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  1. We're all a little insane. c:

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    2. Starlord


      It's as deep as the cuts in this one girls arms. Too deep..

    3. HHawk4


      im 3 and what is life?

    4. Knifedera


      I'm 19 and totally bonkers. Kek

  2. Clusterhilde nightmare. o3o (The right one's shoulder though)
  3. HH banner just happened, so I assume a fresh 3 hours have just begun.
  4. Same! First level 200 I've ever had in this game. :3
  5. It came from a box after an Ultimate PoD. o3o
  6. #SaveTheSuppressedFamily. I want my Suppressed Autogun, Lockgun, etc. back. D:

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    2. Knifedera


      Deleted original response as it was a bit rude. Don't want to give off negative vibes because I liked Scht a lot more. >n<

    3. Malxerz


      Shithack is kinda bullshit though :x

    4. Knifedera


      Crono sucks. Not the server. And what's your opinion on the extremely broken items here, then? IE Psycho Ravens.

  7. I'll be 19 tomorrow. Getting old, Jeebus. lol

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    2. Knifedera


      The past is so sad. ;n;

    3. kajex


      Too old. Freeze your body for science before you get any older.

    4. Knifedera


      Ikr? Send halp

  8. First event item ever found on this server (for me): Stealth Sword! It's almost like having my Rainbow back from Schthack. :3

    1. BK-201


      Just like 900 atp less and half of the range!

    2. Mayte
    3. Knifedera


      @BK: I kinda feel like a Daisy Chain would be more similar. At least it's blade is visible at all times. lol

  9. Very first event item I have personally found on this server issss....
  10. MayT3 to the rescue once again; hunt is now over for Shifta 30. :D (That is.. until I need another for my second Foney. FFS. Ah well, not using her much atm.)

    1. Malxerz



    2. Sylph777


      mayte is best

  11. Starting to feel like Shifta 30 is as rare (if not more rare) than the Dark Meteor. I at least see the latter getting traded every now and then. x_x

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    2. Master Debaytes

      Master Debaytes

      I found shifta 30 in a pts run not too long ago. Used it on my fo right away though...

    3. Knifedera



      Ah well, gonna try PW3 a few times for it.

    4. Knifedera


      Found Shifta 29 in PW3. Upgrade from 28. Taunting me!

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