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  1. I'll give you 1 nyc 2024 if you send me hand pics
  2. I guess I'll start the actual bidding.... 100DT
  3. That's very canadian of you smooch and i appreicate the effort to give credit where credit is due but PUHULLEEEEASE. Lil willy boy has been trying claim credit for multiple changes where he's done nothing more than complain (which many people have done). Giving him any sort of credibility here is laughable. It's like saying the last Karen to talk to the manager of a Cici's Pizza Buffet after 14 other Karen's talked to the manager of a Cici's Pizza Buffet is a hero.
  4. Wow, so glad willy has such good ideas that no one else has ever had, ever, and singlehandedly implements improvements to the server.
  5. I'll play again if emewn is allowed back on forums
  6. When is valentines event smh R79 is always late
  7. Nice find noooodle. I got an 80 hitter the same way and was happy with it but now I am jealous and salty. Thnak you.
  8. trap search - oran - baranz - ep 1 - ult
  9. not knowing what the rewards is, or even if there will be an event around NYC is part of the gamble of actually hunting them. Its sad to see people getting upset about an event that doesn't even need to happen.
  10. Thanks, this looks fun!
  11. update from the launcher, it should solve the problem.
  12. anything in particular you are looking for?
  13. I like to see more spam of all types, everywhere, but maybe that's just me
  14. happy birthday! Make room Tsunade pw 55

    1. jezbuz


      Parabéns meu rei! Temos todos saudades tuas 😘

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