it as a regular Hell gun. If you know how and where to use it, you can decimate armies in seconds.
  2. Dont downgrade "Outlaw Star" - it doesnt have "regular Hell" - It has "Piercing Hell".
  3. Wow, you were my first friend here on ultima -Sad to see you go. I wish you an awesome time and great future - you are still young, so try to enjoy every moment you have. Take care of yourself and stay the way you are. Im sure, wherever you'll go, you will attract many new friends and followers again... Take care slasher
  4. Nana7

    afs skin

    What item do you want to change ? Maybe I can get it for you.
  5. Nana7

    afs skin

    You cannot change "itemTextureEP4.afs". You take out ".prs" file from "itemTextureEP4.afs" and only change the ".prs" file. Then you put the changed ".prs" file into "Psobb/data/items/texture".
  6. Nana7

    afs skin

    What exactly do you want to do with the file ? Do you want to replace a texture for an item ?. If you just want to replace an existing texture for an item, you open the "ItemTextureEp4.afs" with the afs loader and extract the ".prs" file you want to change. From that point onward you wont touch the "ItemTextureEp4.afs" again. You extract the ".dds" file from the ".prs"-file with the "texture manager" and change it with your image-editing software of your choice (Gimp, Paint.net). Once you changed the ".dds"-file to your liking, put it back into the extracted ".prs"- file and place the edited ".prs" file into the "Psobb/data/items/texture" folder.
  7. Have all badges ready to redeem 3 mags.
  8. We got to know each other rather late, but we can do more runs in the future, once you feel like coming back. So take care for now and enjoy summer - See you again soon hopefully !!
  9. I will join with a Fomarl and Ramarl
  10. Love Rappies Beak - Crimson Assassin - Ultimate - Pinkal
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