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  1. Hey friends and strangers just quickly stopping in to share my first video on YT. I believe this is essential knowledge to being a fully healthy human being. My next videos will be even better. Stay fit so you can game harder!
  2. I have no pds but lots of good items. send me a msg ~ Cerv
  3. Oh sorry I guess that was just a bug, I can sign in now. Sorry about that!
  4. "If you feel like being a brown nose and reporting little kids who drop a few curse words, you better watch out for me." I sent this message to someone after seeing a report I thought was slightly malicious. I am now banned in-game. If you think this is an injustice, I would really appreciate your support. I am a player who stands up for what's right, and who is not afraid to speak his mind. I have 4 full accounts of level 200s, all classes, all section IDs, and a combined 5000 hours of play on this server.
  5. I have a cod gameplay youtube channel, looking to grow if you know anyone who's interested please share :3 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMiS_Rmx6sxrkTL5qBg9Z0w

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      Aiden Payne

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  7. any educated guesses on which ids are 1/100 for pgf?
  8. Tower was hired by Ganon who was a player here for a while and many of us got to know him pretty well. They were best friends as kids. I believe Ganon was the one posting on the forums, while Tower was doing the hacking in game. Tower told us that he knew Ganon was just butt hurt and that he was just part of Ganon's revenge plot against Ultima. He clearly expressed more allegiance to us than Ganon and said Ganon was just spoiled and rich. I got the impression that Ganon had a fan club because Tower invited me to their teamspeak room to talk with Magic Bun. I guess Tower realized he didn't want to be a part of it since he considered Ganon an equal, and the only way for Tower to show Ganon that they were equals was for him to stop hacking Ultima.
  9. Hello Ultima, I've recently realized what matters the most to me in life and that thing is freedom. Freedom is the ability to enjoy yourself without pressure or threat. It creates happiness. To love someone is to give them freedom from your conviction. Free from borders, and judgement. To be able to say "It's ok". Hackers do not know what freedom is. They hack because they have never felt freedom. They think that their freedom comes at the cost of another's. This is how they are capable of deriving pleasure from the act of destruction. Internally, they have not yet experienced peace. A certain environment shapes a certain creature. Their current state tells a story about where they're from, and what they've endured. They may not know it now, but those days are over. It's time for them to discover a new environment. One we have all created together. We call it... Ultima. So let me be the first Welcome to Ultima! During our last hackers time here I wrote this: I've changed my perspective... we all make topics! We all want to share pictures and videos that express us and what we relate to Tower is just in the early stages of developing self-esteem. Hackers I have observed all have an inferiority complex. Tower is quite obviously no exception. This seems to cause an agenda of basically fighting themselves into a position where they perceive themselves to be important. I don't understand how a person can be so hellbent to accomplish something so pointless. I guess it's very important to him that he shares his message. I don't mean to sound negative but we can't really stop him because he is communicating by the same means as the rest of us. I can sense many competitive and violent undertones in people on this server. Tower is just straight up and honest about it. In some weird way he is refreshing to me. I acknowledge him as a human being and an equal. It's simply the way he defines himself, it's very sad. To respond though, yes. GMs always clean it up fast. Tower Himself gave this post an up vote, and personally addressed me when I met him in a Ventrillo chat. He told me that people like me made him want to stop hacking the server. ~ Part 1, The Seed Okay, time to get down to business. It appears we are under attack again here on Ultima. When this happens I often see people complaining in the shout box about how it sucks. These are the people who I call victims. I suggest that you do not complain since it's not going to help you. What are some possible things that could be happening to each and every one of us right now? We could all be about to die. Most of us assume we aren't, but the truth is we don't really know. Drowning out all mental noise with the appreciation for life creates a feeling of freedom and dissolves worries and expectations. This is where it all begins. Part 2, The Thorns Now, i'm sure many of you are familiar with the word love. What does this word mean to you? Do you feel it radiating from your body? Do you know how to show it to everyone around you? Is it somehow inside of everything around you? If not, you are missing out. Since love is in everything, that means that all emotion is love. When we feel anger are we without love? No. Anger is caused because you have identified with something in existence that is not love. Anger is your secret power to solve the problem. You have been given a gift; the power to achieve the goal of restoring peace to your life. The desire for peace is the first ingredient to creating anger since it is contrast that makes anger what it is; it simply depends on the intensity of the threat. Part 3, The Flower The universe is an eternal and ever growing flower. There is no start and no end. The very furthest reaches of the universe is also the dead center. Every one of us have complete freedom in life to do whatever we want as long as we can stay alive. The requirements of life are simpler than many people realize. If you are warm and hydrated with a full stomach, your life is entirely yours. My goal in life is to survive not against others, but with them and to create and honour peace and balance around me. I have discovered the power of teamwork. One big team that is perfectly balanced and in sync has no flaw. It provides for itself, shares the achievement of its efforts evenly, and therefore maintains peace. To be selfish is still possible, but seeing as a team can always achieve more for a single person than that person ever could for themselves alone, once established it offers strength. Long live Ultima. ~ Cerv
  10. Anyone know the STA ID(s)?

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      I heard purple... read the topic of the 6th Anniv

    2. Aiden Payne
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