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  1. am i the only one bothered that 3 seals boost isnt 33?? . _. but since im pretty sure bonuses cant be some number like 33 then 30 at least, that way it has at least one 3 in it
  2. Kraven202

    New Year Cards 2019

    question, with 15 NYCs would it be posible to take a baby mag, put 5 NYCs to make it 200 atp and then 10 to make it into gael giel?? (providing the mag cell of course)
  3. and ult drop is prob like 1/6552
  4. Im a hucast main as much as id like to see hucast using a multihitting AF or FF i think that'd be a little bit too broken even if the atp is like 100 or so. Maybe if he couldnt use them, like with macho blades, then they'd be nice for other HUs as they dont have his ridiculously high atp. As for ultima bringers i definitively agree that i was disappointed with it as i expected it to actually pierce but instead its literally the same weapon on RAs and Foney but its harder to find and also harder to add hit to. I agree that the droprates on these weapons is a bit too high considering what they actually are. I mean if they were what we thought they were then that droprate would be completely understandable but for a wep thats outclassed by non-rare weps...well i don't know man....but then again droprates for events keep getting harder each year so im not the least surprised about it.
  5. it probably is since its so rare that it didnt even drop on the event it was supposed to be celebrating
  6. Hand of justice, both purplenum and redria delbiter, ultimate
  7. Sword of ultima, greenill , gi gue, ultimate
  8. Next time name it The nearest place to deez nuts
  9. I imagined as much but that drop being on that id is something im particularly interested for this event so i needed to know for sure
  10. What does it drop? Belra arms or UR?
  11. I vote for Psycho Kravens PR but with charge special. Or how about El-Kraven 38 1/2 Combo unlocked Lk-38 with zerk special
  12. males already get to alt k people outside of lobbies so i think they are fine :"L
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