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  1. Really wanna get back onto here.. Hmm, motivation? Anyone I know still going? :')

    1. Cyane


      I know you!

    2. §0§


      Haha yeah!

    3. §0§


      Haha yeah!

  2. So this is currently all I will listen to aha..
  3. So this is currently all I will listen to aha..
  4. I'm back baby! Been off for a while but I guess I'll be back on for a while.. :')

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    2. §0§


      Why thank you :P What I miss?

    3. §0§


      Yeah I was in your team but I must've got kicked when I wasn't active or something.. Idk

    4. §0§


      Ahh fair enough :) It cool if I rejoin then? :P

  5. Found out I'm a bit worthless on Ultimate... So if anyone feels they could be kind enough to carry me until I do more than 0~70 damage that'd be MUCH appreciated and you can have many hypothetical cakes.

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    2. Trigunman


      Ahhh so that's what that toall was all about... XD Oh yea, welcome to the forums Sylor ^_^ You've been "acquired". XD

    3. §0§


      It's much appreciated Kajex, thank you. And my highest level is 102 Armando, I didn't know the team bank existed

    4. Bluesummers


      We up in the Illuminati, we be steady ballin' out. #icookiswag

  6. My first actually half useful find on Ultima
  7. §0§

    I has team pls?

    Haha sounds cool, who do I go to for that
  8. §0§

    I has team pls?

    Just a bit lonely when I play, could use a team of cool people to talk to and game with..
  9. New server, new opportunities.. Looking forward to meeting new people and seeing where this goes.
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