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  1. BkB and twin brand as Hunter exclusive gear. But dont worry theres other options for this.... Inferno girasole is the best double saber on this server and fomar can use it. Other than that they can also use some other close range single target weps like for example Fury of the beast which are daggers with charge special and decent stats (they also look like claws so they r pretty badass) Theres also 10 year blades which are the best single target close range type of wep in the game. They are twin swords that you can add any special to. Their stats are also higher than all the other weps of this kind. Theres also just regular Girasole which is pretty good as well. Only problem with those is that they are event only, if you want something that you can get out of event theres some daggers called Blood tornado. They have 70 ata, 600ish atp and unreduced demon special, these daggers are even better than BKB, you get them by using a blue black stone on a Bloody art and they (along with the other 2 equips you get with blue black stone) r pretty good for beginners. If you mainly want a double saber type of wep then once again the best double saber is Inferno girasole. But keep in mind theres better single target CQC weps that are not doublesabers. I recommend you browse around the WIKI here on forums and threads like the one R-78 posted earlier to decide on what you wana gear up with before you start investing too much. You can also ask around on the ask a quick question thread for suggestions.
  2. @Noob Saibot Eggblaster mk2 is handgun range not rifle range. Even tho it has rifle animation. Also Centurion battle doesnt affect either Last swan or Serene swan at all, in fact the speed is the same with or without battle units equiped. But at the same time they also dont get affected by the slow motion status effect like in that MOTV room. Please dont nerf the gun but if you do just make it female only and keep it the same. However if you do that, would it be posible to water down Master raven's atp and combo unlock it for males? They really need a consistent and reliable ranged weapon. Real talk about HUcast + SS....the problem isnt the weapon but rather HUcast himself. On all the other HUs the weapon is fine as it is or even mediocre since on the others it needs good SD to work (specially on HUney) the problem here is that ANYTHING HUcast uses that relies mainly on the character's base atp is gona be good on him while being garbage on everyone else. This includes stuff like Crush cannon, charge/zerk mechguns, charge sup gun/water gun, Charge diska/DoB and just generally weapons with low atp. The diference with this kind of weapons between him and the others is huge and this is because the diference between his atp and the others is also huge. HUmar has the second highest atp and its still 230ish atp behind his while the other two are 330 for hucasy and 400ish for huney. Imo its time to stop comparing the others so much to him and stop balancing stuff so much around HUcast only while ignoring all the other HUs cause then youre gona end up with one class with decent gear and 3 with garbage. Further cementing him as the best HU. So if you nerf this gun the ones that are really gona suffer are the other HUs not him. Specially HUmar, even if no self-respecting decent human being plays him, he needed a good long range weapon, as its one of the things his equipment was missing. Just focus on what each class does best and its role instead of trying to play every class the same way cause no matter how hard you try the other classes will always fall behind hucast in terms of dmg. But not with the things THEY can do. Like demons and support for the fleshies and HUcasy being able to use specials more reliably. Stop trying to play every character the same way and approach your role differently with each class. So yeah...im against the nerf uwu
  3. You guys: "please make new weapons that are good" GMs: *makes a good weapon" You guys:
  4. Battle units/armors cant stack and theres already an armor for each battle unit so the point is to continue the series with the next upgrade which is cent battle.
  5. How about an armor that follows the Nimaidou series for HUs with built-in cent battle ? Stats could be something like 250 dfp and evp and 20 or so to each resist
  6. Hey guys I need to add hit to junk so buy my stuff plz Daylight scar 70/0/0/100 80 hit - 40 dts M&A60 Vises 0/0/0/0 60 hit - 5 DTs 125 tp mats - 10 dts Chromatic orb - 10 dts Photon drops x 120 - 15 dts Last swan 0/0/0/35 65 hit - 25 DTs Proof of sonic team - 10 dts Wedding dress 86/100 l 13/40 - 15 DTs Psycho Black crystal - 10 dt Crush cannon 60 hit - 15 dts Yunchang 0/0/0/0 80 hit - 40 dts I am selling only for DTs, PM me if interested
  7. A single target handgun will never break the game no matter how OP it may look on paper. Ive been using it and the only thing i find needs a nerf is probably the rifle range, other than that the weapon is fine. Its not gamebreaking or anything like "omg this weapon does EVERYTHING", sure its a good handgun but thats all it is. If it receives a class usability nerf and its only usable by females the weapon could stay exactly as it is except maybe the rifle range. This is because out of all the ladies in the game the only one who will actually use it is hucaseal as everyone else has better options or their atp is too low to use it effectively (specially if it receives an atp nerf) If its gona get nerf into oblivion anyway then make it so bad that it doesnt replace Last swan. That way i dont have to waste DTs on this too.
  8. am i the only one bothered that 3 seals boost isnt 33?? . _. but since im pretty sure bonuses cant be some number like 33 then 30 at least, that way it has at least one 3 in it
  9. yes i still have it...let me know when u can trade
  10. question, with 15 NYCs would it be posible to take a baby mag, put 5 NYCs to make it 200 atp and then 10 to make it into gael giel?? (providing the mag cell of course)
  11. like half or 1/3 of a pgf or dark flow those r the only things im looking for
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