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  1. 10th Anniversary Event Drop Table 2018

    it probably is since its so rare that it didnt even drop on the event it was supposed to be celebrating
  2. 10th Anniversary Event Drop Table 2018

    10 year blades are a hoax
  3. 10th Anniversary Event Drop Table 2018

    Hand of justice, both purplenum and redria delbiter, ultimate
  4. 10th Anniversary Event Drop Table 2018

    Sword of ultima, greenill , gi gue, ultimate
  5. 10th Anniversary Event Drop Table 2018

    Next time name it The nearest place to deez nuts
  6. Halloween Event Drop Table 2018

    I imagined as much but that drop being on that id is something im particularly interested for this event so i needed to know for sure
  7. Halloween Event Drop Table 2018

    What does it drop? Belra arms or UR?
  8. I vote for Psycho Kravens PR but with charge special. Or how about El-Kraven 38 1/2 Combo unlocked Lk-38 with zerk special
  9. I like collecting feathers tho c:
  10. males already get to alt k people outside of lobbies so i think they are fine :"L
  11. Nah, Nug bazooka or Anus bazooka instead plz 😍😍 im asking for the same thing cause tbh theres some weps that are really not that common or just outclassed by other stuff but they look so awesome i would love if they were viable options The list i made was because of that. Specially Lac axe 😍😍
  12. change it too "shut up and take my photon crystal" too while you're at it seriously tho how about some buffs to old items to give people something to hunt outside of events other than RR like... Laconium axe hitting like a regular sword Double cannon getting atp boost Merc rod giving a better grants bonus Rianov 5 special buffed to hell instead of dark Prophet of motav higher tech bonus
  13. I think youre misunderstanding what im saying Ok so buffing their ata growth means their ata would be the same at max but theyd get more ata while leveling that way they can max out their ata with a mag instead of depending on arm units that way they get a free slot. But if that isnt posible then the best solution would be an arm unit mixed with cent battle. And btw how would a free slot be broken when every other character gets 2 or more slots except HUs? Huney would get to use v801 and v502 which would benefit her support and soloing capabilities and hucast/hucasy would get cure confuse for tower and everywhere else theyd get pb increase or PoSS which only buffs twin swords, sabers and katanas which are mostly bad except for like 3 of them (jizai, excal and 100 souls) and thatd be fine too cause swords are kinda their thing you know so a little buff on like 3 of them wouldnt be broken Its nice buff on HUs but its not OP...OP would be giving them a weapon like DMS or something like that. Also keep in mind that not everyone is a hucast who has spent thousands of dts to get everything to 80 hit and have a set of DFs and STA But if those are OP then please tell me....how would you fix their unit problem? I mean this is a suggestion thread and youre not really helping or suggesting anything
  14. A V801/adept unit wouldnt help casts tho, im looking for a way to help all the HUs not just one or 2