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  1. is it possible to do the SNS trick with Sacred bow and Fire Rod?? it seems like it doesnt on them work for some reason
  2. I'd love to see some old HU weapons get buffed like Zanba getting a bit more ata and Double cannon getting like 50 grind or more...i know inferno girasole would still be better, i just want a more classic looking double saber
  3. PR vs LK

    unlock it plz...i want to DMC everyone at falz using the burning special
  4. What is the best ep 2 quest to hunt El rappies? and also, which is the best to hunt delbiters??
  5. New Custom Mag MiniEvent

    ready to redeem one mag
  6. was rabarta freeze chance nerfed recently??
  7. is there a way to hit olga's foot with DF at the begining of second form without hitting the mags on top of him? like some angle i have to hit him from or something?
  8. i dont think it would be too much, it'd just give Hus one more slot....other classes already have 2/3 free slots and much better equips than HU do anyway...besides remembr this is an armor, so it would be coming at the cost of sue's atp bonus or kroe ata bonus or WD or Sta dfp and resists
  9. Some Fists weapon?? that even less used than claws lol actually theres a skin for toy hammer that says ban hammer on it xD As for me i'd love to see a buff to Double cannon and Virus armor Lafuteria, also since most HUs struggle with Units space why not make a HU exclusive armor like the blue odoshi violet nimatodes but with cent battle speed increase?? i mean i'd love to be able to equips some other unit like proof of sword saint which is a HU exclusive unit that they cant use cause they dont have any room for it it doesnt have to have broken stats either, like 240 dfp would be good with cent battle speed i just want more love for HUs on this server plz
  10. is there some skin that completely removes the DF waves??
  11. So I got all classes to 200

    niceee!! now you can be afk with all of them in the lobby sitting on your chair looking down on everybody
  12. idk man...if they take the piercing then you might as well use ria 3 and it'd be the same thing if you add hell to it
  13. lol thats exactly what i thought