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  1. viridia delsabers ep 1 ult - last swan
  2. sorry for the double post but also found Angel Harp from Viridia, Caves - Melqueek ult
  3. Amore Rose from Viridia - Bartle Ultimate
  4. what is the reward for completing harmony of despair 2??
  5. where do i find del rol le shell/shield? how much does it cost??
  6. haha thanks...i had actually just figured it out since i got another and used it, what were elenor's stat bonus tho? s/d on everything right?
  7. does anyone have a pic of the ashura mag? i wana know what it looks like but i cant find anything . -. also what bonuses does it give at low health etc.?
  8. noob question...what are DTs? been seeing this around but im not quite familiar with this abreviation
  9. well shit....is there a list of changes somewhere? ive been looking for it and i cant find it ._. i mean for characters or other weapons that might be combo locked...i heard there were some changes on the characters
  10. im new on this server...quick question, is LK38 available on this server??