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  1. Hello
  2. Just a normal day.

    1. Cyane


      still flat D:

  3. I'm just waiting for someone to tell me what drops these items.
  4. Rude
  5. Tell the first person you see that they look good today.

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    2. Vulgaris


      Tell the last person you see that they look good today!

    3. Stark 1

      Stark 1

      That's one ugly mofo .

    4. Steven Rogers

      Steven Rogers

      Game on. I love a good challenge.

      I said the girl working the counter at the local choke and puke. I then didn't look at anyone else the drive home and then avoided any mirrors or reflective surfaces and when to bed at like 5 and slept 12 hours. SO... I Rule

  6. Hey,
  7. Hey, hope you enjoy your stay!
  8. Vivi was on breast cancer, so what does this *NEW* Weapon have that's special?
  9. Then It wouldn't be IMPOSSIBLE to find, maybe Rabbit wand + FINAL UNICORN found with virdia normal ep1 booma 1/1,000,000
  10. I got a weapon idea, a overpowered weapon (bare with me)....THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND So like only 1-2 people have it, ever... And it looks like this: Stats: 2000-3000 ATP 100+ ATA Partisan Weapon used by all classes Special: Charge/Unreduced Hell at length of DF special - - - - - Also makes a squeaky noise when you use it