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  1. So i keep missing Happy Hour. And theres no way in hell i can find a MKB without it and HOURS of searching. So does anyone have one for sale? With hit on it of course..

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. marcutio


      Truly envious. If youre willing to part ways with said weapon, ill negotiate with you.

    3. makaveli


      ok sent you pm

    4. CrypticSmoke


      For future reference, there's a thread called something like Happy Hour Alert's on the forum, most folks are good about updating it and that one is all up in my inbox.

  2. Looking for a Black King Bar! Anyone where and waht ID i need for one?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. tru


      I believe the chances of finding weapons with hit is less on episode 2 than it is on 1 and 4, but I'm not sure. I plan on hunting it someday. None of those enemies are common except Dolmolm making the hunt a pain.

    3. marcutio


      With the chances being over 1000, how much does happy hour cut it down by?

    4. tru


      It divides it by 3 so 1056/3=352


      Still not that great plus the max atk misson lags for me :o

  3. Apologies, friends. Ive been absent because of League.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Kolective


      Wanna play a round? XD

    3. Ricardo Gomes
    4. marcutio


      Kolective you play? Lets play a normal so i see where youre at!

  4. If you cant handle me at my too depressed i dont shower, you dont deserve me at my so depressed all i do is shower.

    1. Angeldust
    2. Trigunman
    3. under9000


      all i do is shower -marcutio 2015

  5. Im so hungover that i crawled to the kitchen to make myself a box of chicken.

    1. Angeldust


      ur fuk'd m8

    2. marcutio


      Yea i couldnt read the instructions on how to heat it up cause my head started spinning and i threw up in the sink.

    3. Angeldust


      jeez. pull yourself together

  6. Anything unrelated to elephants is irrelephant.

  7. Can anyone send me an updated max stats plan for a Hucast?

  8. Damn, havent done the Gov quests on my FO. Someone get me a good beer and some pizza, gonna be a long day.

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. marcutio


      "Oh...I see youre starting early."

      "Nah, man, its for tonight...None of your fuckin' business okay?!"

    3. Evie


      Never too early to start;)

    4. Mayte


      *brings beer

      *forgot pizza

  9. If anyone needs a designated Fomarl support, just message me with where you wanna hunt! I love going along for the ride and learning more.

  10. I need a good beer.

    1. Cyane


      I need a good bear D:

    2. marcutio


      Why?! You ever seen those suckers without fur?!

  11. Any tips for what my mag should look like on my Hucaseal?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Angeldust


      hucassie cant use devil wings

    3. Fyrewolf5


      depends what unit you want to use to max, but a 5/148/47/0 will max with an adept

    4. marcutio


      Thank you Fyrewolf, thats what i was referring to.. lol. Not physical appearence.

  12. Looking for that Ultima Reaper thingy for my FO!

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