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  1. Can't believe they removed this quest. It had the best rewards. Thanks Mio.
  2. jajajajajajajajajajajaja
  3. 🐌🐌🐌

    1. Lipelis


      Sometimes it feel good to go slower and appreciate the beauty of the world...

      Take care Mister Tots xx

    2. jezbuz
  4. how much for your love?
  5. but what about the ROCK BOX TP MAT
  6. Nice! Cool to see the distribution this way instead of just littering the 0 hit rewards like most do (me included). Seems it's always le cogs that get the hit.....
  7. Yeah that could be really fun. The other way you could do it is have randomized "bingo" cards like this: Or alternatively you could have the spaces be the ID/difficulty/episode.
  8. ooo like a drop confirmation BINGO card
  9. kroe's - olga -ult - ep 2 - purp
  10. sinow berril - greenil - ult - CCA - ep 2 - normal drop (hands)
  11. great, I'll PM you with price. If that works for you reach out whenever you want to meet up
  12. ayyyy I have a few chars that are all but complete with this so when you get to the point of needing hearts of X hit me up
  13. I have a couple 40-50 hit PRs I could part with. Also if you are still looking for BBS I have those fer ya
  14. Also the best TA quest ever. None of those pesky enemy waves you have to deal with during those CRAZY @R-78 quests. This quest truly showcases what the game was meant to be. Warped the landscape at an ultra octane speed.
  15. The scientist in the beginning of the quest recommends using a VARISTA to kill the delsabers. And that swimming pools make purple blood.
  16. The scientist's quest tips at the beginning are SUPER helpful
  17. I want one. Please kindly turn the event back on thnaks
  18. hey, wanna run a TTF or something? meet me in lobby 1

    1. jezbuz



  19. RocketTots

    R-78 mall

    18 sword Sword of Ultima [0/0/0/0|0] [Burning] 3p This must be one of those mysteries of the void.
  20. those are just commands - see "npc costume" near the bottom of this list: https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/tool-box/commands/
  21. Rambling May - Green - Ult - Caves - Crimson Assassin - Ep 1
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