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  1. I have a cod gameplay youtube channel, looking to grow if you know anyone who's interested please share :3 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMiS_Rmx6sxrkTL5qBg9Z0w

    1. Cyane


      praise the kitty face!

    2. Ricardo Gomes
    3. Aiden Payne

      Aiden Payne

      It's pretty fun lol


  3. any educated guesses on which ids are 1/100 for pgf?
  4. Anyone know the STA ID(s)?

    1. Soly


      I heard purple... read the topic of the 6th Anniv

    2. Aiden Payne
  5. Can anyone confirm if certain drops are broken during events?
  6. What force is always one step ahead? What force can never be stopped?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Jayroddd
    3. Aiden Payne

      Aiden Payne

      Good answer! What does it mean to you? How can you create your own gravity? How can you create your own love?

    4. Aiden Payne

      Aiden Payne

      KingRa and Tri I will give you a hint. In the world of matter there is always a bigger fish.

  7. Hello world this is me. Life should be fun for everyone :)

  8. Baby you don't realize what you are. You are what you want to do. :)

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    2. Angeldust


      Maybe we're just trying to hard when really it's closer than it is to far *kicks a lamp*

    3. Aiden Payne

      Aiden Payne

      :D! And yes I love Sum 41!
    4. Steven Rogers

      Steven Rogers

      Heck. Might as well.

      Cause I'm in too deep, and I'm trying to keep,

      Up above in my head, instead of going under.

      Instead of going under.

  9. Share ur fav video game soundtracks! http://youtu.be/Y05wiQQbFLU

    1. blitsen


      Still makes the hairs on my neck stand up

    2. Day
  10. No idea what happened to these, they are nowhere to be found in my banks. Please help. Thanks! Here if you need me ~ Cerv
  11. @Nero If this is making you want to quit, it needs to be talked through, there is no solution in throwing in the towel. Nor will those who caused you pain realize it. I feel your frustration Nero I have the same burning desire for the best ultima possible. There should be no quitting over this. This is an added bonus to the server of kajex and solys efforts. I have never been interested in mini events... nothing personal they simply never seemed worthwhile to me, but lots of people play quests i don't have any interest in either and i don't get worked up, so why does this happen when kajex decides to try and make things more fun lol? when we use our critical thinking skills, we open up a possibility of negative and positive outcomes, you have done so with this event and deemed the outcome to be negative as have I and many others. However the negativity is actually your will to do good, it has been trapped because you have not truly seen through what caused your frusration. make no mistake, your true enemy is yourself! Kajex using name calling towards you shows he is frustrated too. you can only do your 50% of the communication and that must be name calling, threat and violence free. You helped me a lot Nero and I hate to see you frustrated. Hope we can talk soon. I hope you know you are part of what makes ultima worthwhile for me, and your opinion matters to me and many others. P.s. Thank you for the mini event kajex and soly.
  12. Welcome ! Here if you need me.
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