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  1. I actually have a few -5 hit items too, like a daylight scar and some cane or wand, i forgot which one it was lol
  2. So recently i broke my own record when i found a 95 hit Hell Gladius and before that it was an 85 hit Ripper. Another notable mention are a 55 hit Master Raven i found last year and a 60 hit Flame Visit i once found too. Its funny the kind of non rare items that drop and you see on the floor viewer tool So how about you guys? Whats the highest hit you've ever found on this or any server?
  3. event DAR failure lol

    Ahh...well shit RIP then...it was good while it lasted
  4. event DAR failure lol

    Wait...so ive been out for like 3 months cause of the whole "hurricane Maria sent puerto rico back to the stone age" thing and ive missed a lot (in fact i still cant play) but did the indi drips DAR get nerfed back to how it used to be??
  5. is it possible to do the SNS trick with Sacred bow and Fire Rod?? it seems like it doesnt on them work for some reason
  6. I'd love to see some old HU weapons get buffed like Zanba getting a bit more ata and Double cannon getting like 50 grind or more...i know inferno girasole would still be better, i just want a more classic looking double saber
  7. PR vs LK

    unlock it plz...i want to DMC everyone at falz using the burning special
  8. What is the best ep 2 quest to hunt El rappies? and also, which is the best to hunt delbiters??
  9. New Custom Mag MiniEvent

    ready to redeem one mag
  10. was rabarta freeze chance nerfed recently??
  11. is there a way to hit olga's foot with DF at the begining of second form without hitting the mags on top of him? like some angle i have to hit him from or something?
  12. Gal Gryphon doesn't drop stuff

    i think it has something to do with meseta, ive noticed that enemies havent been dropping me any meseta lately, tho i still get meseta from boxes for example
  13. Gal Gryphon doesn't drop stuff

    rare enemies and bosses arent dropping meseta lately, tho it seems its still being calculated in the DAR meseta is also not dropping on ep 4 either